Singer Takes A Stand And Refuses To Sing For Baseball Team Banning CCWs


People in the arts, unfortunately, have a reputation for being terrified of guns and for wanting to ban guns. Whether you’re talking about movie stars tweeting in support of ignorant teenagers marching to ban guns or someone specializing in another art form, all you typically hear about are how people in the arts oppose guns and that you should, too.

Fortunately, there are some people in the arts who understand the truth about guns and about our right to bear arms and are willing to stand up for those rights. One of these people is a singer named Alishia Wolcott. David Montero writes,

The 2016 [University of Nevada] graduate told the Reno Aces — a minor league baseball team — that she would not sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” because of the stadium’s no firearms policy and new metal-detector screening process.

“I WILL NOT sing our National Anthem at a place that seeks to strip me of my second amendment rights!!!” she said on Twitter on Tuesday. Linked to her tweet was a lengthy message about her misgivings over the policy.

What’s unfortunate about this situation is that Wolcott is a real baseball fan and wanted to sing the National Anthem before a game but felt that she had to decline because of the stupid gun control position of the team. To the stadium management, Wolcott said,


“The goal is to keep your guests safe, as it is very clear you are searching for weapons. But, by taking away their right self-protection, all you have done is made them more vulnerable to attack. You have fallen prey to the absurd idea that American citizens need only trust their government for protection. This is indeed a lie and a blatant disregard for our constitutional rights.”

It’s unfortunate that this singer and her husband were put in the position of having to choose between their safety and the opportunity to sing for others, but, unfortunately, that is what it came down to.

Good for her for making the right decision, the decision to be safe.



  1. I applaud her for standing up for what is right. Gun free zones are nothing more than fish in a barrel for someone who just wants to kill others for 15 minutes of fame.

    • Gee, they just had a shooting at a Waffle House restaurant, which is another “gun free zone”! How can that happen in a “gun free zone”? In my opinion, the Waffle House chain is partly responsible for the deaths of those poor customers, who were prohibited from exercising their Second Amendment and God given rights to self defense. Sad that folks still have not learned that “gun free zones” are shooting galleries waiting to happen.

      • The shooter also used a confiscated gun and is a liberal. GO FIGURE.

        Gun control is “NEVER ABOUT STOPPING MURDERS” IT’S ONLY ABOUT DEMOCRAT / LIBERAL CONTROL AND SATAN INSPIRED COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP! With liberals, it’s always about Satan. With conservatives, it’s always about GOD!

      • The sad thing is that the police gave the Waffle House shooter’s dad the guns and he turns around and gives them right back to his son that did the shooting!! Now how stupid is that even after knowing that his son is delusional?!?

      • Have to be honest, I have had breakfast at Waffle House while I had my pistol in my IWB holster. My wife, and my grandson were with me and they depend on me. So, screw the gun free zones. I will not let my family become victims. If I get arrested, so be it. They will be alive

  2. Alishia Wolcott as a Veteran I salute you for standing up for your RIGHTS the same Rights I fought in the Jungles of Vietnam for you are right Government help (police) is 4-6 minuets away CCW help id just a CLICK (safety OFF) away God bless ya and yer Husband

  3. Too many people don’t understand the entire problem. Simply stated: Criminals, the mentally ill and those with a pronounced “hate” issue, do not give up their guns—and it is a world-wide problem. This has been proven when Great Britian, Australia and France confiscated their citizen’s weapons—-their violent crime doubled overnight, and in some case quadrupled, just like in our Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New York City and Washington DC who already had very stringent gun laws. Too many people don’t understand this. And, for the sack of argument, assume that those groups would give up their weapons, What would be the result? Well, with the criminals knowing our citizens were unarmed, they would double their manpower, and use other legal weapons, like kitchen knives , baseball bats and fire—and we all would be defenseless.

  4. Next it will be knives,then sling shots,bow & arrows and so on.
    I’ll give up my gun when MS 13 gang gives theirs up.

  5. I hope she is proud of herself-for she has more than enough reason to be. She spoke without fear, something too many Americans are afraid to do in this century. My one earnest hope is that she doesn’t fall prey to t he inevitable intimidation that will no doubt soon follow. Ms Wolcott, stay strong and do not allow others to back you off what you believe-we need more like you!

  6. I’m a strong believer in the 2nd amendment, but I can understand the policy. All it takes is one idiot to create havoc for 40,000 people. If everyone is being searched, then everyone is on an equal footing. The problem with gun-free zones is that nobody is searched, and criminals don’t read the signs.

  7. We need many more Alisha Wolcotts. Our government control of education has done just what it was designed to do. Dumb down students until they are ignorant of history, believe that our nation is evil and all other cultures and nations are better, believe that rampant racism is solely responsible for failure and poverty, and that each individual has the right to do whatever he or she pleases with no regard for traditional morality, other people’s rights, laws that They judge to be wrong, common sense or an almighty God who has the whole world and everything else in His hands. (He no longer exists, or He has changed.) We have literally turned our children over to Satan, the devil.
    Now we will either pay the price of our disobedience, judgement and Armageddon, or rise up to stamp out the noisy “Me First” group, replacing it with God’s truth.

  8. I also applaud her. She has relayed the real truth of the matter. If a deranged person wishes to take lives with a firearm a place that disallows possession of firearms is probably his best choice. Ed Doyel

  9. Hi I’m Canadian so I guess my opinion won’t amount to much in the USA but I’d still like to say good for you American citizens my country and from the little I know pretty well every other gutless nation have illegalized(please forgive my poor spelling)guns it’s really unfortunate that the general public are so god damn stupid the 1st. thing they always want to believe is the simplest thing.
    For example some horrific thing takes place ie: some nut shoots people,the 1st. thought is guns kill people(please if that’s you for just a moment pull your head out of your ass and realize guns don’t do anything without a person(such as a human being that is)pointing it and pulling the trigger,and so also if some dumb tit wants to kill people and goes somewhere with a gun and no one around has a way to stop them people are going to die.
    Threw different means criminal and nuts don’t have much trouble getting weapons so if decent people can’t arm themselves their fish in a barrel.
    Again it’s to bad but people are so easily confused by horse shit when every time one of these terrible things happen some politician or other idiot jumps to the simplest conclusion and starts convincing such large numbers of people(mainly because we are all grief stricken and alarmed)that guns are responsible(OK put your head back in your ass if you like)but if your 1 of the people who help to disarm the decent part of the public next time a lot of people get killed by some nut realize if no one was around and able to save some of those people because the law disarmed them anybody who promotes disarming the people should know you helped it happen so be ashamed.
    From what I understand Texans have always had there I don’t know the statistics(and I’m sure there will be a boat load of people who like all simple assholes will jump in with simplest argument ie: if you want to say something you should know what your talking about,well I have an opinion and I don’t need statistics to know I’m right)I do know I haven’t heard about more killing in Texas then anywhere else(and if texas is safer,I’m only guessing it should be made known to all Americans).
    I hope for the sake of any possible future victims That the American people with enough sense to realize if you can’t protect yourselves you or your loved ones may die are strong enough to stop the idiots from taking your right and ability to protect yourselves away,of only you can manage to make the dumb shits to use the sense god gave them(because it is there swimming around in their heads somewhere).
    You people have monumental task before you to make others understand they need to think for themselves.
    You have my admiration I know the battle your up against almost everybody I hear talking on the subject are for gun control.
    Please don’t give in you are the real Heroes and somewhere down the road people will realize it
    The last time I expressed my opinion on a topic I read on the internet I got jumped on by those who didn’t like my opinion(and I all ready have all the head aches I need so no one needs to know who I am so I won’t bother to say other then my 1st. name),if your one of them TO BAD oh I don’t care what you think so save your energy.
    Good luck to the Heroes trying to protect your rights,all of you should be grateful to them.

    • You should get a medal for this. You are so rite. The pointing fingers should point at those that want gun free zones, take away our rights of self defense and abolish the second amendment. I for one salute you. I wish we could make your statement mandatory reading for those ass holes you mentioned.

  10. Not me first but let’s restore God to the top! Let’s lift His Name and restore the creator to the top whereHe belongs and stomp on the devil and send him back where he belongs – the furie pits of hell where he belongs!!! Each and every one of us has that ability and if we simply used it this would be a much better world.

    Let’s use the only gun control we ever needed to begin with – JESUS!!! There is no greater!!!

  11. It is good to see that there are people that will stand up for the second amendment in the right to bear arms the gun grabbers have been after destroying the Second Amendment it is people like this singer who stood up for the Constitution the Bill of Rights the right to bear arms should not be infringed thank you for standing up with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

  12. It’s about time some reasonable thinking comes out of the entertainment industry. I commend her for her courage to speak up for what she believes in and what is right! Hopefully more will come to their senses or come up with the courage to stand up to all the nonsense going on today, We all need to stand up and defend our country.

  13. Good riddance you delusional nincompoop. Anyone can sing the national anthem only certain people have the brains to see the difference between what you’re espousing and rational gun safety. If you don’t like the rules fine but it’s not their problem, it’s yours.
    And f*uck all trolls, I don’t give a damn…

    • WoW Dom. How in the world have you survived life with no more respect for other’s opinions than you have? Personally, I don’t know how your comment made it past the moderators, but it did. Since it did, let’s analyse it.
      You begin by attacking the singer, calling names and questioning both her mind and her singing ability. You imply that only certain people have the brains to see rational gun safety and the your post gives the implication that you claim to be one of those people. You also imply that just because there is a rule she should follow it unquestioningly.

      First off, you give no indication of why you consideryourself an expert on gun safety. You also fail to give reasoning as to why you consider yourself an expert on public safety or that your indicated public safety knowledge includes public safety in large arenas and stadiums.

      If you were an expert on gun safety you would realize that this discussion has nothing to do with gun safety thus a gun safety expert has no reason to comment. Gun safety would only become involved if the discussion were to turn to the handling or firing of the firearm in some way. This case is completely about public safety as pertains to arenas and stadiums.

      As a Network Engineer, I do have knowledge of public safety at arenas ans stadiums. I gained this knowledge by being a part of the safety planning group for a major state university stadium when installing the wireless network to cover the entire stadium and field in order to comply with federal Hippa Laws. In my opinion as someone with knowledge of public safety in a stadium, but not wanting, in any way to imply that I am an expert, the addition of metal detectors at the gates will affect the safety at the gates only and in the case of a college stadium, which is the type we are discussing, means no safety at all.

      College stadiums are unique because of the environment in which they exist. Not wanting to give out knowledge I shouldn’t, l won’t go into detail but because of that environment, metal protectors at the Gates provide no safety to the public. If you close the gate to the corral without making sure the fence is up around the corral don’t expect your horses to be there in the morning.

  14. Good riddance you delusional nincompoop. Anyone can sing the national anthem only certain people have the brains to see the difference between what you’re espousing and rational gun safety. If you don’t like the rules fine but it’s not their problem, it’s yours.
    And f*ck all trolls, I don’t give a damn…

  15. Thank you for standing up for the right of self defense, instead of waiting for the police who hide until its safe.

  16. If we only had more people with the common sense to figure this out, instead of blindly following the sheep, America would be much safer. I’m sure everyone has seen the movies from Hollywood pandering to the concept about how dangerous the old west was with everyone carrying a gun. With few exceptions, the west was much safer than many modern day cities. Then, you figured if you murdered someone you would not live to go to trial unless you had a very fast horse and were surrounded by a crowd of cowards.

    When was the last time you heard of a mass shooting that did not happen in a “gun free” zone?

  17. Ramon Hardesty There are more ways to kill anyone they wish ! A car can run over people with a driver ! A knife can stab anyone in reach ! A baseball bat , when used right can bash a skull ! There are more than just guns to kill if some wants to kill!

  18. i applaud that person for taking a stand. and i agree with mr. andrews. by the way , since england banned most firearms they have had a marked increase in knife attacks! guess what? now a member of parliment wants knife control! i am here to tell you i saw it on line! be warned this could be our future.

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