At Least This Anti-Gunner Politician Is Open About His Hypocrisy


Have you ever seen someone who is a hypocrite? You know, someone who says one thing and does another? Have you ever seen someone who knows that they are being a hypocrite, admits it, and still wants you to do something that they don’t do?

It’s absolutely ludicrous, isn’t it?

And ludicrous may be the best way to describe what Mississippi state representative Charles Young, Jr. (Democrat) did on the floor of the state House. Geoff Pender and Jimmie E. Gates write,


Democratic state Rep. Charles Young Jr. told his colleagues “let’s grow up,” arguing for the House to amend or kill the bill passed Wednesday. To make his point, he displayed a pistol and his enhanced concealed carry permit. He told House Speaker Philip Gunn that he and others are violating a joint legislative rule that says no one but sworn law enforcement officers can carry a gun in the Capitol or House and Senate chambers.

Young cited legislative Joint Rule 37 and a recent state Supreme Court ruling on a lawsuit against Gunn, saying legislative rules can “supersede state law.” He then told the speaker he didn’t feel safe with lawmakers having concealed weapons in the House and asked they be escorted out.

“Are you asking me to have you escorted out by the sergeant at arms, gentleman?” asked Gunn, who said he was unaware of the joint rule or any other lawmakers who carry weapons — which drew guffaws from House members, many of whom are known to be well-armed.

So, just so you know that you’re not going crazy, this guy really did pull a gun and a concealed carry permit on the state House floor, say that the House rules (which he says are more important than state law) need to be enforced, and then request to be thrown out of the room.

So, he’s calling for gun control while carrying. And he says that the legislature doesn’t have to follow the same rules as apply to everyone else. Does anyone else have a problem with both of these ideas?

It seems pretty clear to me that Young is a hypocrite who doesn’t know how to make a logical argument. He also, apparently, needs to go home, grow up, and learn how the rules apply to everyone, even him even when he doesn’t want them to.

And people wonder about the dumbing down of America… If this is our legislative leadership, then we’re in trouble.



  1. The reason they are fighting g so hard to disarm gun owners who are not killers or gang members is .They have done way to much to the American people and have shown what part of the fence they are own .And they are scared of what our founding fathers laid out in our rights to keep them from the tyranny they are imposing upon the people .

  2. Hypocrite is a polite title, though obviously saltier terminology is available. he question being as follows. Is this person worth a good imprication?

  3. Time to bury some of your guns and ammunition for the fight ahead? Set up your cache not on your property, I have and only one other person knows where the map is in case I’m not around for whatever reason. I believe it’s time every patriot out there start preparing and prepare your tribe or develop your tribe. That’s in case this doesn’t turn around like we all hoped it would with Trump.

  4. So throw him out. What’s the problem? Sometimes the simple thing is just to give the moron what he’s asking for. Perhaps a lesson to be learned by all: Young pulled a gun. How many people could he have shot if no one else was carrying a gun? That’s why people carry. Because of people like Young – and what they could potentially do. If other members were, indeed, carrying – how many of them had their hand on their weapon as soon as Young pulled his out? he’s lucky he didn’t leave for the morgue. He’s lucky. I don’t speak for the rest of us.

  5. Isn’t brandishing a firearm illegal? He should go to jail! There was no imminent threat to his life! Sheesh. Stupid people with firearms are dangerous. Those are the fools they should be going after, not legal RESPONSIBLE gun owners that know the laws. Lock this bonehead up and teach him a lesson instead of going after the responsible gun owners.

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