Are Guns Really The Cause Of Mass Killings?


There is an idea put out there by some people in our society (and many people in the media and Congress) that just drives me nuts: It’s the idea that guns are the reason that mass killings happen.

As best as I can tell, the thinking is that, if murderous nut jobs weren’t able to get their hands on “fully automatic” firearms (because these folks can never seem to tell the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons), then mass shootings would not occur.

But it appears that these people keep reading the same biased reporting from the same mainstream media outlets, while the truth of the situation is very different.


The fact of the matter is that guns are not the cause of mass killings and that many mass killings happen even in societies that virtually ban all guns (unless you work for the government). The proof is out there for anyone who actually takes the time to look into it.

But, just in case you need an immediate answer for your anti-gunner neighbor who can’t tell the difference between a weapon acting on its own and a person with murderous intent, here are a few recent incidents in which mass killings happened without a gun.

Our first example is a mass killing that occurred in a Chinese train station in 2014. Twenty-nine people were killed and 130 people were injured. Oh, and this was an attack by people with knives.

But, in case your anti-gunner friend reads about that mass killing and says, “Yeah, but that was multiple attackers. That wouldn’t have happened if it had been just one person with a knife,” here is another example.

In 2010, a man in China attacked a school and wounded twenty-two children.

But, your anti-gunner friend may say, “Yeah, but no one died in that attack,” so here is another example.

In 2016, a man in Japan (yes, one man) killed nineteen people and injured twenty-six others using a knife. Yes, he killed more people with a knife than the guy in Florida killed using a firearm.

And, in case there is any doubt, guns are very difficult to get in either China or Japan, but, obviously, that didn’t stop those with murderous intent from doing terrible things.

But, if your anti-gunner friend asks why they don’t hear about mass killings in other countries, ask them why they never heard of the three attacks mentioned above. Maybe it isn’t that they aren’t happening; maybe it’s just that it doesn’t fit the anti-gun mainstream media’s preferred narrative.

But the fact remains that those attackers didn’t need guns to do horrible things. All those attackers needed is evil intent, and gun control won’t do anything to stop that.



  1. That’s what I keep saying,it’s evil that does the killing, NOT the gun. It depends on who the evil is within and how they decide to carry it out!! The anti gunners aren’t concerned with protecting people, but in controlling people!! That is their agenda!!


  3. This is by far the best rendition I’ve come across on why guns are not the problem! I have thought for some time that the biggest problem we have in this Country right now is the runaway main stream media! Anyone who pays attention should know that when you keep publishing something over and over and over the kooks start coming out of the woodwork and you have copycats jumping on the bandwagon! People who have mental problems just love the media because when they get their hands on some sensational topic like School shootings they keep publishing it until most of us get tired of hearing or reading about it and yet the media doesn’t seem to get it!

    • Maybe more people in our great country should do as I do, for one I do not buy their Magazines or News Papers ,and when I watch the news and when they say the same old crap I put my TV on mute so I do not have to listen to such garbage ,,that is more propaganda and fake news then the truth on what it really is ,that takes place or happens from those in politics about what those lies and cover ups to the killings that take place with a nut with a weapon ,and it is their fault more then the nut with that weapon ,to those evil types of people who run our country.

  4. The largest mass killings in history were committed in countries that very strictly regulated private gun ownership. They were committed by governments. The principle factors in a crime are motive, means and opportunity. The gun is extremely unlikely to be the motive. Means? Mass killings have been accomplished by many means including trucks, bombs and airplanes. Given the motive, it is unlikely a means will not be found. And areas where law abiding people will be unarmed – and, of course, only the law abiding people – certainly provides an opportunity, one with a low risk of abrupt interdiction. Being a gun free zone didn’t do anything to help the youngsters at Parkland. Just the awareness that there may be armed people in a group is a significant disincentive to view it as a target.

  5. Guns are NOT and never have been the problem. The loss of a moral compass IS. Respect for human life, our constitution, and the rights of others will go a long way to stopping the mass shooting problem… GUARANTEED!!!!

  6. If “GUNS” were the cause of mass killings, I would have been “gone” long ago. I have a “sneaky” 12 gauge loaded with 00 buck right by my bed, and a .45 ACP on my night stand. BTW “they” haven’t “attacked me” YET.
    The MENTALITY of these so-called “progressive” deomocommunists borders on INSANITY. I think they need a NICE LONG EXTENDED “rest” at a MENTAL HOSPITAL for the criminally insane and leave US alone.

  7. Guns are def not the problem..its not having the places to house an help mentally disabled persons.

    • The thing that gets me for one in our country ,is where do those nutty types of people get their money to buy those weapons and their ammo. for their weapons an ammo they have and use are not cheap.

  8. Are guns really the cause of mass killings, strikes one as the proverbial dumb question. Guns are merely the tool used, actually misused. Any number of other devices would serve as well or better.

  9. The guns are not the cause of mass shooting it is the poeple that are behind the guns Ive owed guns for over thirdty plus years and not once have they tried to shoot anyone Its is the poeple that have a mental problem I remember when I was young I would get a spanking at home and in school if I done wrong and we had the pledge of allegiance and pray in school But they taken all that away The media is also the problem with what is going on also

  10. NO GUNS ARE NOT THE CAUSE. The cause results from the Authorities telling parents if you discipline your children for bad behavior they will be removed from the home and you will be charged with child abuse. Also the authorities telling School Officials that corporal punishment for bad behavior is no longer allowed. When The authorities made these decisions is when things started going down hill. Now the youth of America have NO RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY, PROPERTY, OR THE LIFE OF ANOTHER as they feel there will be no repercussions for their actions.

  11. The vast majority of all firearms ownership is among good, god fearing, law abiding folk. All any regulation accomplishes is the restriction of these folks, and possibly their becoming more vulnerable to the very small percentage which has criminal intent. These criminals don’t care a whit about restrictions, laws, or regulations. They will find and appropriate the necessary weapon for their dastardly deeds, regardless of restrictions. So – what do the regs, laws, restrictions accomplish? They shift the power in society towards the criminal, as the good guys have less chance of defending themselves. They also accomplish a hidden agenda – that being the removal of the militia as a self-regulating power against government which may become too big for its own britches. That, my friends, is the real reason for “gun control,” make no bones about it.
    You wish to continue to have freedom, liberty, and a civilized society? Then stop trying to disarm us, and prosecute criminal behavior.

  12. Gun free zones are nothing but a posting of ‘open season’ to criminals, crazies, and terrorists. They take away the possible safety net of places where people carry. One more typical, idiotic PC rule from liberals!

  13. Guns are only the tool used by someone who has mental issues or just evil.They just used a gun but could have used aknife or a bomb it is the individual we need to be concerned about not the gun. Cruz in Florida was building bombs had he used that there would probably have been alot more dead and wounded.we have to pay more attention to peoples behaver and report it.

  14. Second Amendment. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  15. You can’t fix stupid.We try at the poles but that hasn’t worked.If we remove stupid from our leaders,we would have to elect high school drop outs or baby sitters to run the country.Maybe if we would quit killing babies there would be a possibility of leaders being born.We have over 350 million people in this country.Some mentally ill person kills a dozen or so people with a gun and blames the gun.What is the percentage among the population?What kind of leaders would punish law abiding citizens for crimes committed by criminals or mentally ill people.How many people in politics own guns that have been charged with domestic abuse.I bet they get to keep their rights to gun ownership.They will take them from ordinary citizens.When are the people going to wake up and see the real reason for gun control?The criminal will always have guns.Are we really going to let them take our only defence against government take over away from us?The NWO is trying hard to our guns.Wake up please.

  16. The problem we never think about what is happening, and than have knee jerk reaction to it. In Parkland Fl. a student with a weapon killed 17 people. Real fact is a student killed 17 people. Another fact during 2016 opioids in Broward county FL killed almost 600 people and 2017 total will be 1000 people. So did the opioid go out and kill these people or did they kill themselves , the tool used was opioids. In the 60ths the drug of choice was LSD and since than we have had a war on drugs, Stop and think how successful has this war on drugs been. More people die of drug overdose than all weapon (firearms) related shootings daily.
    This shows clearly that it is choices that people make, whether its done freely or because of drug impaired brain, in the first case the weapon is misused by someone and in the second case user does it to themselves. I think its time that society tries to understand why so many people are having mental problems, to make such decisions.

  17. No, the loss of our mental institutions over the last 50 years, legal and Illegal drug use, let us not forget alcohol. Corrupt ignorant politicians voting for “NO GUNZONES” =” SOFT TARGETS” =” TARGETED KILLING FIELDS”, these are the gasoline and highway for criminal minded perpetrators.

  18. People with guns are the cause of shootings. Both guns and people with them should be controlled.

  19. School Shootings, guns were a means same as knives in article and those unmentioned means. Wondering what other means; well explosives(letter/package/pressure cooker etc.. bombs followed closely by chemical/gas attacks on trains/buses/businesses, then there’s the biological (anthrax etc.) to poisonings. There’s always a means to carry out attacks; after-all, it only takes an upset person.

    Back to SCHOOLS, something within those school is really upsetting those shooters! Could it be “GUN FREE ZONES” or even “BULLING FREE ZONES” encourage these events, or, something else insides the schools? Could liberal instruction by teachers and staff attitudes about everything else contribute to students insecurity and agitate mental health problems? After all, these shooters are all products of the educational programs at those schools.

  20. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with you undertone fact that guns are not a factor in mass killing!! Did I tell you that I’m such a fan that; at your, next family reunion…I am and will bring my 9 m.m. w/ hollows probably only five clips and my hunting knife I like to gut with.

    Now, which of the two would you rather I bring? My knife or my gun you fucking stupid Jackass……

    Don’t like it look me up…Duluth Minnesota. Be happy to give you false teeth. Idiot

    Kurt Allen

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