The Huge Election Victory That Will Make PETA Cringe


Indiana and Kansas amended their state constitutions to add the right to hunt and fish last Tuesday. Liberals often times claim these popular laws are totally unnecessary. However, it’s no secret that liberals are the very reason such law are necessary.

A horrified representative from PETA explains their stance on the law (from NUVO):

[quote_box_center]Because it is already legal to hunt and fish, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals co-founder and president, Ingrid Newkirk considers the attempt to change the Constitution a “sign of recognition that the public is sick of the cruelty they see and the cavalier attitude some fishers and hunters have to wildlife, including a disregard for basic conservation laws and those who uphold wildlife regulations.” She says that as the animal rights movement grows stronger, hunters and fishers fear a ban, but “if it’s in the Constitution, it is a right, not a privilege.” That makes it harder to take away. [/quote_box_center]


That’s right liberals, it will be harder to ban hunting in both states thanks to the new amendment. But at least PETA is honest enough to admit that they would like to ban hunting and fishing. The mainstream media is usually a little bit more sneaky about these issues.



Supporters said the change is needed to head off future attempts by animal welfare groups to restrict hunting. Some environmentalists questioned the need, saying hunting, fishing and trapping get little resistance in Kansas.

The proposed amendment says that people have the right to hunt, fish and trap, subject to reasonable laws and regulations.

Nineteen states already have similar provisions within their constitutions, and it also was on the ballot in Indiana, where it appeared to be headed toward passage Tuesday evening. In most states, the National Rifle Association has helped promote the right-to-hunt amendments.

Rep. Adam Lusker, D-Frontenac, helped get the proposal through the Kansas Legislature and before voters. In an earlier interview, he called the amendment a “pre-emptive move” to preserve hunting, fishing and trapping for future generations. Lusker pointed to a recent lawsuit filed by a California-based animal rights group to stop a western Kansas coyote hunting contest as proof that hunting needs as much protection as possible. The group sued on the grounds that the hunt violated state gambling laws since entrants paid to enter the contest and there was a $500 grand prize to whomever killed the most coyotes. The sponsors of the coyote hunt agreed not to hold future contests to settle the lawsuit.

Tim Donges, an avid hunter from El Dorado, said he expected the amendment to pass.

He said the time will come when Kansas hunters, anglers and trappers are threatened by animal-rights groups.

“There’s a push across the entire United States, and these groups are taking pieces away, one at a time, from hunters and trappers,” he said. “They pick their battles. We need any kind of added protection.”



Both amendments passed easily, in Kansas it passed by nearly a 4-1 ratio. While hunters in places like California are under continued assault; the people of Indiana and Kansas, are taking another step to protect their rights.
If the politically correct snowflakes who occupy today’s college campuses stay crazy, they might try to ban hunting in the future. They’ll have a strong state constitution in about 20 states to contend with.





  1. If it is up to pita which really stands for (PAIN IN THE A**) they would completely outlaw any thing that they think hurts fish, or animal. When in reality they all need to get married, have children, and stop being concern about all of the animals that are killed for FOOD. Other animals kill for food and survival it makes no sense why we shouldn’t have meat to eat too. Besides GOD told Adam be dominant over the animals of the Earth. And why don’t these people worry about plan parenthood and their murdering of the innocent young HUMAN BEINGS instead.

    • Because it doesn’t fit their “we are overpopulated, that is why we have global warming, animals don’t warm globals” agenda. Of course, facts don’t fit that agenda either, but why do we need Truth, if you can’t manipulate it beyond recognition?

  2. Wonder if these PETA twits feel they same way when they are enjoying Veal, or ham or turkey or a nice thick steak or fish. And considering that science now says that plants feel pain…wonder if these PETA twits feel the same way when they eat veggies that had to die so they didnt starve.

    What a bunch of POS’s and a$$holes!

  3. If I am hungry out in the woods, and get a chance at a small amamal, it is going I’m the pot. These polical correct snowflakes need to get it in their preferred shit heads that when they get out of college, and try to get a job, the boss is not going to let you have a hissy fit ever time you don’t get your way. The first time you pull that stuff on the job, you will be fired. If you don’t have the knowledge, or skills they hired you for, because you spent your time being a SJW, or a party amamal, it will not take long for your boss to figure that out. When he does, he will fire you, and get someone who can do the job. If the only thing you are suitable for is filling burgers, or cleaning rollers, that is what you will do the rest of your life

  4. PETA is not about animal rights. I totally support animal rights . PETA is about liberal/communist/fascist/Nazi leaning politics. There is nothing honorable about them. They are feces.

  5. The concept the members of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) don’t get is Animal Husbandry is necessary to keep large-scale die-offs, like what happens in Africa during a drought, from occurring. Pulling a “hissy-fit,” every time things don’t go their way, just hardens the public’s perception that the protesters are just spoiled brats and not serious about their cause.

  6. I wonder when Hunting and Fishing will also be added to the Illinois Constitution as a Right, and not just a privilege that can be taken at will by State legislatures and or Game Wardens. Wow, even the term Game Warden sounds like Illinois is a Prison State.

  7. I’m not a member of PETA but I do believe in the management of national resources including wild life in a responsible manner. I totally disagree with trapping. Besides the price of furs has taken a tumble. I don’t condone trapping since I see no need to wear fur. However that being said, I do believe in hunting and did that several years. I wear leather but eat the cow within and I like guns

    • One reason for trapping is to control populations of some species. In my state the conservation commission just had to introduce otters back into the streams. Well, it was a huge success, for the otters. One of the main sources of tourist spending was for fishing, anglers coming from other areas because of the great fishing. The otters have changed that. They are so effective in their hunting that the have about killed out the fish population in some streams, and then can travel overland to other streams. The state now is pushing for trappers to control the exploding otter population.

  8. The granola’s should be made to only eat that which can’t be killed to feed them. That includes plants as well, after all, they have a right to live also. Oh and Robert, please leave the Nazi’s out of it. They were very pro hunting.

  9. My husband hunts and we both love to fish. I grew up fishing (I have a picture of me at two years old holding 2 small fish my Dad helped me pull in.) My family was poor and fished for food. Unfortunately, if people did not hunt in some places, the wildlife would take over. No honest hunter will go out without a license or shoot more than he is supposed to. We live in the country in Texas, and have deer on our property frequently; however, my husband has never shot one, even though he has a license. We have sheep and a donkey, and often see deer eating the feed that we put out. I know for a fact that if people did not hunt, the deer population would boom beyond description. They would eat all the foliage, grass, and farmers crops and our country would be seriously overcome with foraging animals. PETA, you have always been against rather than for responsible people. Sorry, but people come before animals. Without protein in the diet, people will die. Oh yes, there are some plant products that have protein….but…most people do not want a steady diet of legumes! How many legumes are equal to a fish or another form of protein.

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