This Self-Defense Industry Is Rapidly Growing With Gun Sales


It’s almost here! The 2017 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade) Show starts on Jan. 17th in Las Vegas, all the biggest names in shooting sports will be there. The rumor mill is swarming about 2017’s most exciting soon-to-be-released products. This gun show is of critical importance to the industry, it’s the place to unveil new products.

It’s not just guns, however, that will be on display at the SHOT show. Gear from holsters to laser sights will also be on display. In a sign of the times, this segment of the industry is expected to break records in terms of total vendors available.

There will be a record breaking number of body armor exhibitors at the 2017 show according to


The body armor companies already schedule to be at the SHOT show 2017 are: U.S. Armor Corporation, Survival Armor, Inc., SBI Body Armor, Second Chance Body Armor, Safariland, PRO-Systems USA, Propper International, Point Blank Enterprises, Phalanx Defense Systems, Miguel Caballero, KDH Defense Systems, GH Armor Systems, BulletSafe, ArmorSource LLC, Armor Express, AR500 Armor, Angel Armor, and American Body Armor (ABA).

It seems like everyday there’s a new manufacturer on the block.  It’s an exciting time for body armor, this stuff keeps getting lighter and tougher.

It’s not just cops who are buying and wearing this stuff. Actually, here’s an article about the decline of body armor use among law-enforcement in some jurisdictions. The surge in armor manufacturers can only be attributed to the civilian market.

If your new to body armor, this video series from Ar500 will take you through the basics. Here’s episode 1:

Check out the SHOT show website after January 17th to see a sampling of the new products that will be unveiled there. Or better yet, fly to Las Vegas and see it yourself!



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