Result Of “High Capacity” Magazine Ban Looks Terrible For Progressives


The results of Maryland’s high capacity magazine ban are in. The law totally and utterly failed to reduce the number of criminals carrying magazines with more than 10 rounds. In fact, the number of crooks doing so, has actually increased.

Don’t expect this complete and utter failure to deter progressives from continuing to push nonsensical gun control laws in the future. Maryland joined New York in the sham of “ballistic finger printing,” after both states wasted millions of dollars building a data base of shell casings, they both admitted that the databases had solved zero crimes. The progressive state leaders shrugged their shoulders and moved on to the next gun control scam.

The fine folks over at Bearing Arms Recap the miserable failure of the Maryland ban:


[quote_box_center]“Together, with a strong coalition of advocates, and the people of Maryland who overwhelmingly support policies to reduce gun violence, we’ve chosen to take action by advancing strategies that work to save lives,” O’Malley said at the time.

But in the four years since implementing the expanded gun laws, Baltimore police continue to see an uptick in criminals carrying the banned magazines.

“We’re dealing with absolute criminals who want as much weaponry as possible when they’re going after their targets,” T.J. Smith, a Baltimore police spokesperson told The Trace. “They’re not carrying .22s. They’re carrying the big guns that have these high capacities.”[/quote_box_center]

Sadly, the media could care less that magazine bans have been proven to be totally ineffective. Nothing to see here, move along.




  1. The ban on anything related to criminals is mute. Crooks and thugs WILL get guns AND drugs “on the street” like any street cop knows. The gun CONTROL laws only restrict lawful citizens that obey the laws. AND, if “high capacity” magazines were outlawed, police will be required to use 6-shooter revolvers ??? – – Useless against a bank robber with an AK that HAS a 30-round magazine. GET REAL ! Gun CONTROL only lets criminals rule = look at Chicago, and Washington DC with tight gun CONTROL laws.

  2. The ignorant politicians rule while the citizens make their own rules that are common sense. 2 worlds colliding constantly it will never change

  3. If you don’t like guns ,,MOVE to china,,IT IS told only the/their government has guns ,,if the/their government ,takes a dislike of you “they”bring out the”BIG” and KILL !!! everyone in the area…NO SUCH THING AS INNOCENT BYSTANDERS…THE SOONER YOU DEPORT YOURSELF THE SAFER TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS WILL BE !!!

  4. WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED-I WILL BE AN OUTLAW, Sounds like a T-shirt or bumper sticker I read somewhere…Oh, yea. on my bathroom mirror. LOL

  5. Law abiding citizens turned in their unlawful magazines because that is what “law abiding citizens do. In NAZI Germany, the law abiding citizens turned in their magazines, then their guns, because that is what ‘aw abiding citizens do.
    Once disarmed, the citizens of NAZI Germany became slaves of the State. Once disarmed, the citizens of Maryland will become slaves of the State.
    The lawyers (Maryland lawmakers) are professing to disarm the citizenry in the name of Peace and Security; however, the lawmakers remain in power because they write the laws favorable to themselves, require criminal acts to be preformed to justify their power, and claim their failures are the result of them not having “enough” power.
    Praying that the lawmakers will reduce their power is akin to trying to take a kill from a pride of tigers, which is not recommended.
    Consider the words of Thomas Jefferson, before you are totally disarmed, “A little revolution is a good thing.”

  6. O’ Malley and the Democrats who control the Maryland legislature are all Communist and ddon’t give a damn for the Constitution or the safety of law abiding citizens or that it is already a crime to use a firearm in the commission of a crime. The Forth and Ninth Circuits need to be impeached and removed from the Bench.

  7. Gun bans, that impact only on the law abiding, until even they are driven to conclude “a pox on these idiotic laws, and those who push them” don’t work either. Funny, isn’t it??

  8. In response to Spokesman TJ Smith, The proper phrasing of your comment is “When they have set their minds to going at their targets, absolute criminals they use as much weaponry as possible.” The spokesman must have the courage to admit it is the criminally minded and the intent to bring bodily harm, maiming or death to another human that these laws do nothing to stop. Get real brother!! Law abiding citizens will never require these stupid reprisal style laws – suspending that which is our perfect right – to blame that you favor citizen disarmament. Well we the people don’t wish to be disarmed. It’s called America and you are law enforcement, not Stasi or Gestapo or Einsatzgruppen. I appreciate the guts to admit your laws are worthless but you also need to look at yourselves. No one in America ever asked cops to militarize. No one asked LAPD to go SWAT in 1969. No one asked Obama to fundamentally transform America. Change happens but it hasn’t been useful or beneficial change has it been?
    1LT Los

  9. The intent of criminals is to AVOID government/police contact. Criminals pose a threat to American citizens – THEY POSE NO THREAT TO GOVERNMENT POWER!
    Progressive socialist/communist democrats do not care if criminals ignore their laws – it is good reason to build a powerful gestapo police state!
    The intent of the progressive socialist/communist democrat party is to disarm the vast millions of law abiding American citizens – you know – the ones who may value CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and FREEDOM.

  10. Maryland, NY, and NJ are some pretty stupid states all right. The problem is that their idiocy spreads like a fungus. Decent folks need to leave the “police states” and move to the freedom states, taking all their money, guns, and ammo with them.

  11. Was it not Maryland that instituted a tax on rain?? /* SARC ON */ If we could institute a tax on the wind coming from stupid politicians, we could fund all the ridiculous boondogles that the democrats keep trying to foist off on us. /* SARC OFF */

  12. The unconstitutional seat belt law will never solve the neglectful driver problem,just another phony band aid job by the phoney politicians. The same approach as “guns kill people”. Another phoney failure was the Patriot Act to make us “safer.” It sure looks like a plot to slowly take away our precious freedom that was bought with precious blood. All it takes for the loss of freedom is for good men to not act. We have sinister infiltrators planted in our high governing slots.

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