Even The 4-H Shooting Program Isn’t Safe From Political Correctnesss


Anti-gun zealotry has infected virtually all levels of our societies institutions, now even the 4-H shooting program is being shunned at the University of Massachusetts. Despite having a fully funded program the University would not allow the program to move forward under the guise of wanting a different program.

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According to the MassLive article, Deveno asked why they were being passed over, and she received a response from the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences at UMass Amherst. The response explained that the University was seeking out a broader program; although, some members of the community think otherwise.

“It’s absolute social bias against gun owners,” Jim Wallace, Executive Director of Gun Owner’s Action League told MassLive. “You’re being handed a successful program that’s been vetted nationwide, and then handed the funding for the program. What’s the problem?”


That’s the crazy part, the funding for the program was already approved. Yet the University of Massachusetts rejected the 4-h shooting program because they supposedly want to different program that also includes fishing.

The fact that the University feels the need to create pathetic excuses shows the extent to which they fear their true motivations being made public. Gun owner need to hold them accountable, and right now gun owners in Massachusetts are doing exactly that. People are demanding answers from the University of Massachusetts.



  1. Political correctness has gone mad. If only guns were responsible for user’s secession. I am proud of 4h program. Been around number of years But Now not good enough. Hope the donators leave college without their help

  2. First of all, good title, and glad you made people aware of this, however, if you are going to put an article on the internet, try READING and EDITING it, BEFORE you put it on the internet(look at your 4th sentence, you left out some words). But please continue to make people aware(just BETTER EDITING NEXT TIME) since this is ridiculous.Think how many kids have grown up learning how to shoot and hunt , what next, it’s going to become too dangerous to rollerskate, or walk?? Yes, it is a dangerous sport! That is WHY I am sure they are TAUGHT GUN SAFETY when they learn to shoot. From the photos I saw concerning this, it is NOT three and four year olds that are learning to shoot, but kids old enough to BE ABLE to learn gun safety, and how to shoot. Just learning how to HANDLE AND SHOOT a gun takes discipline. I tried shooting a gun just once when I was in my 40’s, and was surprised how much it took to PROPERLY handle and shoot it. Are we going to make our kids live in a bubble because of “political correctness”? That is the direction this country is headed, which is a whole lot MORE DANGEROUS, than learning about things that COULD keep us safe some day. Like learning how DANGEROUS the islam/muslim ideology is! If you think it’s an “innocent, unfairly maligned religion,” try telling THAT to an Idaho dad whose FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER was raped by a muslim refugee boy, while a stupid, refugee, teenage boy stood by, NOT stopping it, but watching, and VIDEOTAPING It. Then, afterwards, he and the parents of the boy who raped the girl, said neither their son, who RAPED the girl, or the boy who STOOD BY DOING NOTHNG TO STOP IT, and TAKING VIDEO of it, did NOTHING WRONG!!!

  3. When is firearms safety less important than catching a fish and letting it suffocate ? An APPROVED safety program gets “changed” because somebody thinks firearms only kill people ? Traditionally, firearms are/were used to harvest all natural food for the family – like our forefathers did. By the same logic, spoons make people fat and cars make drivers drunk. A sharp knife is just as deadly as a gun – IF used for killing. Ask a Muslim.

  4. There should be more gun programs to teach responsible conservation, safety, responsibility and the seriousness of owning and handling a weapon. The video games, movies and tv programs are the criminals and paid well for glamorizing killing, criminal and brutal inhuman behavioral treatment. The bullies are in full
    view. A gun does not go off by itself. Youth and adults need training to act responsibly whether hunting or
    carrying for protection. Choose Education over ignorance, fear mongering of weapons and removal of our
    Constitutional Second Amendment. It is a right not to be infringed.

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