Do You Need To Put This Item On Your Kids’ Christmas Wish Lists This Year?


Christmas wish lists. Kids make them every year whether they believe in Santa Claus or not. They put together lists of what they want in the hope that they’ll get their favorite items on December 25.

Of course, since wish lists show what kids are interested in, those lists can be an indication of that kid’s longer-term interest. Of course, that’s not a definite thing, but many interests start with a Christmas or a birthday present and continue well into adulthood.

Which makes a certain item worth considering putting on your kids’ Christmas wish lists this year: BB guns. Steven Paul Barlow writes,


The 80th anniversary edition of the Daisy Christmas Dream Red Ryder BB gun should be a hit with kids this Christmas. Just like the one from the classic cult holiday movie, this BB gun comes with a compass in the stock and a sundial for telling time. While it may not be the gun of choice for protecting the family from Black Bart or taking ducks on the wing, the new Daisy Christmas Dream is the perfect tool for teaching gun safety and marksmanship skills to the youth in your life.

With the accessories that Barlow mentions on this particular BB gun, you may find your kids wanting to learn how to hunt and scout and become woodsmen. Not a bad start to an interest in firearms.

If kids develop an interest in guns starting with BB guns for Christmas, it’s not unlikely that many (maybe most of those kids) are going to grow up to be gun enthusiasts, and that’s good news for gun rights in the future.

So, here’s hoping that Christmas 2020 sees a resurgence in popularity of BB guns as Christmas gifts. Those gifts may be a fun beginning of a hopeful future for our children.