You’ll Never Guess How The Feds BANNED Guns From 1,246,170 Americans (You May Be Next)


Most people don’t realize that the Feds have completely ripped away the the 2nd Amendment rights of over 1,246,170 Americans.

The ATF made an official statement recently affirming that an entire class of people in America are banned from possessing firearms or ammunition.

Many of these Americans didn’t even know they were on this list until they went to a gun shop to buy a gun and found out they were banned.


A 2016 lawsuit appeal heard by a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed this decision by the ATF. The scary part is you and I may be next!

Who is the Federal Government banning guns for now?

The ATF Says LEGAL Marijuana Growers and Users Have No 2nd Amendment Rights

As you know, the Federal Government sets the gun laws in the U.S. that all the states must follow via the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)…

Then from that “baseline” if you will, each state is able to set additional laws if they so choose on top of those gun laws. However no state gun laws supercede the Federal ones.

It’s the same with drug laws.

Marijuana is still very much illegal at the Federal level.

In fact, on August 11, 2016 the DEA had the chance to re-classify Marijuana to a lesser drug. They didn’t. Marijuana is still classified federally as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). That means that Marijuana is under the same classification as Heroin, having “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse”.

As you also know, at the time of this writing, 25 states in America — as well as Washington DC where the the Federal Government resides — have legalized the use of Medical Marijuana.

That’s why the Federal government can both raid medical marijuana dispensaries that are 100% LEGAL inside their states and they are now banning guns from anyone in these states who is legally using medical marijuana.

The ATF made the following official statement: “Any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.

A 2016 lawsuit appeal — brought by a Nevada Marijuana user who didn’t know she was banned from buying guns until she tried at a gun shop — heard by a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the ATF’s position.

Obama’s Administration Is The Worst Offender Against Marijuana Users Even Though He’s Used Marijuan Himself


Many people thought Obama would be the “pro Marijuana” president. That’s probably because the told them he was. And because he was a big-time Marijuana user in his youth.

As Reason reports

“Obama stood apart from hard-line prohibitionists even when he began running for president. In 2007 and 2008, he bemoaned America’s high incarceration rate, warned that the racially disproportionate impact of drug prohibition undermines legal equality, advocated a “public health” approach to drugs emphasizing treatment and training instead of prison, repeatedly indicated that he would take a more tolerant position regarding medical marijuana than George W. Bush, and criticized the Bush administration for twisting science to support policy—a tendency that is nowhere more blatant than in the government’s arbitrary distinctions among psychoactive substances.”

Instead, Obama broke all his campaign promises and put more people in jail for marijuana and raided more dispensaries — even in legal states — than Bush ever did.

Go figure.

This is the same President Obama who has never shied away from talking about how much he smoked in the past. As reason also points out, “A misdemeanor marijuana conviction could have been a life-changing event for Obama, interrupting his education, impairing his job prospects, and derailing his political career before it began. It would not have been fair, but it would have spared us the sorry spectacle of a president who champions a policy he once called “an utter failure” and who literally laughs at supporters whose objections to that doomed, disastrous crusade he once claimed to share.”

Because Marijuana Is Illegal At The Federal Level, Marijuana Users and Growers in Legal States Need Guns For Protection

The Federal Government has been hurting legal marijuana sales in these states for years because the way that Marijuana is legal in the state and illegal at the Federal level makes for some very weird situations.

Take the simple act of running a medical marijuana business in one of these legal states for example. They have to deal in cash because no banks want to deal with a federally illegal business. As the Wall Street Journal reports

“Two years after Colorado fully legalized the sale of marijuana, most banks here still don’t offer services to the businesses involved.

Financial institutions are caught between state law that has legalized marijuana and federal law that bans it. Banks’ federal regulators don’t fully recognize such businesses and impose onerous reporting requirements on banks that deal with them.

Without bank accounts, the state’s burgeoning pot sector—2,500 licensed businesses with revenue of $1 billion a year, paying $130 million in taxes—can’t accept credit or debit cards from customers, Colorado officials say.

Marijuana-related businesses instead use cash to pay their employees, purchase equipment or pay taxes to the state. Reports abound of business owners refurbishing retired armored bank trucks to transport money and hiring heavily armed security guards.”

As the author of this article writes, he never owned a gun until he was setup and robbed selling legal marijuana to a patient. He bought a gun for his own protection. And got a concealed carry permit. Now it’s illegal for him to own or use that gun.

That’s a shame.

Regardless of How You Feel About Marijuana, Prohibition Will Be Lifted In The Near Future, And It’s Here To Stay …

Personally, I don’t use marijuana, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to the reality of what’s happening.

The reality is that marijuana is in no way any more dangerous than alcohol and — exactly like alcohol prohibition — the federal ban on marijuana will be lifted in the near future.

It truly doesn’t matter if you agree, because it is going to happen.

Big business is already gearing up, among many other catalysts that are converging in the near future …

The crime right now is that people are still being put in jail and/or prosecuted for using marijuana.

The entire war on drugs is a failure in itself but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

I’ll just say that while I’ve had many disagreements with LEO’s at shooting classes over this — marijuana prohibition will be lifted and it will only be a blessing for this country and the world.

But this article is not even about that.

The Truth Is That The Same “Justification” That Bans Marijuana Patients From Using Guns Could Be Used On You and I Next

It really is a shame.

Prescription drugs are way more dangerous than guns and marijuana. Yet, not one person has EVER died from medical marijuana use.

The ATF was wrong not to re-classify marijuana or eliminate the prohibition on it entirely.

While I do not use Marijuana, I do drink alcohol.

I’ve seen tons of news stories about drunk people committing violent crimes. I’ve never once seen a news story about a person high on marijuana committing a violent crime (unless that person was already quite insane and would have committed said violent crime without the influence of any drug/alcohol already).

The Appeals court that upheld the ATF position stated this, “It is beyond dispute that illegal drug users, including marijuana users, are likely to experience altered or impaired mental states that affect their judgment and that can lead to irrational or unpredictable behavior” as justification for this insane ban on guns.

The truth is that same justification could be used later against many millions more Americans. While there are only 1.2+ million people registered as medical marijuana users in the U.S. now, there are 49 million people taking some form of Psychiatric Drugs. What happens when the ATF bans those people from owning or using guns too because you take a psychiatric drug and you ” … are likely to experience altered or impaired mental states that affect their judgment and that can lead to irrational or unpredictable behavior”

With 1 in 4 women on some form of mental health medication that would be a LOT of our women in this country denied access to the personal protection that a firearm can help give …

It’s a slippery slope people.

Let’s just all be adults about this. Marijuana is probably the most harmless plant there is. (Well, actually Kratom is pretty harmless too — which must be why the DEA just moved to ban it too.)

Anyways, the Feds should stop stepping all over the rights of people in states where medical marijuana is legal.

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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the course.


  1. First off if you really want a gun there are lots of ways to get one without big brother knowing about it, after all all of the shootings in Chicago aren’t done with registered guns. We can only hope that Trump is elected and appoints common sense Supreme Court justices. The thing that pisses me off is that the gutless bastards that want to take our guns send others out to do their bidding, while they sit behind a wall of guards armed with guns. They can have guns because they are better then us! Screw them all.

    • well, David what exactly is he lying about??? this has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with banning guns from the public. the first guns banned should be from politicians and their guard. you know goose and gander thing. second i take morphine everyday and it is prescribed to me. am i an addict?? i certainly do not feel like one. maybe you can tell me the logic behind obum bum ”s failed fast and furious. you know don’t you??? where he sold guns to known criminals and those guns have killed into the thousands and the death toll keeps rising. why would not an anti gun president want to get to the bottom of that and punish those involved, which no one has???? sounds fishy especially since holder resigned 2 days after being order by an appeals court to turn over those records under the freedom of information act by an appeals court. they had to go to court any times to get it released. will holder take the fall for obum bum?? of course he will!! this president will cause death and destruction to push for the prohibition of guns, i know that, don’t you?? now you see david, denying those people the right to self protection will get some killed but we already know he does not give a F//k, right?? willawitch666 is worse, the cartel princess, her and slick willy, slick by dipping it in cigar juice, have a lot of people around them dying. like suicides by shooting themselves in the top and back of head. i think those are the first time those strategies have worked for suicide ever.

      we tread on a slippery slop when we allow these things to happen. yo might not be the prisoner being tortured this time but maybe next. prohibition has never worked in the history of the world and yet we always head there, why is that?? legalize all drugs, these things are not helping and in fact creating crime themselves. anyone in the USA can get any drug he wants and yet it is illegal, right??? it does not work!! can’t you see this?? freedom is the proper road and you can not have freedom without tolerance, that is the key ingredient, TOLERANCE. just because you do not like something does not mean you should deny them the right to choose for themselves. it is an easy concept, allow people to be different from you, because they have to live with the irmistakes, you do not, get it??? same goes for free speech, and whit supremacists marching. if they are not hurting someone it is their right even though they are vile people, it is their right, get it??? what have we become, torturing prisoners??? taking money from people and making them prove it is theirs, guilty until proven innocent. WTF??? killing americans over seas, no due process. WTF?? next it is americans here. the list goes on and on. what road to we want to take????? does the end justify the means, well iguess according to obum bum it does. maybe he is right, that some of us are so smart they should tell everyone else who to live. it just does not work that way. i will give you an alternative. it is called freedom, the right to make choices my self. what a novel idea. maybe we could design a government around it, do you think??? it’s differences that create and solve problems not conformity. do we really want to loose that advantage?? it seems that we do and in my opinion the wrong road to travel and a very dangerous one.

      • Good post Art. It is hart warming to here there are still sane people in the U.S.
        The line that I liked the most was “Let’s just all be adults about this.”
        And to me that means taking up arms to end this tyranny.

  2. It doesn’t matter who you are,this Muslim brotherhood administration is going to find one way or another,legal of illegal to confiscate your weapon.This country is just like Nazi Germany in 1933,except Christians are going to be rounded up instead of the Jews.Who do you think the F.E.M.A. camps are being built for.Ovens are obsolete.

    • One HUUUGGE difference David. The GERMAN citizens VOTED overwhelmingly FOR gun registration.
      Some uneducated,unlearned American voters( some illegally) are going down that same
      PRIM ROSE PATH, Wonder how THAT will work out?????

      • The Germans did not overwhelmingly vote for gun registration. The Nazis gun control act greatly expanded German gun ownership rights after the draconian provisions of the treaty of Versailles stripped them of almost all firearms rights.

  3. If they can ban one gun,,,,,,then they can ban any gun.

    If they can ban one group of people,,,,,they they can ban any group of people.

    Odd that the courts can rule a photo ID is against the law in voting,,,,, but they ban the very same group of people from exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights.

    • that’s my point, if they ban one group of people, they can ban another. That’s why all bans are silly.

  4. This country is just like Nazi Germany in 1933.Legally or illegally this Muslim brotherhood administration will confiscate your weapon.Christians will be rounded up like the Jews were and hauled off to all the F.E.M.A.camps.Ovens are obsolete now.

  5. I agree with your Second Amendment points however you run roughshod over the 10th Amendment when you say say all states may add to Gun Laws – per the second Amendment they can’t, but they cannot subtract. Tell that to Missouri which just banned all gun laws and is now a no permit required open/concealed carry state.

    • I’m not saying they “Should” or “could” according to the constitution — I’m saying that’s the system we have now. It sucks really.

      There should be no gun laws rankly. Shall not infringe is pretty clear. The U.S. back in the 1770’s was the right idea.

      • That is correct: the U.S.A back in the 1770’s was right but back then there was (KJV) Bible Study, and Prayer in schools and the 10 Commandments were on the walls of schools and halls of Justice and then, men were men and women were women were women, and men and women were right w/God and the Family and country! What was right was right back then as well as wrong being wrong, but NOT so today! Political correctness and Integration and diversity and wrong and right being switched is KILLING this nation and this world! The TRUTH is fallen in the streets today and was accepted back then!

    • Absolutely correct. Missouri has joined the ranks of those free states which recognize the peoples inalienable right to keep and bear arms, for any purpose except to commit a crime that is prohibited by constitutional law. Open carry of a firearm without permit was written into the Arizona State Constitution when Arizona attained statehood. Now, concealed carry, without permit is also recognized.


  6. This is funny. First you think that marijuana users are limited to just 1.2 million.. And then why not include those who USE alcohol. And lastly, most of those “USING” are there for the buzz. Sorry. I have no sympathy. And I sure don’t want you to have a gun when you are BUZZED.

    • 1.2 millions is number of legal, card-holding, medical marijuana users in U.S. in those states.

      Whether you think they’re there for a buzz or not is irrelevant. Just like anyone who “uses” alcohol should not have their 2nd Amendment right ripped away from them, neither should marijuana users. Period.

      You’re not truly a 2nd Amendment supporter if you think otherwise.

    • I don’t agree with your comment, because , first of all ,I started carrying when I was 21 and now I’m 51. I have carried on many occasions when I was buzzed and never in my life have I had an incident with or without being buzzed. Some people are disciplined like this , not all I’m sure , but some . So It all depends on the individual. Second you say you have no sympathy, well apparently you say that , you haven’t walked in the shoes of those people you are commenting about !! Honor, Integrity, Loyalty is slipping away from most of the people of the USA.
      Wake up people and try to be nice to others !!!!

    • Obviously you are unlearned , and unable to concieve that everyone is different . What gives you the right to judge anyone else ? Do you really believe you are better than any other human on earth ? Are you God with all knowledge and all knowing of every person on earth . Do you control the tides in the oceans ? You honestly need to look inward , you might find someone who needs to change …

  7. Anything to take another groups gun rights
    When they run out of groups to ban, they will ban everyone who is not banned for not being on a named list.

    • of course, that is the plan. you eat an elephant one bite at a time. hell the elephant won’t even know he is being eaten for a long time. they have set us up for total world collapse at this very moment. now all they have to do is take the guns and bingo we have total world domination. sounds crazy i know but the fiscal responsibilities are so great i cannot believe these folks believe they are fixing something with policy that have never worked in history, they cannot be that dumb. so what is their plan?? the greatest depression that has ever been in the world is on our door step right now, it cannot be avoided. PREPARE, BE CAREFUL, AND TRY TO STAY SAFE!!! LOL

  8. If and when the dictators come to take you guns, give them a few rounds of ammo and see if thet changes their mind.

  9. No different than the prohibition of alcohol in the 1930’s. Our federal government is always the last to acknowledge that times have changed and advancement will be done.
    If more states would legalize this they would be bringing in a lot more revenue.
    My question is how can the federal government expect this industry to pay federal taxes if this industry is illegal according to them. Would this not make the federal government guilty of aiding and abedding in a crime for profit?? You can expect a tax collection from a legalbventure, but not an illegal one.

    • Agreed. But this: “My question is how can the federal government expect this industry to pay federal taxes if this industry is illegal according to them. Would this not make the federal government guilty of aiding and abedding in a crime for profit?? You can expect a tax collection from a legalbventure, but not an illegal one.” is actually not true!

      Crazy huh? That’s actually how they got Al Capone remmeber? IT literally says — in the law books that — you have to report income and pay taxes on all illegal businesses. Go look it up — it’s amazing!

  10. Marijuana is an addictive drug and illegal and should be illegal. As for the sellers, it’s all about the money with them not the addicts and the addict’s families that are ruined. My next door neighbor’s kid killed himself because he couldn’t break the habit, couldn’t keep a job and the only friends he had left were the friends who got him on marijuana and kept selling to him. Why would a seller need a gun if there was no problem with marijuana. He’s supposedly just another businessman, but he isn’t, he is a legal drug dealer killing the buyer and all those around him or her who love the buyer. Sorry, I have no sympathy for them and since a marijuana businessman is around his product practically 24 hours a day, it’s a good idea he doesn’t have a gun because he might have a bit of an addled brain and use the gun like my neighbor’s kid did. And believe me, I do not agree with my gov’t at the present moment because they are getting too out of hand controlling the right things and legalizing the wrong things. I left the federal gov’t behind twenty years ago when I woke up to their destroying the Constitution and legalizing things like killing babies, marijuana, teaching homosexual sex in schools but not the serious illnesses that come from it, allowing teachers unions to not educate kids etc., etc. Now the states are pulling the same stuff our federal gov’t is and has been doing.

    • You sound like a dry crusader during the alcohol prohibition times. I’m sorry for your neighbor, but you’re quite simply wrong about this.

      You still think that everyone in these states using medicinal marijuana is some teen or punk 20-30yr old. There are a LOT of people where marijuana is the only medicine that works for them period. We’re talking cancers and serious illness. It is actually medicinal. It’s not about getting high for these people, it’s their medicine.

      Do me a favor and research how many people die per year from alcohol. Now research how many people die each year from marijuana.

      • When alcohol addicts or marijuana users have easy access to their poison of choice, then we do not have to use police forces to go after them. But when such things are easily obtained, then we have addiction problems. And medical costs soar. Which many of them cannot afford, so the government spends the money they take from taxpayers to “fix” those folks. How many die from alcohol drinking? All of them. How many die from marijuana usage? All of them and their medical costs until them exceed most non users. Psychedelic drugs that don’t immediately fry you conscience are often gateways to stronger and stronger drugs. We had a neighbor who had a young man visit them, a cousin, who had burned out his once brilliant brain, he had a full ride scholarship to a prestigious University, but when we saw him he was barely capable of socializing with grade school children. Not a good outcome for frequent use of drugs of any kind.

        • I’m not endorsing abusing any substance — just pointing out that we should never strip the rights of American citizens that have never been convicted of any crime. Especially when the reason for stripping them of their rights is 100% legal in their own state.

  11. The ATF is going to earn a new name, the FED’S KINDERGARDEN SQUAD. This is because they are to stupid to figure out who the real criminals are like Killary Clinton. We are so far back in the study of the medicines that can be made from weed. In England they have produced injectable medicine that is saving people. Some people have to smoke it for their type of illness. And the biggest thing the people in the government are supposed to benefit us as a whole AND IF YOU ASK ME THAT IF YOUR ORGANIZATION HURTS MORE PEOPLE THAN IT HELPS THAT WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD SHUT YOU DOWN AND SAVE WE THE PEOPLE SOME MONEY ON OUR TAXES. NO GROW UP AND GET A REAL EDUCATION SO YOU WILL STOP MAKING UP STUPID LAWS.

  12. The democracks will use every avenue available to them to separate you from your rights to firearms. Elimination
    of the 2nd Amendment is job one for them as it will make their job of establishing social justice much less deadly.
    If you were to look into the historical time machine you will see exactly what will happen if we people don’t
    fight them tooth and nail and forbid them their agenda. Our Founding Fathers, who were much wiser than they,
    knew this day would arrive just as it appeared to them 250 years ago. And that is why the 1RST and 2ND
    Amendments were First and Second on the Bill of Rights. To them that wrote the Constitution, The first to
    entries of the Bill of Rights were that important.

  13. If you give up your guns you WILL be herded into a FEMA camp and ruled over in any way they see fit. As for marijuana smokers having their gun rights taken, I think it is BS that the government is using to test the waters before total confiscation attempts. I say attempts because I am friends with a group of people including law enforcement that will give them one hell of a fight. Never give up any of your freedoms people, because you don’t know whats going to be next.

  14. If. And that is a BIG IF, our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is deprived us, ALL of our rights will soon follow. This a use it or lose it world. Exercise your rights or you WILL lose them.

  15. Its all already said above. Screw the people hiding behind the armed guards protecting them. Lets here where they will come out into the open and release their armed security! Hypocrites!

  16. I see far to many people advocating the use of weapons to defend our constitutional rights. I recommend the old adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. First, we must try and vote the present regime out of office or ask the legal system to it. We have too many NWO and Muslim groups just waiting (and presently “siring the political- pot”), for us to start riots, blood in the streets or all out civil war. With today’s modern weapons, many in the hands of those NWO groups, could well mean the destruction of this planet or at least make much of it uninhabitable. Also, I continue to hear rumors that Russia still has 60 suitcase-size nuclear weapons that have “disappeared” from their inventory—-and too many groups have several kinds of gas and germ warfare weapons at their disposal. Keep in mind, that the devout Muslims have been brainwashed to believe that their life really begins once they have sacrificed their life “to further the cause of Islam”. To further complicate our problem, there are few, if any, “moderate Muslims”, as to become moderate, violates the Qur’an, which dictates the death penalty. There is a Surah in the Qur’an that states (paraphrased), “One shall not change a single period, word, sentence paragraph (Surah) or meaning, again, under penalty of death. Looking at this much larger problem, dictates we must first try and use our votes and the courts to solve our problems. If those fail, I stand with many others, that force must be used—but that is a very lengthy post in itself—we lack organization, communications, transportation, supplies, especially food, and a intelligence system and most important, leadership. Keep in mind we would have difficulty in determining just who is and who is not, the enemy, as many of them have being living among us for years. Note, I am a retired USAF major and pilot.

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