WATCH As Student Takes Out A School Shooter With Pepper Spray & Bare Hands!


In the video below, you’re going to see surveillance footage from the 2014 Seattle Pacific University Shooting that could have been a tragedy.

That’s if student Jon Meis hadn’t taken fast action!

But he did take fast action! Now, watch as he takes down the active killer who shot and killed one student and injured others (and also keep reading to see some key points you should think about if you’re ever in a similar situation):


What Are Your Takeaways? Here Are Mine …

* Bad Guy appears to be using a break action shotgun

* At 0:50 the poor girl coming down the stairs doesn’t even NOTICE the bad guy holding a shotgun until he shoots her. Then she seems very confused by the fact she got shot and stumbles off. (Keep your eyes open and head on a swivel people!) – Also notice — this is not Hollywood, even though she got shot with a shotgun, she didn’t fly through the air!

* I don’t know if the hero student planned it, but it was perfect time when he came out of the door behind the killer with pepper spray, which he immediately shot into the face of the bad guy

* The GOOD guy did the right thing after spraying the face of the bad guy. He did not wait to see if it took effect – he immediately tackled the bad guy. The bad guy is using a long gun, good guy closing the distance takes away much of utility of such a weapon.

* Good guy tackles bad guy. Starts to choke him and then takes the long gun from him when the bad guy lets it go. Importance of h2h combatives/martial arts here! Learn and get comfortable with wrestling/taking people down and choking them.

* It looks like good guy took the long gun back to another room and came back to find a knife in the bad guys hand, disarms that too and chokes him some more until more help arrives.

We salute you Jon Meis!

Could You Save MORE Lives In This Scenario?

Also from a news report on the incident (emphasis mine):

“Jon Meis, a student working as a building monitor, pepper-sprayed the shooter as he stopped to reload, then put him in a chokehold and took him to the ground, according to police and a friend who spoke with Meis after the shooting. Then other students and faculty members rushed to hold the shooter down until police arrived.

But until it was clear that only one shooter was responsible, students barricaded themselves, pulled blinds and waited for word that they were safe. Medics were forced to wait outside until police were sure there was no more danger.

Smart work on the students holding up to see if there was more danger … but look at what happened?

I don’t know if this is standard procedure, but the Medics were “forced to wait outside until police was sure there was no more danger”.

Say you’re the hero here …. BUT … 20 seconds before the bad guy shot your friend, or your wife, your daughter, etc …

Are you going to watch your loved one bleed out while you wait for medics to arrive …. or are you going to get some Tactical Medicine training and CARRY that medical gear with you so you can continue being a hero and save the day?

Learn how to save lives too!

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  1. doesn’t matter what you use to take them out………..
    IF YOU HAVE TO KILL THE BASTARD…..DO IT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seems as if no one was smart enough as to go call the cops just holding this perp down. The kid did one hell of a good job but what was the super Or teacher thinks by not having the kid do a 911.

  3. Young Hero. Need to fertilize our culture and grow some more of them instead of the little “sheeple” being grown today.

  4. Thank goodness for the few young people coming along who have inherent moral tenacity and are there to overcome the deluge of evil invading our society.

  5. The expedient thing to do is kill the bastard, so you can tend to the victims. Lives may be in the balance. Large wounds bleed out quickly, and pressure may slow this down. But the shooter must be totally incapacitated and disarmed first. (Dicey, as then you look like a perp, with his gun in your hand. Good to know how to unload a gun quickly, making it a paperweight).

    • “How to unload gun”. One , if he/she gets the gun , UNLOADS it into perp. That is how to properly unload a gun safely.

  6. This is where we wind up: NO GOD/JESUS CHRIST, NO Peace! The S.Court said, in error, that Bible Study, Prayer and the 10 Commandments were unconstitutional, (Even when they were and had been since there was a constitution) then we have abortion, and now we have one big “FREEKING” jungle! It’s back to the Bible, and I might add, the King James Bible, or back to the jungle, and so we have arrived!

  7. I wonder if the hero student that saved all those lives was charged for carrying a weapon on school property?
    My daughter was charged criminally as well as possible expulsion for having a small key ring stun gun on her at school. I gave her the stun gun for protection after she had a scary situation with an older scumbag at a gas station (scary when your little girl starts driving and is out on her own).
    In schools good guys aren’t supposed to be protected!

  8. If he had a gun, the choke hold would have been unnecessary, and the thug would have been dealt with permanently. This event (from three years ago) could be used to show that on-campus carry is not necessary, which is total BS.

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