[Video] See The NRA’s Dana Loesch Tear The Mainstream Media A New One


Dana Loesch is a woman without fear. She isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade, and she doesn’t mind saying it to someone’s face, especially when it comes to willful stupidity about gun rights and gun issues.

So, when she recently went to town on the mainstream media, calling them out for the deceitfulness in “reporting” and how they are, basically, lying to the public about guns, I loved it.

For example, she took the mainstream media to task for only making shootings an issue when it means that they can interview Caucasian mothers about the tragedy. As if shootings don’t happen to African-American kids in America [hat tip to here for the lead]. Loesch said,


Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. Now I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are rating’s gold to you and many in the legacy media in the back (of the room).

And notice I said ‘crying white mothers’ because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend, and you don’t see town halls for them, do you? Where’s the CNN town hall for Chicago? Where’s the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?

And Loesch is right on target with her criticisms. Where is the anti-gun media outrage when so many more African-Americans children are murdered in cities controlled by anti-gunner politicians? It’s simply not there, and, frankly, there is no good reason why (unless they are being racist. Of course, they would never admit that…).

So, I applaud Loesch for sticking it to the mainstream media. They deserve the tongue-lashing that she gave them and a whole lot more. See her fired up speech here:

What we need now are more people who can put the heat on the mainstream media so that we can have an honest conversation about gun deaths and murder rates. You know, something which we rarely, if ever, see. Because, until we actually look at and deal with the root cause of gun deaths, willfully ignorant people are going to continue to blame the tool instead of the person using the tool, and that doesn’t solve real problems for anyone.



  1. The democrats will kill anyone to push their agenda. Lets get this straight….there are no african americans…if they are born here they are black americans period. The other thing is there are no assault weapons, weapons do not assault anyone people kill people. And point of interest sandy hook was a total fake to push gun agenda, the man who exposed it suddenly got killed go figure. Getting the picture. The whole purpose of this gun issue is for the new world order regime once they have them they have total control of the people….wake up!!! How come there is no out cry for the 500000 babies aborted a year as opposed to 5000 gun incidents a year? And its ok to run vehicles into schools and injure kids, and bombs killings in texas and where is the out cry on those? The students that walked out are the stupidest taught by their teachers who are liberals. Since when do we do what irresponsible, no morals, juveniles tell us. They dont even vote or pay taxes, the have no job, they are wet behind the ears. What they need is a real education from real teachers.
    I do not do or will not do anything some underdeveloped idiot thinks, and if they want to push it come on down!!!!

  2. I have been very vocal for several years about the fact that we have a people problem, not a weapons problem. We have to wake up to that fact and get busy on mental health issues big time. We are making progress, but it is slow. Meanwhile, we cannot continue with schools that are targets due to being gun free zones. I do not side with arming present school teachers. We need qualified and trained professionals guarding or schools. If rural counties in Idaho can do that, so can every school district in the US. Yes, we have some teachers whoa re also armed with a weapon they keep away from students. Many are wildlife hunters who know how to use a gun very effectively. The task of the local sheriff is to train those teachers on how and when to display a weapon for the defense of the kids in the school. Otherwise, it remains out of sight. The bottom line is that Idaho schools are not gun free places. They have what it takes until we reach the point of guns not being necessary. Until we can see that situation hold for awhile, we will use firearms to protect them with the most professional people we can.

  3. Let’s all be honest they want to control law abiding citizens because they know WE FOLLOW THE LAW. Gun control favors the criminal element. Really the criminals have more gun rights than we do.

  4. May God bless this Lady who has the sheer guts to tell it like it is!! If She were mine I would not trade her for the entire mainstream media!

  5. Mmm,I think the Russians are behind it all,they have even infected our politicians, dismantle the constitution then America is done,start with the 2ndAmendment, sound familiar, time to wake up.

  6. Dane; Lets solve some problems right now. Ok! they may sound a little crazy right now but after all we have been listening to some of the most unintelligent solutions up to this point. Our previous administration decided giving away free things was the way to solve problems. You know, eye glasses, hearing aids, man made teeth, even food. So, let have the government giving away free guns. Guns for everyone, children, adults, grand parents, teachers, movie stars, news casters, politicians, liberals. everyone. “A gun for everyone”. could be the slogan. There more be a wee bit more violence but at least the criminals will eventually get some of our justice. Let’s re-enstate the draft. Let’s put some of the teachers in the military and see first hand what our military is up against. How about putting some or our “Out for Justice,” news people in the line of fire or late night hosts. Maybe we will get some real facts for a change. Let’s also solve the problem of the abortion issue. Keep the child and abort the mother. Maybe we will get that crazy after all. Just call me the Real American.

  7. God bless Donna Loesch she is right on target. I am so sick of the left & all the liberal fake news.

  8. I think the NRA should try very hard to get this speech on CNN or any national tv channel to inform the uninformed but I am sure this would be a very hard thing to do because who wants the truth spoken in this country of liars.

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