Apple Computer Are True American Patriots Fighting Back Against Government


I am no Apple fan boy …

The only Apple products in my home belong to my wife. I’m a PC type of guy through and through.

But I have to respect what they’re doing right now.


In short, they’re standing up like true American Patriots against the seemingly “all powerful” Federal Government …

… And hardly anyone is telling you about it.

Everything Apple is doing right now will affect you in the years to come. They may be all that’s standing between you and the Government implementing their Orwellian fantasy of complete and total access to all your digital devices.

Why Is Apple Fighting Back Against The Government?

Syed Farook was one of the terrorists responsible for killing 14 people in San Bernadino, CA. He also had a locked iPhone and the FBI so far has not been able to access it.

Basically, they turned to Apple for help and according to Apple they’ve given them all the help they can:

” … When the FBI has requested data that’s in our possession, we have provided it. Apple complies with valid subpoenas and search warrants, as we have in the San Bernardino case. We have also made Apple engineers available to advise the FBI, and we’ve offered our best ideas on a number of investigative options at their disposal.

We have great respect for the professionals at the FBI, and we believe their intentions are good. Up to this point, we have done everything that is both within our power and within the law to help them.”

So what’s the problem?

The FBI Wants Apple To Build a Backdoor To The iPhone …

In Tim Cook’s letter to customers, he explains …

“But now the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.

Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation. In the wrong hands, this software — which does not exist today — would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.”

Why does the FBI need Apple to do this?

Apparently, iPhones Are Now Pretty Secure …

Apple released a page answering questions from customers. Here is one that surprised me …

Has Apple unlocked iPhones for law enforcement in the past?


We regularly receive law enforcement requests for information about our customers and their Apple devices. In fact, we have a dedicated team that responds to these requests 24/7. We also provide guidelines on our website for law enforcement agencies so they know exactly what we are able to access and what legal authority we need to see before we can help them.

For devices running the iPhone operating systems prior to iOS 8 and under a lawful court order, we have extracted data from an iPhone.

We’ve built progressively stronger protections into our products with each new software release, including passcode-based data encryption, because cyberattacks have only become more frequent and more sophisticated. As a result of these stronger protections that require data encryption, we are no longer able to use the data extraction process on an iPhone running iOS 8 or later.

Hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to defeat our security, which is why we keep making it stronger.”

So apparently, Apple’s newest iOS is so strongly encrypted even the FBI can’t break in and that’s why they want Apple to create a whole new operating system for this one phone to give the Gubment a back door.

Why Does It Matter To You?

Because this is it folks.

The Federal Leviathan has become so big and powerful that — contrary to Hollywood and progressive narratives — sometimes the capitalists are the only thing standing between the authoritarian state and you.

In short, I believe that the ONLY solution to the ever-growing power of the State is 1.) the free market and 2.) technology.

Without getting too much into it …

Since the knowledge that the NSA was spying on, literally, every American citizen came to light MOST of Silicon Valley has stepped up and started getting serious about encryption and protecting the data of their customers.

(The development of more “Zero-Knowledge Systems” is the future in my humble, but I think accurate opinion …)

Of course various government authorities hate that because it means they’re not in total control. Dictators hate it when they don’t have total control.

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden calls this the “the most important tech case in a decade” and goes on to say an FBI victory over Apple would result in an “insecurity mandate. A world where Americans can’t sell secure products, but our competitors can.”

Even the ex-NSA, CIA chief Michael Hayden — certainly no friend of your liberties — agrees that “America is simply more secure with unbreakable end-to-end encryption”.

What Can You Do?

At this point, I’m not sure there’s much to do except to be aware of this and follow along closely …

Stop paying so much attention to the stupidity in the news and listen to the things that matter.

Apple says this …

“What should happen from here?

Our country has always been strongest when we come together. We feel the best way forward would be for the government to withdraw its demands under the All Writs Act and, as some in Congress have proposed, form a commission or other panel of experts on intelligence, technology, and civil liberties to discuss the implications for law enforcement, national security, privacy, and personal freedoms. Apple would gladly participate in such an effort.”

And there’s one more thing you can do too …

Don’t Vote For a Fascist During The 2016 Presidential Elections

Please don’t vote for an Fascist in the upcoming Presidential elections.

What do I mean?

Fascism is defined as “… a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.”

There’s one guy running for President that really fits that bill. Donald Trump.

Personally, I love the guy. I always have because I’ve always respected him as a business man and a salesman. And he’s undeniably the most entertaining person who has EVER run for President.

But he’s a fascist, and he has the charisma to convince the whole country he’s right. And that’s scary. There was a little German guy one time back in the early 1900’s that had the same power …

The Donald’s comments on the Apple vs FBI case show you what life under fascist rule looks like, “To think that Apple won’t allow us to get into her cellphone? Who do they think they are? No, we have to open it,” Trump said during an interview on “Fox & Friends”.

When you try to stand up for your natural rights … for your liberty … your privacy … that’s the government’s response, “Who do you think you are?

Do what you can to support people and companies that fight for your rights. I’ll tell you right now, it’s usually not anyone running for political office.

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  1. There has got to be a way to just tell the government what was said on there equipment and let it go at that. You dont give the federal gvernment anything. Its not like the enigma machine of the world war 11 era. or is it.

  2. In most cases I would agree with Apple. But in this case, by not helping the government unlock the phone of known terrorist, that makes them accessories to more terrorism. This is grounds for impeding a terrorist investigation and as such they should be arrested until they unlock that code for “that” phone.

    • you have it right. Cook and crew should have already been on a plane to Gito. Since this is a government phone and not a personal one there is no expectation of any privacy. The county has complete control of all data. Since the sign off on access Apple does not have a leg to stand on.
      Cook and crew are pandering for increased sales not the public good and the responsibility for public saftey.

  3. I’m with Dennis. But Caleb – look at this– non-Apple phones can be broken into by law enforcement much more easily. I have no doubt it has been done many times. No one is screaming about that. Why should we give criminals and terrorists a break by allowing them to have seemingly secure phones? Sure, we all want to be free of government high-handed search and seizure as is our Constitutional Right. But in this case, there is law. And the courts have upheld this law. I don’t mind Apple fighting this –in the courts– but once they have made their case — if they lose — I would think if they don’t comply then there should be some consequences. Unfortunately time is of the essence here. It should be dealt with by the courts expediently — if such a thing is even possible nowadays. But in the long run — its not about freedom to Apple — its all about money – sales to folks who want privacy and also to criminals and terrorists.

    So I ask you – really? You really want to protect some scum bag terrorists’ contacts over a privacy issue that is a non sequitur to the overwhelming majority of cell phone owners (non Apple owners)? Really?

  4. Apple – Stand Your Ground!

    This is more than just standing up to an over-reaching government agency; this is a threat to the credibility of the security you have spent millions (+?) to develop in your products.

    What has become a tremendous boost to the reputation of the security measures you have built into your products would be lost if the government (or anyone else) were to force you to develop a ‘back door’ to your operating systems.

    There are some things (many things, in my opinion) that government has no authority to have access to.

    We’re behind you.

    • So if I’m a terrorist, I’m certainly going to get an iPhone/iPad/iPad Air/Mac…….that way all my communication with my buds is safe. I understand Apple’s point of view, but it’s not realistic. If Apple prevails, terrorists WILL exploit that opportunity. And that will GREATLY increase the probability of another attack, perhaps worse than San Bernadino. At that point Apple’s stand, however altruistic and well intentioned, will be moot, especially to the victim’s families. We were tolerant of jihadists posing as peaceful Muslims before 9/11; we were patient with Japan before WW2

    • I’m with you 100% and additionally would add , that they are also protecting the privacy of millions of Americans. THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU APPLE !!!!

  5. Sir i stand with you on peoples privacy and security but like yoy have said you have had techicians to open said terriost’s phones which is fair !! But to have a governent too be able to unlock anyones phone also allows criminals the same option to strip your phone and banking and private messages ! The FBI needs to bring the terriost phone too apple tects and then your firm open it ! How would the goverment like all americians to be able to back door their dirty secrets against americians of our country unlike all of Hillarys lieing to us about foreign classified documents she sent open email she would already be in prison !!
    I own several Apple devices and like my security even sunce i dint have terriost infrmation but I bought Apple because of your ability to make them secure and protects my banking and passwords none of whitch the govermen needs too know !!
    Them wanting a back door is jus a communist Natzi control of the people and also our 1st admendment

  6. Really?
    A few questions:
    Who bought the cell phone? This leads to the question who’s property was it really? The terrorist didn’t buy the cell phone his employer bought it thus it really doesn’t belong to the terrorist! In the real business world that cell phone would belong to the business that bought it and any information in it would belong to that business.
    How many cell phones is the FBI requesting to unlock? One. Not every iPhone in the world, just ONE,1.
    If this request was for a blank check request for information from ALL iPhones I would be against it. I know that people worry about big brother monitoring everybody, and that can be a valid concern, but if the information on that phone could help stop any more terrorist attacks I’m for it.
    To bad that someone in that room that day wasn’t caring a gun. The outcome could have been different.

  7. Does not Constitutional law provide for a warrant to be issued. I mean after all, a crime has been committed. I Apple duplicitous ? It was proposed that Apple keep the device in their keeping forever. All that was wanted was information, if any, that there was possibly aiders and abettors in the conspiracy. A warrant for this one issue will not violate anyone else’s rights. Any costs to Apple to create the decipher program (back door encryption code), should be picked up by the government agency.

  8. I am a Trump fan because he is an outsider of the district of criminals and I believe he is a real threat to the jew world order. Having said that, he is totally off base with his call to boycott Apple over standing up against the FBI…which is the right thing to do in this case. The FBI should first do their job and put Hillary, Bill, the Bushes, and most importantly Barry Soetoro all in Guantanamo. Secondly, the FBI is cometely out of line to even suggest, let alone pressure Apple to violate users privacy protection. Especially when its quite possible that the San Bernadino massacre was an inside job, false flag operation. I study inconsistencies like Sandy Hook, 9/11, all the so called mass shootings, etc. 99% are pure bullshit, but to the uninitiated, it all seems real. Its not. And this phoney need for the FBI to pressure Apple to violate all users privacy is pure bullshit. Plain and simple. I know Donald Trump thinks he is doing the right thing politically to side with the FBI, but his stock is dropping in my book over this. Fascism is what happens when corporations merge with and take over government. I for one am pissed beyond that no movement has yet to occur to stop the blatant run amuck coup d etat that has invaded the Whitehouse. How fuct does it really get before the.people rise up? When its too late? Wake the F UP

  9. Yeah, I notice how the FBI handles things with people that stand up to them….Oregon ring a bell? Maybe Ruby Ridge or Waco brings a notion of what the FBI is all about. Gotta watch your back either the terrorist or our government….huh, seems one and the same.

  10. OK so here is how I see this. We need to let law enforcement have access to this phone period.

    What I think should happen is the FBI needs to get a legal search warrant for this particular phone, in the warrant it should direct Apple to assist in retrieving the data on the phone (Not create a new program to break into the phone or a back door to any phone).

    I do not agree with the FBI needing Apple to create a way to break their own securities on their devices. I do agree with the FBI needing to get into this particular phone and I think Apple should break into this phone after receiving a legal warrant to do so.

    Once a warrant is served why can’t an Apple engineer and the FBI go into a room and the FBI let’s the engineer do his thing to open the phone so that they can retrieve the phones data. Once the data is copied then let the Apple engineer close the phone.

    Now the FBI get’s the information they want and the company keeps their securities and the rest of us know the government cannot break into our devices. This way everyone wins!.

  11. I disagree with you and apple, all they have to do is crack that one particular phone for the FBI. They do not have to give the FBI the code.
    Open it for them and maintain control of the code. Simple.
    All apple is doing is marketing to the libs that love their products.

  12. Caleb, you are on the wrong side of this one. Apple, just open the phone in your little cubicle and tell the FBI the info on it, keep the phone, no back door into all phones, just help find these vermin!

  13. If this was done legally in a way that gave App’l sway and was restrained to the one phone in warrant, then the FBI might have a better chance of asking for help to enter this one phones security….National security is at risk here also so we must be careful not to risk liberty for security…I think there is a way to reach common ground and still maintain integrity…they did it during WWII in the midst of a declared war and it can be done again….

  14. First: I do not believe that Donald Trump is a Fascist. You are incorrect in assuming that. I do however, believe that ALL career Politicians are in fact Fascists, and will not waste my time with them at all!
    DONALD Trump stands behind Apple as well on the issue concerning the Feds and Apple. They need no more information necessary than the immediate attention of the phone belonging to the terrorist and his wife. I’ll continue to stand with someone who stands FOR the American Constitution! Thank you.

    • You are WRONG!!! There could and probably is names of other terrorists and other terror activities that are being planned in the memory of the phone. The government should have access to that info. All that is necessary is for Apple to unlock the password lock on the phone. Don’t tell me that they can’t do that because I know for a fact that that is B.S. By Apple not unlocking it, they are aiding and abetting terrorist activities. Cook should be told unlock the phone or go to jail for aiding terrorists. If he wont do it, throw him in jail and go to the next in line of succession. Do the same thing and keep doing it until someone finally does what is right for the country and unlocks it.

  15. I really do like Donald Trump a lot and I did hear him say that. I do no like that at all. Didn’t hear what Cruz said but I’m pretty sure he would be with Apple. I’m still pretty confused at this point where I’m going with my vote. Carson I’ve liked forever I know even without hearing him he would be with Apple and the people. The media has screwed him bad in my opinion.

  16. The news showed the residence of those two terrorists completely unsecured, with the press milling about. If the FBI needed to follow up they should have gone about it correctly from the get-go. They know how. I believe this whole demand is a ploy to destroy Apple’s ability to provide secure service, and thereby destroy our personal security, and destroy another great American company. Hold fast, Apple. The Constitution and the law are on your (our) side.

  17. Maybe you should also warn about Clinton & Sanders. One is s self processed Socialist, and the other is right behind him.

  18. I’m with you on this Apple back door issue, Caleb, because i used to be one of the Gestapo and finally had enough. If you were a Patriot Libertarian Constitution protector before, These agencies are not your cup of poison.

    I think the Donald doesn’t really know what he’s talking about on a few things. It’s not malicious totalitarianism or stupidity, it’s simply ignorance. If he really understood the implications of the slow but steady erosion of our 4th/A liberties, I think he’d change his tune. He did on the 2nd/A after a reality tutorial.

    But as for not voting for him just because of that, i don’t know. Consider the alternative.

    On second thought, Don’t. it’s too terrifying.

    • Not one of these people running either understand the implications or they are relishing the thought of using them.

  19. WTF!! Apple is aiding and abetting the terrorists. The court order says that Apple needs to unlock the phone, NOT develop a backdoor into their software. They have the ability to unlock the phone so that the F.B.I. can get the info off of it that they need to stop other people from doing any other terrorist acts, but don’t want to do it. The reason the F.B.I. is supposedly asking for the backdoor is because Apple will NOT help them. Anyone that doesn’t see this needs to really delve into what is going on.

    • No you need to read more into what is going on. Read the letter from Apple. If they build a new operating system just for the FBI, it WILL be used on every iphone later.

      • No you need to open your eyes. If Apple did what the F.B.I. wanted in the first place and just unlocked the phone, they wouldn’t have asked for the back door. Apple is aiding and abetting terrorism. I wouldn’t doubt that they are even funding some of them.

  20. Another very strong case for shrinking a government that has gotten too big for its limited-Sized pants and abolish many of the departments that only stay to constantly take away our freedoms, and impose regulation after regulation on what used to be a reasonable facsimile to a free country.

  21. The Fascists already run the government, so the question becomes which brand do you want. None of these guys are going to shrink the government or lower your taxes significantly, Reagan surely did neither, just made you feel better about it.

    Apple is doing this not out of principle, but because they are very shrewd marketers and it will serve them well in there markets and if you believe they can’t see the info, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. They building all sorts of things that they thing will “help you” but many time hurt you…for instance you cannot hang up a 911 call, only the 911 operator can, sounds good unless you say something that is innocent, but later could be construed as incriminating as in a self defense situation. I had an instance where a potential shooting victim ended up in my kitchen and the 911 operator blabbed my address to the police dispatcher giving away the intended victims location putting my family and the victim in danger including my instructions to turn out the lights and stay down below window level because the iPhone ws still open and my wife thought it hung up.

  22. I stand with you on Not guving the FBI or the NSA the reason being most americians know how dirty our own goverment is and the filthy rich want that option of a back door software ! If people like Hillary or bernie sanders have that access the whole world would have it since the lieing Hillary could send it over open email our own goverment cant even impeach the trador Obama that dont agree with our constitution on the 2 admendment rights of americians with his own adgenda and lies about not taking your guns that is a lie look at califorina and their governer !! Lets face it king Obama wants total control like communist china and if you say what you want in saudi arebia you can be put too death !!! How about the goverment give the americian people a back door to their software so we as americians can watch them ? like when the BLM can steal your land and kill a un armed man in cold blood !! If that were my dad I would sue the goverment for 100million for murder
    Lets face it our whole goverment is crooked and so big they dont even know what the other hand is doing !!
    Even our supreme court isnt standing up for americians !! It is the law innocent till proven guilty but not any more your presumed guilty till you prove yourself innocent !!! So I stand with Apple on your stance of our innocent security is inportant i have nothing too hide but they dont have a legal right to nose in my business !! They culd have apples software tech’s to open only the phone that the FBI or NSA brings too them ! Or refuse sales of apple equipment to any muslim or terriost organations just like guns should be !!

  23. Caleb, why single out Trump, has any candidate said they will curb the NSA, FBI, ATF, DHS…NO! Perhaps Ron Paul, but even he has some warts and will have trouble being re-elected. Cruz is indebted to Goldman since his wife is still an employee and just on leave and the loan is a big deal and that chit will be called in.

  24. I disagree with apple being a true patriot. Apple is making a claim that is not true saying the FBI wants them to develop a program to unencrypt all apple products. The FBI offered to give apple the one phone that they want unencrypted. The FBI is not looking for a program that unencrypts every phone. The FBI is looking to know what is on that one phone. After so many tries trying to find the password the information on that phone will be destroyed forever. The FBI want apple to override the phone so that they can keep putting passwords in the phone and the data not be erased. They are wanting the info off this phone only. The phone they are talking about is the phone the terrorist had in the California mass shooting which let approx. 14 dead and more injured, If supporting terrorist is being a Patriotic American then all you fools must be supporting terrorism such as Isis. The FBI even got a court order to get apple to help them retrieve the information. I hope the FBI, Justice Department Fines apple for not obeying the court order and puts Tim Cook behind bars where he belongs. This is like someone saying their first amendments rights are violated because they want to stand up in a theater and yell fire. I say National Security in this case takes precedence over the security of one apple phone. With the FBI willing to give the FBI the Apple phone in question, apple could destroy the way the got into the phone anyway. As far as I’m concerned apple is lying saying the FBI wants a program to get into everybody’s phone. I will never buy an apple product. For a company to lie and support terrorism is a crock of s–t. Apple is a supporter of terrorism. Need I Say More?

    • You’re wrong. I would take apple’s word on the technological implications of what the FBI wants them to do over what the FBI says. Think about it.

  25. I don’t know, seems like many people are to worried about what is said or what business is done on a dam telephone, my belief is, the phones today have gotten out of control in what they are used for or capable of! I say if you don’t want others outside your conversation to know what the hell your doing or talking about or any of your personal business, DON’T put it on a dam phone. Look our privacy is up to us to protect, not the Government, not Apple, or any other device maker. I live with one ethic concerning the phone and that is don’t be part of the maddening socializing that’s gone stupid in this country. I do use a computer everyday, but I try to pay bills with cash only, sometimes I will purchase over the computer, but I don’t use a my phone for anything but talking and that is very little at best. As far as Trump goes, it looks as though he might be the one getting the Conservative nod to vote for. I can’t agree with calling him a “Fascist,” and he’s not a Hitler, look I may not like everything that comes out of his mouth but I do respect he’s not a polished and groomed butt kissing politician that’s not afraid to say what he thinks, he’s not politically correct and that’s OK with me. The cussing however, I’m not OK with! If people don’t vote for Trump because of his stance on the i phone issue, well than don’t vote, go ahead, give your, NO VOTE by not voting, to the Socialist/ junior Communist the chance to be telling you what you will or will not be doing with a huge increase in taxes to pay for it, or you could vote for Hillary, either one wouldn’t be any different in the scheme of things. I think Cook needs to go to prison if he refuses to comply with the Courts, when it comes to terrorists there should not be any defence for them what so ever but we the people as a whole need to know it will be used only for such actions and not for eaves dropping in on every day law abiding citizens. It could and can be done without Government or NSA overreach.
    There is more here at stake than just Apple’s refusal to open up to the Feds on terrorism, yes Apple has rights also, and a problem which they themselves created, but do their rights trump our rights over our protection from this curse of Muslim terror, domestic or foreign?

  26. There is more at stake here than the privacy of Apple’s millions of customers and the security of power grids and all that the Internet serves. Personal liberty in a free society is at stake. A government that stays within the confines of the Constitution is at stake.

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