Finally! A Politician Honest Enough To Admit That Anti-Gunners Want To Repeal The 2nd Amendment


I’ll be the first to admit that, as a general rule, I don’t trust politicians. Oh, I believe that there are some who are in Washington and other political offices because they want to make a positive difference in our world, but I think that many of the people in political office are there to stroke their own egos and to gain a sense of power.

Which makes all of the anti-gun blather coming out of the mouths of people like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden all the more irritating because, in my opinion, it is self-serving and not even remotely sincere.

But, there is at least one member of Congress with the courage to tell the truth about what is happening behind the scenes in the anti-gun political scene. Matt Agorist writes,


As politicians and anti-gun rights activists continuously chant, “we don’t want to take your guns,” behind the scenes — in just months — politicians have been working overtime to limit and remove your right to bear arms. These laws all started as a reaction to the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida last year and with every shooting since, they have sped up. And, like most politicians always do, they are not letting these tragedies go to waste. The problem has gotten so out of control that one US Congressman thinks there may be nothing we can do to stop the gun grabbers from abolishing the entire Second Amendment.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., told reporters this week that there is a political movement brewing in the US to overturn the Second Amendment in its entirety. Americans would no longer have a right to keep and bear arms.

Despite seeing the writing on the wall, Kinzinger is on board with much of the Republican base in the support of red flag laws.

You may want to read that again. Kinzinger supports taking away our Second Amendment rights through the use of red flag laws. And, supposedly, he’s with the political party that says that it supports gun rights!

I applaud him in being honest about the intentions of many in Washington, but I’m appalled with his callous disregard of our rights as gun owners. And, sadly, it’s not just him.

This is the kind of trickery that many in the anti-gun movement are trying to push on all of us to try to take away our right to bear arms, and we must push back to prevent them from doing so.



  1. I hope KINZINGER is ready to PACK HIS BAGS to go home in real American style embarrassment from the American Voters. HE is a TRAITOR to the Constitution and the Rule of Law!!

  2. BONEHEADED politicians! If you take out one amendment you take away the US constitution because they were ratified together! No constitution? No authority! No authority for politicians,judges or laws. No authority for police or military personnel. Perfect for antifa anarchy to run wild in the streets like the gangs in Venezuela! Keep your family close and your guns closer!😲

  3. Just try to take our guns by force,anti-gunners.They have a huge problem on their hands,The police,military and over 100 million legal gun owners,and over 100 million or more that support all of the rights the constitution affords us.They are frightened of the armed citizen.If they think the people will just turn over their guns,they are mistaken.If they try to take our guns by force,a war will breakout,and the anti-gunners will lose.The anti-gunners are tyrants that want to rule with an iron fist.

    • Yea the police sure supported that 72 year old man in New Jersey when they came to take his guns and ended up killing him in the process, so don’t try to gloss over the fact that they won’t do the same thing to you or me. once they get their orders that will follow them and do what every they can to please the higher ups.

      • Not every cop is a brainwashed demolemming like those in NJ, NYC, CA, Shitattle and Shitcago. They are not complying with laws that violate the second amendment by declaring their counties “second amendment sanctuaries.”

      • I’m afraid that I too would have come to the door at that early hour with a pistol to see what is going on at a ungodly hour!!
        It’s as if the government is asking for the home owner to respond negatively with predawn intrusions.

      • That’s New Jersey. One of those states run by liberal Dem jackasses where the idiots run wild. Been there and watched their BS in action. It’s not really American anymore.

  4. Well, I’m glad one finally caught up to us. Adults have known this since it started….and maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally come to grips with the fact it’s not for the safety of the populace but for their own greed and power mongering. I notice none of the RINOs like McConnell and Graham haven’t a clue. It’s funny but I get messages from both of them on a daily basis asking for money and I would NEVER give either one the time of day since they’ve done nothing fro the decent people since they’ve been in office.

  5. Of course they want to take our guarantee for freedom by taking away our guns. That way we are helpless to their intended tyranny and can’t defend ourselves from criminals.
    The 1968 Gun Control Act was a Nazi law of 1938 translated into English and foisted on us 23 years after defeating Nazi tyranny by the DemocRats. Most of the reasons given and the laws they want are Nazi based.

  6. FredK…Everyone who has a Halve a brain should have noticed by now that the cummies in the
    congress want to take away our guns. The outcome ot the upcoming election will decide what is going to happen to our 2ndA. If the gungrabbers win, we are going to see the sh==t hit the fan. Unless, of coursr, The American people turn in to marshmellows. May God guide us into the right direction!

    • If the gungrabbers win the election, it’s guaranteed there WILL be a war in our country. I was told this about 6 years ago and it was echoed again earlier this year. No doubt. It WILL happen. And, God bless us for standing up for our rights!!

  7. It seems to me every 20 to 25 years we hear the same bovine scat about global warming, gun control and other crap. You guys saying the Constitution will protect us need to realize just one election going left and we could see the elimination of the Constitution as we know it. There are at least 3 dimms that are on record as saying the Constitution stands in their way. Scary mf’ers. Then all that would be needed is a few more like Adam Kissmyass and we will be f’d.

  8. I’m asking all of who commented, ” Do you have the tenacity to follow and carry out your beliefs”. I challenge all of you to think thru your comments and your ability to put them into action when the time comes. Yes, we out number all government agencies, but do not have the communication or logistic capacity that our overlords have. It appears that now is the time to look back to the III Percenters of the pass and now the future. What I’m trying to say, if you don’t unite, then your going to die in vain! Be smart and use your gun range buddies to find those of like minds. Good luck!!

  9. I KEEP POSTING THIS BECAUSE; I’m sure this is what democrat socialists are trying to do! *** They are trying to ‘out-law’ semi-automatic guns to the people… Any gun the government can have, the people should have. FBI, IRS, BLM, just bought thousands of AK47s ….THE 2ND AMENDMENT WAS NOT FOR HUNTING! It’s to keep the people in control, not GOVERNMENT CONTROL! ……………….. REFUSE to get ‘PERMITS’ from the government. It’s none of their business how we protect ourselves. The 2nd Amendment is our ‘Permit’ to carry’. ‘PERMITS’ are not THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE but GOVERNMENT CONTROL over our liberties and freedoms. …We did not get a ‘permit’ from the British to keep our guns, when they tried to take them away. …The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were in fact ‘Out-Laws’. We too must be ‘Out-Laws’ to a corrupt government!… Little bit by little bit, they are chipping away at our Constitutional freedoms. …Our CONSTITUTION puts LIMITS on GOVERNMENT; So now, what’s keeping them from making a law to take away our ‘registered’ guns because they’ll know who has them. That’s what Hitler did to the Jews. WE MUST LEARN FROM HISTORY!

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