Bizarre: Mainstream Media Calls Owning Gun Stores Racist


First they called gun ownership racist. Never mind the surging rate of people of color buying firearms to protect themselves in the craziness which is America these days.

Now, the mainstream media went beyond guns being racist to saying that owning a gun store is racist. Unless you’re a minority who owns a gun store, of course. Anything to make gun owners in America sound like racist white folks, right?

But, as stupid as this sounds (and it is stupid), the mainstream media article is real (hat tip to here for the lead). Ezra Kaplan tells about the experience current gun store owner Geneva Solomon (who, apparently, is a woman of color) had when she bought her first gun. Kaplan writes,


“It was a terrifying, horrible experience, not just because I was buying the gun; it was because of how I was treated,” Solomon told NBC News. “I looked around the room and there was nothing but white men behind the counter. There wasn’t even a woman there.”

Whether Solomon actually meant this or not, Kaplan’s choice of quotes basically says, “Solomon had a terrible experience because she is a black woman and there were just white guys in the shop.”

Notice that there is no mention as to why her experience was bad. Was it poor customer service? Did they talk down to her? Was it just frustrating because she didn’t know enough to know what she was looking for? Was it the amount of ridiculous paperwork that she had to go through to buy that gun? We don’t know, but Kaplan’s use of Solomon’s second quote above makes it seem like it had something to do with white men.

The next point that Kaplan mentions has to do with gun training. Kaplan writes,

The class of 20 new gun owners was predominantly Black — exactly what fellow student Erin Wood was looking for.

“It’s just nice to have people that look like you in the group. It just makes you feel a little more comfortable to have the instructors be from your community,” Wood said, emphasizing that she sought out Redstone Firearms specifically because it is Black-owned.

Because, you know, it would be okay for white racists to choose where to buy their gun and to get their gun training based on the ethnicity of the gun shop’s owner, right?

Then, Kaplan tells of how Solomon and her husband had difficulty getting a lease until they hired a white realtor to find space to lease for the store. Like that has anything to do with white gun owners.

And, finally, Kaplan finishes the piece with the following:

“I think that economic power is important,” she said. “And if certain people don’t have access, they get left behind. I think that’s why it’s important for people of color to own more gun shops, to run more schools like this.”

This passage came at the end of a piece which quite clearly implied that white people were an impediment to Solomon being a gun owner and a gun shop owner. Because gun owners and gun shop owners are, apparently, racist.

Yet, notice, that no where is it clearly said that any gun shop owner did or said anything racist. No gun shop owner tried to prevent Solomon from owning a firearm or starting her own gun store business.

But, apparently, owning a gun shop, unless you’re a person of color who owns a gun shop, is clearly racist.

What nonsense.

Let me be clear: Solomon wanted to own a gun store, and she started one. She had obstacles. We don’t know what else happened with that white realtor that made them able to find a lease for Solomon. We certainly don’t know that it was their skin color. For all we know, that realtor may have simply been a better realtor.

But that wouldn’t have fit the narrative, would it?

Don’t buy into the whole “gun ownership and gun shop ownership is racist” story. It’s not true, and we need to call out garbage like Kaplan’s story whenever we see it. Because it’s evil that Kaplan is pimping out parts of Solomon’s story to push his personal agenda.



  1. Yes i know how she must have felt surrounded by scary white people. I feel the same pressure when i walk into a store and everyone of all colors is wearing a rag over their mug. Everyone but me. People we need to refuse this communists narative while we can.refuse the mask. Scientifically it does no good and the way its going you will be in 2 masks in no time. The mask is RACIEST, against the human RACE!

  2. If owning a Gun store is Racist, more people should open a Gun Store. Let’s do everything to show the Progressive, Liberal, Demoncrap, Commies, how racist we really can be.

    • Funny part is, statistics show that if she is attacked by a violent criminal it will be by scary looking black people, NOT scary looking white people!!!! 🤔😃

  3. This is so ridiculous and sad. If any person regardless of their gender or color, wants to become a federal firearms dealer all they have to do is put up 200 dollars and submit the application. As long as they are not a criminal, can conduct business from their home or storefront, and are willing to complete the paperwork, you should be able to get the license. Stop playing the STUPID blame game, get off your backsides and do something. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE YOU IDIOTS!!

  4. d in the bar on Broadway in Albuquerque, hoping to get a cold beer, it was 110 outside, the light went up very bright , the bartender put the shotgun on the counter, aimed at my chest, two customers held their revolvers aimed at me, and I was asked:” WHAT THE F>>K ARE YOU DOING HERE?” “WE DON”T SERVE HONKEYS IN HERE!”
    That was MY FIRST IMPRESSION in a black neighborhood!
    So, I can tell that lady, she was NEVER TREATED LIKE I WAS!
    Most people I know will complain about anything! Those STUPID RACIST BIGOTS.

  5. hey !! Mainstream media look very closely at my right hand fingers extended sleight up and all fingers except the middle are folded down . ( can you read that mainstream media ?) ” GOOD”

  6. Why? That is the big question that everyone seems to avoid asking! If you do not get a sensible and brief answer, tell the accuser he is an idiot! And, do not ever forget who that idiot is. Never let him forget it. Yell “IDIOT” at him whenever he attempts to say anything. NEVER let him forget that he is an idiot! There must be consequences for saying stupid things!

  7. According to the democrats and the media if a white person owns a business they are racist, the true racists are the ones who call everyone else racist. The so called president is one of the biggest racists, look at his voting record where blacks especially are concerned. One of bidens heroes was a grand wizard of the klan. Democrats are the ones who voted against freeing slaves, against letting them vote, the Jim Crow laws were passed by democrats. Democrats don’t think blacks can do for themselves without government intervention which has been going on since LBJ was in office. The true racists, supremasists are the democrats and there media lap dogs.

  8. The mainstream media is the number 1 enemy of truth and justice. They also hate freedom and the Constitution that guarantees our liberty. The Democrat party is now the communist party but Im sure everyone already knows this. They’re the ones responsible for promoting racism where it doesn’t exist. They’re mad because Trump got more black and latino votes than Creepy Joe did.

  9. Has any one heard of Black Guns Matter? One of their main quotes is “any gun control law is racist”. I believe every American has the right to bear arms, regardless of skin tone or gender. That is what the 2nd amendment is all about. Gun ownership, not racist. Gun shop ownership, not racist. Gun control laws, Human Rights Violation…

  10. There are only two types of people on the face of planet Earth…
    Good ones and bad ones and how they live up to it.
    I’ve felt that way at a gut instinct level my whole life. But it took me two thirds of it to be able to put it into a quick simple short statement that I can share to others. It’s like a involuntary reflex action in the way I interact with everybody seeing as I’m included in there on the face of planet Earth as well.
    I could easily see that being said by Dirty Harry Callahan to a punk being called out as one.

  11. Around the time of the birth of Jesus, the Roman philosopher and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote, “Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est.” This translates to, “A sword is never a killer, it’s a tool in the killer’s hands.

  12. Way past time for these fools to look the word racist up in the dictionary. Just because I hate the 44th occupier in our WH doesn’t make me a racist. My family consists of black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and yep, white too.
    Dems aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. They definetely are a few cards short of a full deck.
    Turn off FAKE news CNN & MSNBC. Get truth from unedited C-SPAN as it happens.

  13. Dems (Lying Cheating Beijing China Joe) also fought against segregation, he didn’t want his kids growing up “In a jungle”. Dems fought against the 13th 14th 15th amendments and civil rights act. The Republican party was formed by blacks and whites. There is so much history that our schools aren’t teaching kids. I wish they’d pick up a history book and read it before DemonRats burn them like Hitler did.

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