A Peek Inside the Obama “Criminal Creation Program”…


According to Obama, if you legally own a gun, you’re to blame for policeComposite image of businessman holding his hands out violence.

Remember, you’re not the criminal, but Obama thinks so.  He also thinks that if you support the Police, you should just put your guns away (permanently):

And he even said that gun control is something supporters of the police should want.


“If you care about the safety of our police officers,” Obama said, “then you can’t set aside the gun issue and pretend that that’s irrelevant.”

But wait, there’s more…

Filed in the “Obama Criminal Creation Program” (not a real program), are the failed policies that provide entitlements and other programs for those in poverty.

A lot of those programs fail, miserably.

From The Right To Bear:

Legal gun owners are not to blame for gun violence. In all reality it’s failed policies created by the government to lift people out of poverty that are to blame.

These failed programs have created career criminals who are always looking for handouts.

It’s not an issue of race, it’s an issue of people refusing to do for themselves the things necessary to live a better life.

Emphasis ours.

Well, if Obama’s policy is creating criminals, why leave the law-abiding public defenseless against them?

Can’t deem that as irrelevant, now can you Mr. President?



  1. There definitely is a criminal creation agenda, but it’s not exactly as the article implies. When articles like this say things like “legally owned” Guns, they are actually contributing to the Totalitarian problem, instead of working on a solution.

    There IS NO SUCH THING as a ‘legally’ or illegally owned firearm–unless they are stolen’. No firearms can ever be ‘illegally owned’ in America? Especially under government agenda based rationale! This is because…Your inalienable natural right to possess them, like you can possess shoes, an axe, a knife, a motor vehicle, is even further protected by a Constitution that even guarantees your right to have guns by specifically articulating in writing that this right CAN’T BE INFRINGED! PERIOD.

    Yet We, the Dumb-Ass Sheeple, invariably get bullshitted enough to where we start going along with one of the greatest Frauds ever perpetrated on the Free People of our country, GUN CONTROL!

    Any and All Gun Control laws are Constitutionally Illegal. But we let them get away with disarming us with their Fiat and proven useless and actually dangerous “public safety’ laws enforced by police state ‘Extreme Crime Prevention agendas…and we… the continually cognitively degenerating people, go along with these laws like fish on a hooked worm.

    The above mentioned standard tools and equipment have been used to killed or maim or harm far, far more people than guns. Yet someone who commits a serious crime with a vehicle by running down people with his dangerous monster truck while drunk isn’t prohibited for life from owning another truck after he is rehabilitated out of prison, and once again a ‘law-abiding’ value producing citizen? BUT HE DOES LOSE HIS RIGHT TO OWN A GUN! Even if there was no gun involved in the criminal act?!
    They don’t do background checks on your purchase of a car, or an axe, or a sword, or a crossbow if you are an ex-criminal, now back as a law-abiding citizen? Why, then, do they really NEED to do a background check which is really registration ONLY ON GUNS?


    The Dark State answer is a little more complicated, but a lot of us have an idea ‘of why’ lately. But a short answer is obvious. We have all been brainwashed to the point of abject moronic apathy. Throw in the disease of chronic gullibility, and you simply smile, sheepishly, when a new gun control bill is introduced almost weekly now by the totalitarian regime representatives, shrug, and just reach for another fistful of chips to stuff down your dribbling pie hole while going back to playing Angry Birds on your smart phone (named as such because it’s smart and you’re a dummy) during commercial breaks between watching cartoons, instead of bugging your reps to start repealing all these so-called gun controlled laws, Now subverting Congress and turning into due process murdering Administrative Mandates from bureaucratic stooges who remain anonymous and completely unaccountable! To wit, the no fly-no buy list by decree.

    But, not to worry, pretty soon after Hellbitch Hillary continues the 3rd Reich of Totalitarian progress and continues to make more laws to eventually make ALL formerly ‘law abiding’ citizens of a formerly Free Country… illegally banned from having firearms.

    The United States of Totalitarian Gun Confiscated Criminals.

    And then it never ends.

    Don’t forget all you unconcerned app-heads. Hillary doesn’t like ‘Angry Birds’.

  2. When the government says they do not want to confiscate our guns, they want to confiscate our guns. Sadly there are sheeple who believe the government is acting in out best interest by passing more feel good gun laws that do absolutely nothing to solve the issue of criminals and terrorists from acquiring military grade weapons. When criminals and terrorists use those military grade often full auto weapons in a crime or attack its We the People who get the blame for it. Is that common sense? Not at all, it is a short step from ludicrous. The Constitution and Bills of Rights were written in lay man’s terms by our founding fathers for one reason, so the ordinary citizen could understand what he was reading without having to hire an attorney. The founders had little use for attorneys and suggested they should be banned from public office. Long to short, we have a people problem, people who place no value on the lives of others in their quest for self gratification. A firearm is an inanimate object that only functions in the hands of a human and it is the intent of the human that is good or evil not the gun. I will not give my guns up because I may need them to protect against the bad guy with a gun or a government that turns tyrannical.

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