Warning To Gun Owners Who Visit New Jersey


Concealed carry reciprocity may be gaining momentum around the country, but there is one state in which anti-gun lawmakers are taking a stand to keep their state safer for violent criminals: New Jersey.

Recently, New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez made it clear what he wants to do to concealed carriers who come into New Jersey from out of state: “Throw’em into prison for five years.”

Now, even for a state that is strictly anti-gun, this seems pretty radical for anyone with any sanity. What would happen if you didn’t know New Jersey’s position on concealed carry weapons? Would they say, “Too bad. So sad. See you in five years, ya felon!”?


That’s what it would seem. And, even though it would seem the right thing to do to give people traveling through New Jersey the benefit of the doubt, Menendez doesn’t care. Kerry Picket writes:

When pressed about travelers with concealed carry permits who may be detoured into his state by accident, he replied: “They know what our state’s law is. They should know what our state law is if they want to carry a concealed weapon. I don’t think that they just simply get detoured and they should think in advance when they are traveling.”

For someone who would likely say that he wants to take care of people, Menendez has a the typical anti-gunner politician stance of “no second chance for gunowners” even though most of these same politicians want to let criminals off the hook by blaming their childhood or because they live in poverty.

It’s an upside down world.

Menendez then goes on to say:

“I find it amazing that Republicans who believe in state rights all of a sudden have a problem observing the state rights of those states that think that stronger gun laws is the way to protect citizens and that’s what I have to say about it.”

Of course, I would respond that I find it interesting that Menendez wants to suddenly cite states rights when virtually no anti-gunners feel that states have a right to opt out of other policies such as Obamacare or funding abortion services through government funds. At least pro-2nd Amendment folks and concealed carry reciprocity supporters have the Constitution on their side.

So, now that you know New Jersey’s position on bearing arms, you may want to consider whether they deserve to have your money when you vacation or travel, and, if you live there, you may want to consider moving to a more gun friendly state so that you can keep your right to protect yourself and your family.



  1. A Topical response from such a liberal states. That seems to be the norm for states that have Democratic leadership. They are more worried about ILLEGALS Rights/Freedoms than Law-abiding citizens.

  2. It’s real simple for me. I’ll never spend a penny in New Jersey, nor will I do business with any company based in New Jersey. I’m really not thrilled with New York or Massachusetts, either, nor my home state of Kalifornia, but at least I have a CCW for California.

  3. A word of caution: Stay the hell out of N.Y. also. Our COMMUNIST DICTATOR “governor”, his ‘henchmen” and his SS Squad of state troopers will treat anyone caught entering here from out of state, the same as the communist dictators in new jersey. It seems to them, the CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS of the UNITED STATES do NOT “apply” to them.

    • In both Communist states of NJ and NY, you can get busted for having prohibited hardware boxed, locked and inaccessible even if you’re only passing through…in flagrant violation of Title 18 USC that protects interstate transport of firearms and accessories legal in place of origin and place of destination.
      Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont should have NY in court over detrimental effect on tourism and commerce because one must drive through NY to get to those three affected states…where psycho hoplophobes do not rule.

  4. If it’s any consolation to my fellow gun owners (and myself) living in New Jersey, it’s that Senator Menendez is up against corruption and ethics (or lack of) charges, and probably won’t be a senator for too much longer! The charges against him are very serious. I would say that his outspoken opinion and harsh rhetoric toward out-of-state concealed carriers is his way of grasping onto some (or any) cause that might justify him keeping his job and not going to prison. He is like a drowning man, gasping for air, arms flailing around, swirling in a downward spiral. He is using ‘gun control’ as his life preserver, in hopes that his fellow Democrats will have mercy on him and ‘save’ him from being expelled from the Senate. Judging by what has recently happened to Conyers and Franken, I’d say Menendez is a goner. Like I said, the charges are serious. Much more serious than sexual harassment, and if he’s found guilty he will probably be facing jail time. What do you know Virginia? Maybe there really is some justice in the world!

    • Ever notice that the liberals that hate guns are generally the ones that commit crimes? Just as the liberals are usually the ones that commit the mass shootings. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a liberal problem. Their idea is to punish the law abiding citizens, and release felons to commit more crimes, and let us not forget the movement from the liberals to give the right to vote back to convicted convicts. To a liberal, that is justice? What morons, and what morons that keep electing these people. They have to be mentally deficient, or wanna be criminals themselves.

  5. Up to this time I had never lost anything in New Jersey, and now I know I never will. But what do they have to lose. No vacationer wants to go to New Jersey anyway. Not unless they are looking for Mafioso bodies. New Jorsey is the bent nose burial ground guys for who get cross wise of them.

    • NJ has decent inshore and offshore fishing from Brielle South to Cape May, nice beaches South of Atlantic City and superior Beefsteak tomatoes…that I have not and will no longer enjoy while it’s run by Commie scumbags.
      Your comments are minimally applicable to the North Jersey crapholes close to New York City.
      The two other crapholes of Camden and Trenton…close by Philthadelphia… are Monkey Territory, not Mobland.

  6. Well I can find other places to spend my vacation money, only wanted to travel thru to see liberty island anyway

  7. Hey Menendez who do you know that allowed you to escape imprisonment following your brush with the law? Perhaps your interaction with less than squeeky clean folks has made it more efficacious to support less than squeeky clean folks.

  8. Well for me I have never been to New Jersey so I haven’t lost anything there and therefore I have no reason to go to New Jersey too bad so sad for New Jersey

  9. Hey Senator when States Rights, as you describe them, conflict with Constitutional Rights, you took an oath to uphold, support and defend the latter didn’t you, which come out ahead? Which are paramount?

  10. A simple question from a simple American Citizen ! HOW CAN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY PASS LAWS THAT SUPERCEEDE FEDERAL LAW ?? !!

    • This is what happens when you have a liberal democrat in charge of sheeple. Nothing will ever happen until we have a massive recall and term limits enacted. I think most citizens under the thumb of liberal politicians have lived that way for so long, they have no concept of freedom.

  11. I have no sympathy or concern for New Jersey. When the criminal element, that includes politicians become unbearable, let the sheeple rescue them. I think a recall might be in order, that is, if the sheeple have the gots for it. Which will it be New Jersey, be governed or ruled!

  12. Take or vote the sonofabitch out of office. Term Limits Term Limits. (All states in America. Term Limits. Remember come election time Term Limits Term Limits).

  13. when you see the police officers in his day clothes out in the public, scream!!he has a gun call 911 0r the police.see the government with his bodyguard out in public scream!!!he has a gun call 911 or the police

  14. I was born in Jersey, but escaped to Virginia over 30 yrs. ago, and I’m never going back. The state is a shithole. The only people who can get a CCW are politicians, politically connected people, the rich,celebrities, or Mob members. The government is corrupt, the police are corrupt, and of course it’s a Democratic state, so most of the voters are corrupt. If the government wants to do anything, they have to get permission from the Mob. The Pine Barrens grow like a jungle because they’re fertilized by all the bodies the gangsters bury there. It’s not even a nice place to visit.

  15. Somebody with strong legal support and a high profile needs to test this law and show the people of New Jersey that they are not a separate country from the United States and Federal laws always prevail! What a jerk this politician is? Lock him up with Hillary!

  16. New Jersey since its inception has been created of, for and by criminals as a safe space. If you look there ae a lot of waste disposal companies in NJ. It makes it easy for the mob(politicians) to dispose of bodies. They also provide recreational locations for New York city “politicians”.

  17. This God forsaken shit hole of a state,of which I have the misfortune to be a resident, locked up a cellphone tower technician whose only crime was to have his gun in the truck with him. He was called here in an emergency, to get communications up and running after Sandy. It took a pardon from Gov. Christie, which was brought about by much pressure from the NRA to have his sentence pardoned.
    Now we have elected another flaming liberal, Phil Murphy, who aspires to make NJ a sanctuary state. This, coupled with the coming tax plan, will lower property values to the point where a lot of loans will be upside down. This state is doomed.

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