Video: How Gun Control Will Affect The Next Congressional Election


Gun control is a hot topic in politics these days, and it doesn’t appear that the controversy is going to cool down anytime soon especially with anti-gunners increasing the amount of silly rhetoric which they are spitting out to “support” their ludicrous claims and policy positions.

But that never stopped them from spouting it anyway.

Still, the reality is that their push for gun control and outright gun bans could backfire for them in the midterm elections coming up, and even Democratic operatives are admitting this. Amie Parnes and Mike Lillis write,


“It’s certainly more of a base issue than in years past,” said one Senate Democratic aide who works for a senator who has been mentioned as a 2020 presidential candidate.

But the aide said the strategy wouldn’t be effective everywhere.

“It’s not going to be a top-down, every-state strategy. Some places it will work — Illinois, Florida and Colorado suburban districts,” the aide said. “And other places it won’t, like North Carolina.”

Democrats paid a steep political price after championing an assault weapons ban in 1994 and are wary of energizing the GOP base.

One former Democratic leadership aide put it bluntly: “How do you keep from having a conversation about sensible changes be turned into ‘They want to take your guns away’?”

For once, I have to agree with a Democrat about guns: any conversation which talks about taking away guns will turn into an accusation about taking away our guns. Why? Because, historically, that is exactly what happens. Pushing that agenda bit anti-gunners in the political backside before, and it will do it again.

Other people have noticed this trend, too. Here is a video of a political commentator going by “Roaming Millennial” talking with Paul Joseph Watson about this very issue (hat tip to here for the lead on this video):

So, keeping in mind that pushing gun control backfires on anti-gunners politically, maybe we should be happy about anti-gunners’ protesting. It will mean more pro-gun people in office, and that is definitely a good thing.



  1. Going to vote for Democrats? If so, turn in your guns and be defenseless! The criminals will still have guns!

  2. Read the writings of those who put the Second Amendment in the Constitution, It wasn’t put there for hunting or sport shooting, it was put there to prevent a tyrannical (much like we have today) government from taking over and “ruling” instead of “representing”.

    Read what happened after Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol-Pot, etc. disarmed their citizens – they murdered millions of their citizens who were unable to defend themselves.

    Be very, very, very careful what you wish for, America; you just might get it!

  3. Nothing will ever be done in this respect. Only a small percentage of the public wants “gun control”. The “right to “bear arms” will never be eliminated. This is one of the main reasons we will never be attacker by only other nation. It’s a strong backup to our armed forces.

  4. Sure! Ban ALL guns! Then enter the tyranny that the Founding Fathers warned us all against. The Congress will be protected by the Treasury Department’s “Secret Service”, and the rest of us will be defenseless against our Government, and any criminal or terrorist element that exists in our Country.

    I am a member of Gun Owners of America, and I agree with their “No Compromise” attitude towards ANY anti-gun laws. NO NEW GUN LAWS, AND NO COMPROMISE. NRA members – join the Gun Owners of America and see how we treat Congress when they talk about grabbing our guns. They can have my guns after I am out of ammo, or they kill me.

    • Exactly, there simply cannot be ANY compromise when it comes to inalienable rights. Period. That’s because even if there was some potential good, which there isn’t, to firearm restrictions on Free citizens for the specious notion (fraudulent police state SCAM) of public safety, of which there is NOT any when the ‘authorities’ absolutely do not and cannot reasonably assure the citizenry of their personal safety in society, AND is supported by court rulings, There still cannot be any compromise with any gun control laws imposed by a very potentially corrupt and tyrannical government we now have that is setting itself up as a permanent Tyrannist Police State–current presidential administration not withstanding–because any and all capitulation, compromise, or other so-called common sense gun law bullshit is simply a device known as bait and switch to get the incremental disarmament plot in full speed ahead mode.

      The very intelligent and clearly articulate Framers knew exactly how to communicate their intent. They never wrote ‘shall not be infringed’ EXCEPT if you ever smoked pot, had a fight with a family member, are an ex-con, have serious combat related PTSD, or are taking meds for stress or other psychological health issues. They said SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED PERIOD.

      That’s because the slippery slope down to all out totalitarian gun confiscation is well greased with all these deceptive equivocations designed as jACK BOOTS in the sacred door of preserving your rapidly deteriorating natural rights.

      That’s why I no longer am a member the NRA. They choke and punk out every time one of these Extreme Leftist Tyrannists puke out their ‘common sense’ gun confiscation vomit and accuse them of something.
      I’m with the Rutherford Foundation who fights in court for your rights and a member of the Oath Keepers, who are the only membership swearing to never let anybody confiscate your guns or violate your Constitutional rights. It’s ironic because most of us are police (the good kind) or Vets and the government has us on their shit list of ‘potential’ anti-government dissidents.

      But i’m also now going to join GOA as well. What we absolutely must try to accomplish through the current legal system is to repeal ALL gun control laws and abolish Fiat registrations and start a movement for the immediate criminal prosecution effort along with heavy civil litigations under Federal laws for any individuals or organizations who try to restrict or hinder our 2nd/A and 4th/A rights.
      There are laws on the books for this. I just can’t understand why American Freedom Fighters aren’t using this to counter the Tyranny on us?
      But we don’t have much time left…

  5. The Democrats are Constitution trashing freedom haters! A vote for a Democrat is a vote for gun confiscation!

  6. I worked for a police department that had an anti gun chief. I should have quit and went to another PD, but by the time it became obvious I had too many friends on the PD and my children were settled into their schools and had made friends. I worked behind the scenes to undercut the chief’s policies. In fact I was called into the chief”s office and questioned about my affiliation with the NRA. It was strange because the NRA trained our firearms instructors for free, and our merit badges were supplied to the PD by the NRA free of charge. I admitted to the chief I was a proud NRA member. and I would be the rest of my ilfe. If he wanted to fire me for that, I would end up owning the city, and the first thing I would do would be to fire him. I did pay a price. I passed a promotion test five times and was passed over every time. Such is life, but I’ve outlived the bastard.

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