Remington Brings Back Classic Shotgun

Photo Courtesy Remington Arms

Many people outside of the gun world don’t realize the history in firearms. Firearms, like cars or other collectible items have models that are considered “classics,” and many people wish they could have these classic models in their collection.

In the world of shotguns, one of the classics is the “Witness Protection.” Now, if you’re not familiar with the Witness Protection, Travis Pike describes it this way:

The Witness Protection 870, or WP870 came to be in the mid 80s. Its design was essentially at 870 with a 12.5-inch or 14.5 inch barrel, a birds head grip, and a custom sling plate hand stop. By the name you can guess what the guns were used for. These powerhouses were perfect inside vehicles and for general short range fighting. It could be concealed under a coat and was a force multiplier. Plus, no looks down the barrel of a 12 gauge and plays chicken.

Just reading that can give a person images of the gunfighter in the long trench coat with his shotgun hidden in his coat ready to be pulled out when in a bind.


Clearly, with the Witness Protection in mind, Remington has introduced the TAC 14. Now, Remington hasn’t used the term “Witness Protection” to describe the TAC 14 (possibly due to copyright issues with the original designer, Jim Wilson, owning the term), but there is no mistaking it. Now, granted, a few details are different, but there’s nothing that you’ll get upset about. Pike writes,

Of course, the barrel is 14 inches instead of 12.5 of 14.5. It utilizes the same style Raptor grip and wood fore end. It even incorporates the custom hand stop and sling swivel design. Unlike the original Witness Protection shotguns, this is a non-NFA gun.

So, there you have the details. If you’ve always wanted a Remington Witness Protection, you now have your chance.