Clinton Delegate: “Common Sense Gun Legislation, Say Sh*t Like That And People Buy Into It!” [MUST WATCH]


The other day, I got a comment from a reader that is straight out of the leftist playbook:

“No one wants to take your guns, but when a nut case can buy an assault weapon, and kill many people, then something should be done”

But this is simply not true, on every single level.


Undercover Video Exposes Clinton Delegate Mary Bayer As She Actually Tells The Truth …

As, who broke the story, reports, “If your goal is an outright gun ban, you need to use terms such as “common sense gun legislation” to fool the public, a Hillary Clinton campaign delegate admitted in a recent undercover sting video released exclusively to Infowars.

““Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to piss everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate, Mary Bayer, told a Project Veritas reporter.

“Instead, Bayer revealed, Democrats use “moderate” language when it comes to guns to obscure their true purpose, a complete elimination of the Second Amendment.

““You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’” Bayer told the reporter, adding, “You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.”

“Bayer also admitted Hillary “for sure” would support banning guns, and said the only way to actualize that goal would be to “get Democrats in office.”

“Common Sense Gun Legislation, Say Sh*t Like That And People Buy Into It!”

I know it doesn’t come as a shock to many of my regular readers. We see the lies for what they really are.

But I’m surprised that people still believe politicians when they talk about stuff like “common sense gun legislation”. Again, gun control has never been about saving lives or helping people, it’s about control.

As far as Hillary Clinton goes, she has outright admitted that she thinks the Supreme Court was wrong on the 2nd Amendment and will attack it every chance she gets. Her position is clear.

The TRUTH About Guns Is That They Are Not a Problem In America, But Big Government Politicians Want To Ban Them Because They Want More Control.

The Government’s own Center for Disease Control (CDC) study showed that guns are not a problem, and more of them basically make us safer in America.

Gun control definitely won’t stop more terrorists attacks as I’ve written here because terrorists will always find a way around even the most strict gun control laws as I’ve shown here.

I’ve written before that Gun Violence is a made up propaganda buzzword and that it just simply is not a problem in the USA.

So-called “assault weapons” are also not a problem.  The actual number of deaths by rifles — of any type, not just so-called “assault rifles” (another propaganda word) — is so low it’s laughable that it’s a political issue at all.

In short, about FIVE times more people are murdered with knives than any type of rifle(based on FBI statistics for the year 2011).

And finally, you are TWICE as likely to die from the prescription drugs sitting in your medicine cabinet than you are from the gun in your home, or your neighbor’s home, or in the hands of a criminal because the DEA’s own study shows that guns are SAFER than prescription drugs.



  1. I’m all for “common sense gun control”. Common sense dictates that current laws be enforced and then if the laws do not obtain the desired result then make a law that that will. Current law that governs weapons of any kind is “… shall not be infringed”. THAT law is subject to change only under the strict requirements given in the constitution under “amendments”. “Common sense gun control” as espoused by the liberals is NOT “common sense, but a lack thereof.

    • the only reason they say common sense is to fool people , to disarm the populace co that the friggin Islamics can take over and we will supposedly be defenseless !

  2. Nothing in this world is less common than “common sense”. The loudmouth leftists no less about guns than my cat. They are unable to define what is or isn’t an “Assault Rifle”. Their perception is based entirely upon appearances. By this measure, even a drawing of an “ugly” rifle qualifies as an “Assault Rifle”. For the ignorant who can read, the definition of a true “Assault Rifle”is one that is capable of a minimum of Selective Fire. For the simple minded, this means the operator can select between semi-automatic fire and full automatic (Machine Gun) fire. Very few of the cases of terror attacks involve a fully automatic weapon. Unfortunately, the drive by media refuse to accurately report the facts as this would dilute the propaganda value of their specious claims. Those with a modicum of memory might recall a time when the anti-gun NUTS tried to define certain pistols based on their MSRP. Anything that had a list price below some arbitrarily selected figure was labeled a “Saturday Night Special”. The turkeys who came up with this definition wouldn’t know which end of the weapon the bullet came out of. Finally, the very concept that the characters who commit crimes utilizing firearms give a damn about what a law says is close to insanity. Aberrant human behavior will rarely if ever be controlled by, as Glenn Campbell once sang, some “ink stains upon some lines.

    • Well said, clear concise, rational and to the point obviously a statement a progressive or liberal is incapable of. There is no sense in the liberal mindset as there is no thought or reasoning only childish ignorant emotion. They are not interested in facts, they get in the way of their perverted arguments. When I hear a progressive/liberal make a factual statement, I will debate it with them. After over sixty years of listening to their out right lies I’m very comfortable knowing I’ll never have to.


    • Agreed ! The idiots who want to take our guns—-DON’T HAVE ANY !!! STUPID ?? As if I’m just going to trot down to the local democratic toilet bowl and give them my guns, unloaded of course ! Shit for brains !

  4. Liberal mind set is such that they care not for the existing gun laws…. They just want MORE laws piled on top of the laws that are not enforced. That idea is their “common sense” thinking. They will not back off till they have complete control to confiscate ALL of our guns, while their hired body guards protect them….!!!

  5. Due to the FACT that far, left wing, radical extremist, GUN GRABBING, Commie, LYING pieces of human excrement LIE and say stupid SH*T like “common sense gun legislation” WE HAVE THE NRA to PROTECT our 2nd Amendment CIVIL RIGHTS. RIGHTS actually articulated in the United States Constitution. HRC is nothing but another demagogue and dictator wanna be. The Constitution states SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED for a reason. The socialist democ-RATS are setting up for a new class of criminal. Here is a hint, I SHALL NOT GIVE UP MY WEAPONS WILLINGLY. Give me liberty or give me death. I refuse to live in a nation corrupted and oppressed by an illegitimate government and that is exactly what HRC and the socialist democ-RATS bring to the table

  6. Typical left wing nutters spewing the same old crap “Ban Guns”, But yet psychotic people such as Killery depend on them for her safety. A double standard again. What an aberration the liberals are.

    • It’s not about the people as Hillary could care less about the people it’s about the people using their second amendment right to defend themselves against the tyranny that the left has planned for their finish line coming up next year which is one of the things to implement the chip in each and every person that Obama want to do with his communist Obamacare. It’s about their safety from we the people protecting ourselves from Tierney that the Second Amendment was set up and design for as the founding fathers knew that men’s hearts were corrupt. They also said it took ethical manner and government to make the Constitution work which I haven’t seen that in this government for sometime.

  7. If you look at the statistics of exactly how many incidents we have had mass shootings by Americans using semi-automatic weapons in the midst of 300 million people over about a decade of time we find that such weapons are not exactly commonplace. Exactly how many lives can be saved by outlawing semi-automatic rifles? Actually none. Such weapons are now in the hands of a very large number of criminals who could care less about laws. We saw someone twice use such weapons on police. Since terrorists have options for many other means of mass killings, such a ban has zero effect on them. Therefore, the whole idea is ludicrous. as has been stated, control is the real issue. When we make moves toward socialism, all types of control are required to keep citizens from rebelling against tyranny. Such nonsense has to stop. That means Hillary cannot be elected.

  8. Mary Bayer is a classic example of what I call a Dug Beetle. A dung beetle is a little insect that gobbles up, well, dung. The human variety is the kind that gobbles up all the LIES the Leftist Elitists shit out upon the public. Mary the Dug Beetle is in transition however; she so believes the lies that she is now buying into the culture of lying to get what she wants.

    Unfortunately there is no indication from Mary’s stupidity that she has the slightest clue as to WHY the Leftist Elitists want to ban guns. See, they think they OWN this Country already (they have already stolen it). And the only thing stopping them from just TAKING it is that we, the indigent people of this country, are armed to the teeth. Mary, the dizzy bitch that she is, has no idea she is NOTHING to them – just a useful idiot they will dispose of – like a used Q-tip!

    The Culture of Lies has forgotten, or has dismissed, the old words from the Bible that says; be sure your sins will find you out. In other words, there are consequences for deceiving people. It is one thing to believe lies. It is another to act upon them and spread them! The consequences of spreading lies is GOING to cost them dearly!

    Democrats – the modern Jacobins – cannot accomplish anything without lies deceit and trickery. Tell me; is that good or bad?

    • We have people like Mary in this country because we have a media is controlled by the Marxist/elitist, the colleges have call meanest professors brainwashing our children, this is why the government who should not be using taxpayer dollars fund these children’s brainwash in college. It’s up to the people to communicate with one another and bring up the lies of the media that’s ongoing thing every day. I will say people need to band together now to come to one another’s aid, once Hitlary , who will be PUT (fixed election like Obamsa last election)in Our White House and she sends the govt agency’s SS brown shirt army out to attack conseratives, Christians and whites like Obama still does. Get ready because the Marxist/elites smell the finish line and they have planned to give everybody the chip in 2017 so don’t know what you’re buying what you’re selling and where you’re going and everything you’re doing and then they’re going to take away your house and your land and your money. God bless America and may he smite the evil left.

      • Nobody is going to put a chip in my body, unless they do it after I pass away. The Constitution states the American citizens can be armed to fight against enemies both foreign and domestic. It is our right to own and bear arms to protect yourself and your family. Gun control is what the left wants, so as good American people we won;t be allowed to have guns. ONLY the criminals. The Government will never be able to take away our rights to protect us from criminals or any body else.

  9. I’m just one of those white boys that tells them if they val you your job more than your life then come and try to take something that dose not belong to you.

  10. Already written and wiped out while trying to review prior to posting. If you can reset what’s already written fine. I have no time to repeat what’s already hiding somewhere. Your website did not permit scrolling back to line 1 in order to check grammar and punctuation and therefore prevented posting.

  11. Don’t P–s down my back and tell me it’s raining. I’ve heard the Hildebeast and others like her ADMIT to their wants and plans to take ALL guns, from A to Z, too many times in too many different settings. They don’t admit to it when the general public is listening, only when the THINK they have a sympathetic audience that feels the same way they do. This is because, as they admit in this article, they know they have to APPEAR to be moderate, in order to gain any traction. In this, they admit to their own lies. If the general public felt, like the antis try to say, that they really were on board with gun control, then the antis would come right out with it. But they know the lie they are telling, and so, in typical liberal fashion, the end justifies the means, and if we allow it, we(the pro-gun side) would be stripped of our means of self defense in one fell swoop. If Hillary’s lips are moving, she’s lying. And gun control is a fertile field to plow for her.

    • Hillary the whore? A liar? A crook? She has also had people killed. I’d rather have a pimple on my dick than have that dumb slut in the White House. Trump all the way…..

      • The Clintons have more politically connected dead bodies hanging around their necks and beads on a triple string pearl necklace.and if you love her disarm you you might be one of them and your family.

  12. Anytime I hear a liberal use the term “Common Sense”, I get a shiver up my spine because, I know they do NOT have any.

  13. If anyone buys in to the BS that is to protect the citizens is why they mean more gun control when you’re brain-dead. These are Marxist elitist who seek control of the world and she control all your money and your house and property just like in the communist countries. And the ones they don’t care for weather be Christian conservative , Or ethnic. They will call and get rid of the people I want as the boxes delete want to aluminate 5 billion people and if you’ll think this woman is more dangerous than Adolf Hitler that you are absolutely living on another planet. If you give up your guns you deserve everything you get. They will fix the election to get a written so they can say see this is what the people want to higher taxes in the guns taken away market down people. If we let her stay there or children and grandchildren will never ever takes freedom they will be civil slaves of the m everything you get. They will fix the election to get a written so they can say see this is what the people want to higher taxes in the guns taken away market down people. If we let her stay there or children and grandchildren will never ever takes freedom they will be slaves of the Marxist elite for the ones they do let live. God bless America and may he smart with his mighty arm the left.

  14. Does anyone notice there are zero comments on this story from the antigun crowd..I love when they make their
    stupid “I know absolutely nothing about guns” spiel and then get dressed down by some very intelligent reply
    that sends them back to their head up their ass..calling gun owners a bunch of paranoid old white guys and shit
    like that.Antigunners,we live in the real world,not some fantasy utopia where if we are just nice to terrorists they
    will be nice right back..delusional fucking retards.

  15. As I was saying the left only wants to take away our Constitutional rights to own and bear arms. Then the only assholes that are criminals will have access to all the guns they can steal. Proud Americans, never give up your guns, ever. And this bitch and her ideas of disarming the people is ridiculous. I am also a vet and I didn’t serve this great nation just to have some chicken shit Democrat come take away my guns. YO-OBLBAMA failed in his attempt to disarm Americans, and so will Killary, the bitch.

  16. HYPOCRITE’S. This is the word that DEFINES the left. For any DNC delegate to enter the DNC convention, they were REQUIRED TO SHOW PHOTO ID, (this requirement also applies to entrance into the US Justice Dept., Obama fundraisers, or to receive/apply for ANY federal/state aid, to name just a few) Yet, the dems claim voter ID laws “disenfranchise” the poor???? The DNC enlisted hundreds if not thousands of ARMED security to “protect” the convention and it’s privileged elites, yet spoke on stage about more 2nd amendment restrictions. The left decries capital punishment, yet agressivly supports abortion. They demand politically correct inclusiveness, yet claim the phrase, “All lives matter.”, to be racist. They protect any Muslim, and or any Islamic practice, under the guise of the 1st amendment, yet decry Christianity and it’s followers any chance they get. The feeble minded followers of the left, who continually allow themselves to be propagandized to be the lame stream media, and it’s internet parrots, mearly trudge forward, uninformed, unaware, and blind to the self defeating agenda they mindlessly propagate.

  17. When Slick Willy was POTUS, Killery said that, “Only cops and crooks should have guns”, for those that DO remember. She supported the “Operation Fast & Furious” that gave guns to the Mexican cartel. She was the Sec./State when “Benghazi” happened, and that was an alleged gun-running operation that got Americans killed. Her answer to that was, “What difference does it make?” FBI facts PROVE that when lawful American citizens have firearms and CAN defend themselves and others, crime goes down. Crooks, thugs and terrorists WILL get guns by whatever means possible. Laws do not stop the guns getting into their hands. Saying that guns kill people is the same as saying spoons make people fat and cars make drivers drunk.

  18. It’s not gun control they seek, it’s citizen control. That my friends is exactly why the 2nd Amendment was written, and shall not be infringed. Tyranny is the same as it was back then, and our government has never been more intrusive as it is right now. Bloomberg has shown tyrannical tendencies, and still does with his gun confiscation aspirations, thus proving the need for the 2nd Amendment! Jerry Brown, same thing! Isn’t it ironic how it’s the liberal wanting to take dictatorial stances? Obama would definitely stay in power if we didn’t have term limits, just look at congressional (so called) leaders, like barnacles stuck to the bottom of old ships, they are on both sides of the isle, and they suck us dry. You can look at Bloomberg and see the narcissistic hatred oozing out, the ego of that man is sickening! Have you ever heard someone say “that guy needs a good ass whoopin!”? A man who as mayor of New York, dictated that there would be only certain sizes of sodas sold in New York! Sound familiar? Guess what you dumb son of a bitch, you can refill that smaller cup as often as you like! Maybe that was it, maybe he wasn’t really concerned with your health, maybe he didn’t like you getting that much soda at that price! Same with gun control, If Bloomberg really cared about people’s lives, he wouldn’t be a part of this mass murder to gain gun control, he doesn’t care about children being killed, he wants citizen control. Could you imagine that ass hole as POTUS? Guess who he is backing? Hillary! The Liberals, are the ones wanting to control citizens! Liberals? LOL

  19. Obama arms the terrorists who hate America! Making a deal with the only nation that publicly shouts death to Israel, and death to America! There has never been more of a threat to Israel than Obama! You get nonsensical reasoning by Obama wrapped up in many words, and to the uneducated fan base of that fraudulent bastard, it may make sense, but to us citizens able to see Obama as the piece of shit that he really is, we know he is on the side of terrorists! Obama just paid Iran ransom for kidnapped Americans, something that the United States never does! Oh but the spin he lays down gets the stupid fan base of liberals every time! You see, now Iran, and ISSIS, al qada, Hamas, and every terrorist organization is celebrating this as a win for them! Obama threw away our safety net! Already, Iran has taken more hostages! Obama and that pathetic lap-dog, John “you’ve got a friend” Kerry! Here is the idiocracy of this situation, Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian! Obama has done more damage by himself to Israel than all other terrorist organizations combined! He just handed Iran $400 Billion. A terrorist nation slobbering at the opportunity to destroy Israel, now has the funds to do just that, and you can thank “Abbot, and Costello”, for it! People at some point, you have to stop, and think, ” these guys are on our side?” It happened in the “fast and furious” fiasco, it happened in “Benghazi” and now Iran! Bumbling idiots! The next major screw up Obama is contemplating is, and get this, he wants to sell weapons grade, highly enriched, uranium to a nuke facility in Europe that has been a terrorist “cased-out” facility that is so insecure that they feel like they could get in. Obama picks this nuke site, to sell this “terrorists dream scenario” highly enriched uranium! Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up! And the “brainless-twits” like “We have to pass it, to see what’s in it” Nancy Pelosi, is out the door hell bent on stumping this imbecilic idea to the most uneducated constitutes she can fill a gymnasium with! We cannot allow these left wing radical extremists to stay in power! With countrymen such as these, who can deal with enemies?

  20. Obama tells us that Mr. Trump is in-prepared, unfit, to be POTUS? Negro-please!! Obama didn’t even have credit, when this plot to fraudulently place him in office began! He had to go to local businessmen in his neighborhood to beg for money to pay off student loans, (his lie) so she would allow him to run! That was a made up lie, because the man he got that $2,500.00 support from said that he just had one request for the money, and it was for Obama to come back at a later date to speak to his high school class. That favor was like pulling wisdom teeth with a string, he had to call Obama and cuss him out, and Obama’s reply was “man you know you can’t trust a politician!” Obama a one term “absentee” senator from Chicago Illinoise, a neighborhood activist (trouble maker) is going to tell Mr. Trump, that he isn’t prepared for job! I remember just before Obama was fraudulently innaugurated, a news anchor asked President George W. Bush, of his opinion of Obama, and he immediately answered “oh, he isn’t ready!” So on one hand you have this hood-rat, racist, Islamic, homosexual, communist, one term, absentee senator from the cess-pool of America, and on the other hand you have an American loving charismatic billionaire business man! So you tell me, which one do you think is more prepared for the job? Mr. Trump puts middle class Americans first! Obama puts Iran, and ISSIS, and BLM, and New Black Panther Party, and golf, before middle class Americans, and our veterans, and our heroes, and the Fraternal Order of Police, who protect us all. People, we cannot get that bastard out of office soon enough! If we manage to allow Hillary Rotten Clinton to be elected POTUS, we keep Obama in power, with the addition of Ma Barker!

  21. Anyone with a functioning brain knows many more unarmed people die than armed people. And the children of responsible gun owners are infinitely safer than are the children of limp-wristed milquetoasts who ‘wouldn’t own a gun if my life depended on it’…which, all too often, it does.

  22. Why is someone with the power to protect us not doing something to get rid of Obama and Hillary? The lawless crap they are getting away with is so frightening she has no right to run for president read the constitution. They are both making fools out of all of us and deeming us powerless to stop it

  23. Personally, I want to thank that “Ghost gun” California rep that had me laughing so hard, I almost had to go to the ER I was laughing so hard!
    He couldn’t get the “clip” in. He had no barrel on the ghost gun and describing it could fire 30-300 rounds per second! What a moron! Just google ghost gun if you never saw it. I will warn you, its so idiotic and ignorant, it is terribly funny. Must be the water or the smog in the air!

  24. Y’all have to think of it this way–if Hillary is president which I truly hope not, are you actually going to regard the laws her government imposes? She has set a precedent. She has had blatant disregard for our laws. Why on earth would we pay attention to hers? Might be time for the revolution!

  25. Hildabeast better get one thing in her brain dead head. Come for the guns and the Civil War will look like a week-‘end pic-nic! Remember Charlton
    Heston famous words, ” FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS”! Some of you very stupid people that thanks Hildabeast will have the American Gun Owners just willing to hand them over, your whistling past the grave yard!!

  26. If Hillary is so against guns, she should tell the secret service they no longer need to protect her and bill at their mansion. Incidently the hillybillies rented out the space to them for the EXACT amount of their mortgage payments!

  27. But Mrs. Clinton, if we have gun control ( take away our guns) , then how could we take up arms against the government if, say the Islamic terrorists come in and take out Washington, DC, and all of the leaders, i.e.: the president, the vice president, the secretary, etc. etc. etc. How could we then protect ourselves? And besides, we already have legislated gun control; it’s called the second amendment. b. sox

  28. The real reason the democrats want to take our guns , not to stop crime or mass shootings but they want complete control of us and as long as we have our guns they are scared to death of us. The people who never owned a gun or never shot a gun need to do a little research on there own so they the completely understand the second amendment. My aunt died just about a year ago, she was 94 she never owned or shot a gun in her life but she was a NRA member for 50 years because she under stood the meaning of the second amendment. No gun law new or ones already on the books is going to stop crime, terrorists, or thugs from committing crimes. The way to approach crime is through our justice system. If a person commits a crime with a gun and is found guilty the punishment should be severer, for example use a gun to commit a crime automatic 30 years kill someone with a gun automatic death penalty. That’s how you stop crime go after the criminal make him think twice before he commits a crime, not law abiding citizens.

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