How to choke a terrorist unconscious with your bare hands


Today, I want you to discover how to choke a man unconscious.

Why would that be useful you might ask?

Remember when a terrorist decided to board a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris in August 2015 with an AK-47, a bunch of magazines, a sidearm and box cutters?


That terrorist was stopped before he could cause mayhem because a couple of guys stepped up, tackled him, disarmed him, and one of the heroes choked the terrorist unconscious

If you don’t know how to do that, then here’s exactly how to choke a terrorist unconscious:

The Beauty of Blood Chokes

What you’re about to see — in a most entertaining fashion — is a “Blood choke”.

Why is this important? Wikipedia explains:

“Blood chokes, carotid restraint or sleeper holds, are a form of strangulation that compress one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain. A well applied blood choke may lead to unconsciousness in a matter of seconds. Compared to strangulation with the hands, properly applied blood chokes require little physical strength.”

Did you catch that?

You basically are cutting off the blood to the brain, and because it can be done so QUICKLY it takes very little strength to do it.

Perfect for just about anyone to use to defend themselves (no matter how old, fat, out of shape or weak you are).

Lastly, a WARNING: applied correctly your opponent will go to sleep in 7-10 seconds. If you continue to choke someone past this point, you could kill them. If you practice this, you are completely responsible for the safety of your training partner. (Use the “10 second rule” if you apply the choke and he doesn’t tap in 10 seconds or you don’t feel him go to sleep, release the choke anyways. You either did it wrong or he’s unconscious and you didn’t know it.) If you are using this technique, be very careful.

How To Choke a Man Unconscious

Here is Bas Rutten showing you how to do a rear naked choke.

Why Bas Rutten? Not only is he completely qualified, but he’s actually entertaining to watch:

If you ever find yourself in an unarmed fight for you life, hopefully this information helps you.

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    • I’m of the opinion that choking a true “terrorist” unconscious is only a temporary situation! I believe a terrorist is just going to regain consciousness & then try to kill me again…so I believe he/she should be choked to death the first time to eliminate having to fight him/ her again…PERIOD…IT’S CALLED SELF DEFENSE…RETIRED POLICE OFFICER.

  1. The trick with this one is that you have to get behind the perp. There is a frontal one but there again, you have to be close enough to hit the person where necessary. A nice 9mm slug in the left side of the chest works better and can be done from a considerably longer distance.

    • Hey I’m with you — but like I pointed out the guys on the paris train didn’t have any guns to fight back with — being able to choke an attacker unconscious saved the day.

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