Nancy Pelosi Won’t Like What The Research Really Says


One of the biggest problems that we have in America when trying to find out the truth about an issue is all of the hype around the issue. All the bluster and nonsense and complete untruths told with so much vigor and passion that unsuspecting people buy into it.

And one of the issues that we hear the most hype and nonsense about in the media today is gun usage and gun control. As you know, someone who has only heard the mainstream media’s hype and anti-gunner politician nonsense from people like California Senator Nancy Pelosi stand a good chance of having never heard another viewpoint about guns.

But, unfortunately for them, the truth doesn’t support the anti-gun narrative. Anders Hagstrom writes,


An analysis of thousands of gun control studies claims that just 63 of those studies found connections between more stringent gun control laws violent crime and suicide reductions.

The non-profit RAND corporation spent two years and $1 million on the analysis, searching for evidence of benefit from gun control policies. RAND’s analysis looked to establish connections between gun policies and rates of homicide, suicide, self-defense gun use, hunting, and other categories. The vast majority of those categories went unaffected by legislation, however, according to NPR.

In fact, the only areas which showed any positive impact in reducing gun deaths through legislation had to do with keeping guns out of the hands of small children [hat tip to here for the lead]. That kind of legislation “had some effect on rates of suicide and accidental gun injuries.”

So, when anti-gunner politicians argue for sweeping and wide-spread gun control and gun confiscation, start insisting that they show some actual research that honestly reviews the statistics. They won’t be able to give them to you because that research doesn’t exist.

The fact of the matter is that widespread gun control only allows violence to run rampant. You can look overseas, if you like, but you can look at Chicago if you want data from closer to home.

Gun control advocates simply need to tell the truth, and that truth is that gun control doesn’t work.



  1. TRUTH is the last thing that gun control/gun prohibition advocates, pretty much the same thing, are interested in. By the way, when you ask them how they might make criminals comply with their proposed legislation, god forbid the actual enactment of such foolishness, how come blank looks are what you get in reply?

  2. Oh by the way, blank looks aside, what you get is the verbal equivalent of rattling the pencils in one’s desk drawer.

  3. Gun control in Chicago isn’t making it. There are no gun stores there. Yet have the higest gun related crimes. Texas has lowest gun related crimes, I wonder why ? People like pelosi have no clue, other then shooting their mouths off. Hmmm that’s where we need gun control.

  4. Your do right criminals will always get weapons they will steal them from law-abiding citizens houses and where the hell else criminals get them criminals are the ones they’re creating the violence why in the hell would you want to disarm us lava abiding citizens and take away their Second Amendment right to defend themselves.
    Need to educate people on the fax need to educate people on the truth. They need to start teaching our Constitution and High School’s grade schools all the schools so that young people understand what the Second Amendment stands for and what it represents. And last but not least we need to start voting out all of these anti-American globalist communist out of our politics all they’re doing is trying to bring down and Destroy America and its greatness and if you want to look at the root cause of all this crap just look at George Soros as he is behind every one of these liberal idiots , he is the face of liberalism well him and Nancy Pelosi and what does that tell you ? So all I can say is vote vote vote vote them all out and boycott boycott boycott anyone or anything or any place or anybody that has anything to do with these anti American liberals

  5. You can not legislate morality and that is the problem. Let’s say the lack of morality is the problem.

    • Absolutely! Not enough church goers, parents at home with younger children, worship of the almighty dollar, violent video games and movies fueled by lowlife flim industry moguls. Not enough Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. More Family interactions.

  6. When you stop lawabing citizens from have guns,you only give criminals a easy way to comment crimes. If a teacher or someone with training could have stopped the 17 kids from being killed

  7. Just one correction to this report. Nancy Pelosi is a member of the House (Congressman), not the Senate (Senator). So she please keep that in mind. We sure don’t want the little darling running for a new office from which she and others of her ilk can inflict any more damage. Then what we have to put up with now.

  8. POLESI is the US Reprehensive in US Congress from California!

    What’s lacking is “Old Fashion Impulse Control”! Excessively LIBERAL education standards along with limited impulse control in the home environment produce violence inside and outside the home!

    Humans started with hand-to-hand and poisons, progressed to stick and stones, to spears and arrows (starting with stone tips), to knives and swords (bronze & iron age weapons) and then firearms; and hey, all listed means are all STILL USED! Always goes back to “people impulse control”!

    Then, there has always been the “Mentally Ill” problem(s). This is the AREA where “Control” is needed along with medication control!

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