Can’t Get Enough Of Liberals Flipping Out Over Trump? Watch This!


Watching liberals melt-down over the Trump victory is like witnessing a rare lunar eclipse, you just don’t know if you’ll ever get to see something so beautiful again. Heck, even if you were a #Never Trump Republican you have to enjoy this.

First just watch ’em cry, it’s like the freaking world ended:



Next up, watch Steven Crowder destroy the insane claim that Trump won because everyone is racist:

Here’s some more for your viewing pleasure! Watch the media implode:

LOL! The misogyny apocalypse! These people need to get their heads examined, but hey if they want stay ignorant that’s fine too. Democrats will lose again in 2020 if they keep this up.

If the left thinks it’s racism, not their policies, that caused them to lose, they’ll keep losing.



  1. we need these protesters to get over it
    It’s done and you can’t change it.
    i didn’t protest when obama got in I just waited till it was over and voted for a change and I finaly got it this time

  2. Second video. Crowder got it totally wrong. Of course there was no racism. A black was not involved. But their inability to ACCEPT the truth leaves them nothing but “racism”.
    As to why MOST people voted for Trump. They did NOT. They were voting AGAINST Hillary. And I KNOW that is true. So why are NO TALKING HEADS admitting this. lol

    • you are right ! same reason obama was elected, at the time people were fed up with the republicans ! if trump fucks up then it’ll be the third party next, we are going to get the establishment under control !!!

    • No..Crowder was absolutely spot on…The fbi sealed her fate by not indicting her when it was blatantly obvious
      she broke the fucking law. It just blows my mind how liberals have this attitude they can do whatever they want
      but if your opinion is not in line with there’s you are a racist.I don’t give a shit if you are gay, transgender or whatever but i do care how this shit was crammed down our throats every fucking day non stop.You liberals
      are overly emotional and it seems to have an affect on your ability to think in a logical manner.I know exactly
      how you people think because I had the misfortune of living next door to a hardcore liberal for ten years.So,suck
      it up people cause there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s a true AMERICAN!.

    • If they voted against Killary, they obviously voted Trump , seeing how he won and won big time ! This is the bottom line he WON he is the 45th President elect so get over it! I trust him to do one thing to protect our citizens and not sell out our country like Killary already has !

  3. Last video. Not even Kurtz gets it right. What is wrong with these people. First we can see that the FINAL POPULAR vote was for Trump. And the liberals refuse to acknowledge the reality that we feared and hated Hillary. A great many did not like Trump. For SURE. But they hated Hillary more
    Now SOMEONE inform these talking heads that they simply have NO LOGIC and are WRONG WRONG WRONG.
    Give us another choice right now. And you can have another election TODAY, and both Hllary and Trump would LOSE.

  4. I didn’t realize how hateful and racist that the liberals are. I guess there not so liberal after all. I have to laugh at all there crying. Poor little spoiled babys.

  5. Uh… who said Hillary supporters are bugger eating morons? See first video at approximately 1:00 – 1:10

  6. …the scum didn’t vote for Trump because he’s white everyone that didn’t vote for Trump is a racist bigot

  7. Crybabies! every last one of these liberal protesters and Hillary supporters-all sore losers! Trump has won,because the majority of the American people got fed-up with their own country turning into liberal dogshit,illegal immigrants,and out of control Gay rights,that have no base in reality at all! and they still can’t accept that Trump won? GET OVER IT!!!

  8. communist will be communist all these hirlary supporters who are so against violence so anti gun what a bunch of hypocritical idiots who simply do not believe in actual democracy or freedom welcome to the united soviet america

  9. There will be no more freedie so people will have to get off their butts and work for what they get, that is what bugging them. NO free phoe, rent, food, and everything else in life work for or do without.

  10. These in the street protest are not going away unless a big snow storm hits and then they will be in the southern states. Those organizing are well funded and sending out a lot of e-mails to join them.

    There are a lot of sites that are organizing these protests, some are listing 4/5 cities that they are protesting in. The police can go to these sites and be ready for them.

  11. If you don’t like it I’ve got a rope that you can hang yourself with , a knife you can cut your throat with , a gun you can blow your brains out with , if you have any , or a one way plane ticket to leave the country . Just trying to help you get over it . America will be better off without you anyway .

  12. The media is part of the cause for these riots. 91% of their reports on Trump were negative and 99.9% of their report on killary was super positive. Now the give two minutes to report on Trump and 6 minutes on the riots. The liberals are sucking hind tit because of the false reports….the polls…. then on the scandals giving them a better slant……than on killary “sickness” her pathological psychotic lying……anddumbing down on slick willies attacks on women. And the liberals ate it but the American People saw through their false promotion of the demoncrat and voted for the deplorable rather than the disaster!

  13. The media is one of the main causes for these riots along with soros’ goon paid protesters. The medias’ collective reports throughout the campaign were 91% negative on Trump and 99.9% positive on killary. They never gave you an honest report starting with their false polls. Then they would hype on every remark or “slip” that The Donald made. They never reported on the pathological psychotic liar about her”sickness” or let all the reports on her scandals really come to light and then they dummied down on all the reports about slick willie and tried to make him a saint. The American people saw through all of this and voted for a “deplorable” and not a disaster…..

  14. Pussyification on the left is worse than I thought.
    We need to convert FEMA Camps into mental wards and send the PC LiberalTARDS & DemonicRATS along with the Mu-SLIME freaks & the usual fruits, nuts, faggots and flakes there so they wont hurt themselves or others.

  15. Working Americans are tired of this broke system that penalize working people and reward people who won’t work I’m fn sick of it.

  16. Poor little Commies, you’ll have to go back to your little RED book and find out what went wrong.

  17. It’s really quite simple. Donald Trump is the president, elect, of the United States. If he is not your president, then you are not a citizen of the United States.

  18. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. Now we are going to have an massive attack by the brain dead liberals at all avenues. We have to be ready to deal with it, and not ignore it like we have be doing all along.

  19. Every time the stupid brain dead liberals lose , they yell it was because of racism. Even though President Trump opponent was a white bitch not a black boy.

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