Now We Find Out Who Is Really Pushing The School Walkout


The school walkout have been everywhere on the news, and the mainstream media wants everyone to think that this movement simply spontaneously erupted out of the the discontent of our children attending public schools. But is that really what happened?

If you’re like normal, everyday Americans, you think that teachers’ jobs are to help our kids learn how to think, how to find and use information. Maybe even still learn reading, writing, and arithmetic.

But, at least in Hilliard, Ohio, it doesn’t look like teachers believe that is their job. They seem to think that it’s their job to be social justice warriors and to make your kids into SJWs, too, under threat of punishment.


Unfortunately, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School named Jacob Shoemaker felt the brunt of not coming into line with the school administration’s SJW party line. Jason Howerton writes,

A high school student in Hilliard, Ohio, didn’t want to pick sides in the contentious gun debate surrounding Wednesday’s “National Walkout,” so he stayed in class instead of joining the largely anti-gun protest or an alternative “study hall.”

Hilliard Davidson High School senior Jacob Shoemaker was then reportedly slapped with a suspension.

The student argued that divisive politics have no place in America’s schools and he refused to take sides in the debate, according to the Associated Press.

Now, you’ve got to ask, what were teachers doing trying to force this kid into protesting when they are being paid with our tax dollars? And then this kid, who simply wants to stay out of the issue, gets punished because he didn’t pick the SJW side.

Some people at that school need to be fired for both trying to manipulate students’ political viewpoints and for staging personal political protests on the taxpayers’ dime.

This is simply inexcusable. If you walked out of your job to protest something, you’d be lucky not to get fired, yet, it’s almost guaranteed that nothing will happen to these deadbeat teachers.

It’s simply disgusting.



  1. Our schools were taken over a long time ago by communist indoctrinators who have controlled the media and Hollywood for an even longer period of time.
    For the past 60 years or so they have been brain washing children with socialist doctrine. The communists in Russia and China did the same thing to their children, enabling them to take control of those countrys several generations later.
    The communist left has very nearly done this to America.

    • You are so right.
      I have been preaching this for months.
      Read “YOU CAN TRUST THE COMMUNIST. to do exactly as they say”
      PUBLISHED IN 1960.
      Compare the program outlined in this book to what has been happening for the last 60 years.
      Look at what has happened to Venezuela and Cuba Russian.

    • So correct David. That’s why my son and daughter in law “Home school” their nine children as do many, many others. It is a shame that the far left and their socialistic ideas and with the blessing of our own government are ruining our children. It is past time for the “people” to rise up against government control over our schools.

    • The ends justify the means, Prof. J Gruber told the truth when he said we count on the stupidity of the American voters ( subject then was ACA ) but all Dems. & media use the same method as they are fellow travelers!

      • Note Professor Gruber audience was media/acedimea & leftist Soros Stuges who gave loud applause when he called their voters stupid.

  2. I feel that suspension should be lifted. This still America Land of the Free the young man a RIGHT to choose to protest or not to protest, in my opinion he made the RIGHT choice. This is a Democracy Country not a Socialist Country which means we the people have the right to choose how we believe, and not be ruled over and told how to think or believe.

  3. They want Gun Purchases to be 21, at 17 these same kids don’t have the responsibility to have a drivers license, they kill each other in there cars. Should the that age be Raise to 21. They just want something to Complain about . Sorry, but my kids didn’t walk out eather.

  4. Fire everyone of these that protested or took part in protesting along with their management. It is outside of their job. They Do Not get paid with our tax money to fight our Constitutional values! The ones that forced these kids to protest should be Sued! Also the management, principals, Supt.of counties and city’s schools! Need to be Fired! Kids should not be punished for not agreeing with there Communist views.

  5. And what about his 1st Amendment rights? Truly a catastrophe! While his classmates and peers were exercising their Amendment right, this young revoltionary was being denied his. It seems as though the ‘Redcoats’ are coming again. Congratulations to this young man and there are millions of us out here that have his back. Hang in there Jacob Shoemaker, we are proud of you-STAND YOUR GROUND!

    • I agree with you , his rights have been denied , and the teachers should be punished for what they are doing , I think they want all the students gone so they can have some days off with pay, they are certainly not teaching our children correctly. They are pushing their views on our kids and whatever they are taking money to do to disrupt our kids .

  6. Force people to do some thing they don’t like is communist way,we’re living in United State of Ameria

  7. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future… When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already.’ … What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler

  8. I wonder if it is not too late already considering the head start the liberals have had. Perhaps not. A very concerted, bold and persistent effort might work. The first order of business is to ensure 8 years of the Trump Presidency. The post by Mr Machado above is based on the truth. Just as Hitler should have been stopped before millions perished, we know ahead of time what our obligation is so as to stop the Left from its destructive mission.

  9. The young man should never been suspended, but the teacher should be fired, for indoctrinating children. She is not being paid to brainwash children, and if she is the administrators should be fired too.

    • The teachers are being paid to brainwash our kids , they are teaching a lot of wrong things and not giving them the true facts soon many issues

  10. I fear we have waited too long. A sure sign of this is the things that the kids have NOT been taught. George Carlin of all people nailed it when he said ” They only want you smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. ” A quick look around utube looking for reporters questioning students at all levels of education about topics that used to be known by 1st to 3rd graders. When a grad student was asked “Who was the 1st President of The United States?” and she answered “Abraham Lincoln” what ARE they learning?? I fear they were only taught to be “useful idiots ” , soldiers for the globalist agenda , a seal between the globalists and those who will fight to not be slaves. This seal , this baricade is like a condom made up of these kids who were robbed of their real education. And as they are used like a condom they are just as disposable to the globalists.

  11. Of all the students protesting, how many of their parents own guns?? Have these students asked their parents why they own guns? Have they told the parents the should turn in all the guns that they own?? . what lf in the middle of the night a student is awaken by the sound of braking glass.he gets up only to find a burglar has just broken into his home, suddenly he hears two shots.Two family members have been shot. The father used to own guns but got rid of them because the son protested against guns two weeks earlier.The neighbor next door hears the shots,grabs his a r 15 and quietly slips into the house confronts the shooter and puts him down. I wonder,,, how would this student honestly truly feel.

  12. Legal action against the so-called “educator or educators” involved seems appropriate and school officialdom or official-dumb should be included.

  13. This is an example of a total lack of integrity and spine by almost all of the educational system. Teachers should have had tests on the walkout days, but they lack the backbone to actually do what is right. They are sheeple at the very beat.

  14. I Think All these Teachers Should Be Dealt with for trying to shove these things into our kids minds , you know they are being paid to do this to cause problems and you know,they are brainwashing our kids , you need to ask you kids,what they are learning in school and you may be surprised and shocked , sometimes kids won’t tell you things because they do not know,any better BUT U WILL B SURPRISED . You need to be involved with what they are being taught , because one day it will b to late.

  15. Mike DiMatteo said: I guess these teachers didn’t teach the student’s who wonthe rights and why our forefathers fought for those rights and how they won those rights andwhy they set up our nation to use those rights.Everybody can’t be a littlecry baby all the time, dems; for the people by the people not only a select few.

  16. That is because all this NWO/OWO/Socialist sharia indoctrination started way back during the Carter administration, ran rampant during the Clinton administration and like a wildfire burning and consuming an endless amount of dead dried out trees and brush, and the Demoncommiecratic sharia party keeps that fire burning and although it is highly illegal for federal judges to litigate they have been doing just that for the past 40 years.

    So many judges, politicians and even school administration members should be executed for treason.

  17. That is a shame because the teachers should be preparing the students for their futures. Also, they are on the clock and if it was anyone else’s job they would be fired or dismissed for job abandonment. They whine about their pay but are no where near the poverty line like some kids are since they should worry about their students and his or her future. Also, they should protest when not working, and they have the whole summer off while other members of society work during the summer with a little time vacation time.

  18. This movement started in the late 50s with a tenured communist professor by the name of
    Mulford Q Sibley at the University of Minnesota. After 70 years of teaching the progresive movement,
    this is the culmination of teaching this propaganda. Wake up people this did not start yesterday.

  19. Thank you Donald Trump for not being a quitter. The left has to be stopped. The Democrats don’t have a clue of what’s in our country. Fake news is on its way out, because slowly people are seeing the truth about what’s really happening in our country. I was a Democrat all my life.Today I’m a republican, conservative and proud to say that. Continue to wake up America. AND THANK YOU AGAIN, TO OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. GOD BLESS

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