Why Is Taurus Moving Out Of Florida?


If you haven’t heard, Taurus USA has decided to move their operations from Tallahassee, Florida to Bainbridge, Georgia, which is near the Florida-Georgia border. Construction is scheduled to begin in September, 2018.

Now, in case you aren’t familiar with the geography, Bainbridge is about a 40-minute drive from Tallahassee. What this means, essentially, is that most employees at the Tallahassee plant could continue to work for Taurus at the new plant without too much difficulty.

Which makes you wonder why Taurus is moving in the first place. If the new plant isn’t that far from the old plant, what is the incentive?


Of course, Taurus chief executive and president, David Blenker, said, “This new facility will meet our demanding needs to increase production with the skilled workforce Georgia has to offer.”

That’s great, but the close proximity of the new plant has some speculating that other reasons have caused Taurus to want to move out of Florida. Jacki Billings writes,

Taurus USA’s intentions to move operations from Florida to a new manufacturing plant in Georgia is in no way related to the Sunshine State’s recent change in gun laws, according to the company.

Billings also notes that “Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a sweeping gun control measure, SB 7026, in March […].”

I’m not surprised that Blenker is not blaming politics for the move. That would be bad press among those in government, and he has a business to run. So, he has to try to work, at least to some extent, with those who oppose guns to try to minimize gun control restrictions so that he can continue to do business.

But, on the other hand, I wouldn’t blame Blenker for making the decision to move out of Florida to a more gun-friendly state in a move to, hopefully, ensure that government interference doesn’t prevent him from continuing to do business in states who have sane people handling their gun laws.

All-in-all, though, maybe only Blenker can say definitively what the reason is for the move, and, right now, he’s saying that it is to allow for future growth. Here’s hoping that this move allows him to continue to do that.




    • ALL gun manufacturers should move to reliable gun friendly states. Alabama is a gun friendly state, and we would love to have all of them here. I know that the Alabama legislature would give the gun manufacturers tax incentives and more to have them move here. I would come out of retirement to work for them.

      • We would like to have a few more here in South Carolina too, they would be welcome with open arms. But. liberals keep on driving to wherever.as long as it is not here !!!

      • Ask a Florida resident where they were actually born – 9 out of 10 will say they were born elsewhere. Yet they brought their birth state politics with them, plus an unhealthy amount of wanting to control their neighbors do on their own land. I used to own 20 acres just east of Bradenton, planning to retire there. I sold the land to somebody else, not wanting any part of Florida politics. I bought 40 acres of land and home on it for the same price I sold the undeveloped land in Florida. Glad I did it before the housing bubble burst, too. Glad Taurus did the same, but wish they had done it sooner.


      • I would Hope that they Pay Gunsmiths more than Minimum wage if not I will not be using it I like my body parts where they are

        • Taurus makes a good quality hand gun I have several. I wish they had come to NC. I may have come out of retirement just to work for them. They are “any man’s Smith & Wesson”, basically same gun without the inflation caused simply by “brand Name”.

  2. I wish other states would decide to leave the union and protect our constitutional laws guns being one of them so that manufacturers can keep making firearms and selling them in gun loving states. Let places like Florida, ny, commifornia, etc fall in the cesspool they are or becoming.

    • I have always been of the opinion that anti-gun states should leave the Union – especially California, New York, Florida, and Illinois (Deerfield). They have consistently ignored the Bill of Rights in our Constitution which includes the Second Amendment, so they should suffer the shunning they so richly deserve.

      • Libs are going to continue to divide this country with there “Divide and Conquer” strategy until they cause another uprising and the South won’t lose tis time for so many Northerners have already been disarmed. Have you noticed that the States that have already voted to ban Sanctuary cities within their borders consists almost entirely of the former Confederate States? At last count it’s 2 states short of the Confederacy??? Charlie Daniels may be right with his song “the South’s Gonna Do It Again”.


      • I’m still trying to figure out how the States & Cities high jacked the 2 Amendment in the first place. The laws regarding gun ownership should be the same for all the States. The way is now if you legally owning a gun in one State can get you arrested in another. One example own a gun in PA get arrested in NJ.

        • Hey man, it is due to the policies of the Democratic party. You recall the Obama video about “The Life of Julia’? Dems believe we are to work to support an all knowing, all benevolent Federal Government for it is smarter than us. The theory is you give all to the Fed Govt, they will in turn give back to you what they think you need from cradle to grave. So along with that comes only the necessity that only govt agencies should have guns, none of the general public. To argue the point they interpret the 2A to pertain to the militia. Dems are simply Repubs with the brain bashed out

          • The UN started the move to disarm our People but back then it went over like a lead balloon..the new world order is depopulating the world. and they don’t want many survivors. Fewer are easy control.

      • could not help but laugh.. Chicago is the real reason that Illinois will end up going bankrupt.

    • There you go hating on the unions. Lease we forget that Unions were responsible for the decent high paying wages you enjoy, medical, dental, overtime pay, vacation pay, 40 hour work week, elimination of child labor and on and on and on. There is a reason why foreign automobile companies companies are locating in in SC, AL and MS. It is the continuation of the separation of the north and south. They offered a nice yearly salary for someone used to working on a farm but, nowhere near that of a factory work up north. A skilled trade lathe worker is a high demand skill no matter where you are located. Both should be appreciated and paid no matter where they are at. Gun folk have spent to much time talking about the people in Chicago, California and DC instead of focusing on keeping our weapons. Sorry NRA, you have been to busy focusing on that good guy with a gun while good guys of a certain hue have been getting shot down in the streets while saying nothing or not enough.

      • pretty sad that today the only real place we see unions is in government.. Business has figured out that the big problem with unions is they are towing the Marxist line and kill innovation.

        Seems like some like you who love Unions also love to pay taxes to support the government

        • You should read up on the early labor practices.
          Don’t know what you make but whatever it is a union got that for you.
          You get sick, you get some means to live on till you get back to work and you have a job, before unions If you got sick, you got fired and no protection.
          The unions set standards for the American workers even those who don’t have unions abide by the laws the union got for you.
          It was not the unions or the pay the people got, it was the taxes. Taxed out of America. Local, State and Federal

          • Those are irrelevant Those labor practices are now a century or more in the past and have no conflating interest with today at all.
            I was a member of the IEW and the US STEELWORKERS.
            I watched as they presided over the destruction of these once great AMERICAN industries and then tucked tail and ran away with their 40 pieces of silver.
            Good for nothing at all in the modern age

      • Yes but now they sell your votes for money. You Union guys always vote the way the union wants you too. Shame on you for doing what they tell you to do. They use your dues to carry out their political agenda. It may or may not be what you believe in. Let them know they are not “in the bag” votes and watch them change where they spend their money.

      • I think he’s talking about the “Union of US states” not labor unions. You know – “In order to form a more perfect UNION”.

    • Leave the “Union” really? Are you talking about the states north of the Mason Dixon Line, or the labor
      organization ?

  3. Well now, it appears, once again, that the antics, the hysterical actions or reactions of the political types once again come home to roost, creating potential hardships for those who honestly labor for their livings.

    • This is one of those sorta comments.. Taurus is building a new plant. Puts people to work labor and materials. Likely will put more people to work supplying new machines also. Florida has high taxes and fees to make up for not having state income taxes.. Georgia also has high taxes. So which side of the line is not relevant .. Think that Taurus was being very PC in his response

  4. Thanks to Gov. R Scott he has made Florida an anti-gun state. He has opened up the anti-gun establishment to start picking away at the 2nd Amendment and gives the right of police to remove guns from homes without due process. He’s also running for the Senate. Good luck. Not.

    • Please, do not throw Florida into the same slot as New yawk and Ill annoys. By far the citizens are pro 2nd. I didn’t agree with Scott but as a senate candidate, he will be running against an Obama clone in Bill Nelson, a snake-eyed liar. Only southeastern Florida is heavily liberal and the rest of us are the silent majority. We still have other arms manufacturers in the state that are perfectly happy. Florida is still a very gun friendly state. Other than a hitch in the 82nd Airborne, I’ve lived her all of my 77+years. Go gators!

  5. Florida Governor Rick Scott can KMA! He’s a Constitution trashing freedom hater. He makes it difficult for decent, honest citizens to buy guns, but the criminals will still have their guns!

  6. Let’s hope that Mr. Rick Scott gets taught a lesson by not getting elected to the senate. That’s the best thing for an politician that thinks that he knows what’s best for us.

  7. With Glock in my home town of Smyrna, in the northern part of the State, and Taurus moving to the other end, Georgia can continue being a gun friendly State. Fair winds and following seas. The Old Chief

  8. I think all the pussie gun control idiots should be all put in the desert that way the can see if they can pass a law with mother nature being too hot. Lets see who wins that one. Bunch of pussies that cant face facts they would rather crawl in a corner and bury their heads in the sand. I think they should pass a law that each must place a sign in their ysrds stating we do not own guns feel free to kill rape and torture for no will come to help. You pussies got the balls to do that?


  10. JTF: Like so many other brainwashed know-nothings, the Civil War was not fought over slavery- it was fought over the Northern states with government assistance levying extremely high taxes on products from the southern states – and the first shots fired in the war came from Northern troops in the Carolinas -at Southern demonstrators. If you don’t have enough common sense to go and research something before you open your mouth, at least just have sense enough to not spread your unsubstantiated opinions. By the way, very few people know the truth I just stated due to the Liberal lying Presidential losers and national press. Research Walter Williams (National News commentator who happens to be black) and you will find several more articles by people who know the truth about the subject….

    • Your are right Robert. Abraham Lincoln engineered the start of the Civil War. Most of the country wanted to negotiate to bring the states back, but when South Carolina evicted the US Army garrison at Ft. Sumter, and they did it peacefully with no injuries or loss of life, Lincoln called it an insurrection and illegally sent in the US Army without even getting an OK from Congress. It could not have been an insurrection because at that time South Carolina was not even a part of the US. Until the Civil War, every state, including all of the New England states, thought they had a right to secede for cause. New Your, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania all threatened secession over serious issues earlier in American history, but were negotiated back. Lincoln was a hick from the sticks, who apparently thought the Constitution did not apply to him. He illegally suspended Habeas Corpus, supported gangs of thugs who beat up anyone who publicly disagreed with the war, had several judges arrested and imprisoned and even threatened the Chief Justice with arrest if he did not support Lincoln’s position. He was also a racist who wanted to round up all black people after the war and send them to Haiti or Liberia and just leave them there. The victors ALWAYS get to write the official history of a war.

    • You are so right Robert, the Civil War was about States Right vs Federal over-reach. However almost 2yrs into it the Confederacy was clobbering the Union and had almost captured Washington DC. With a shortage of soldiers Lincoln made it about freeing the slaves to entice slaves to become Union Soldiers. Had JW Booth not killed Lincoln, his plan following the war was to ship former slaves back to Liberia Africa and Central America. Booth brought that to a screeching halt. One needs to remember that most of the slaves were sold into slavery by other Africans, including their own families, so Lincoln was concerned freed slaves would not be welcomed back to their former country, Liberia was a British colony in Africa. Think about it, what would they call a white man running thru the grassland of Africa catching slaves be called? One of 2 things! Target practice or lion bait. Africans caught and sold Africans??????????????????????????

      • The UN started the move to disarm our People but back then it went over like a lead balloon..the new world order is depopulating the world. and they don’t want many survivors. Fewer are easy control.these Africans who were sold were from one of the tribes who separated from Moses. The same Africans who invaded Egypt.

  11. Friendly today, anti gun tomorrow! 22,000 gun laws already on the books, only 1 out of 1,000 criminals are prosecuted. The Ballet is mightier than the bullet! VOTE Them Out!

  12. The Supreme Court ruled that the police did not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, and aren’t legally libel.

  13. When and how can we explain the meaning of the second amendment, so that these illogical minds can comprehend that it prevents violence, not creating it. Or, for that matter, the true reason for it – to discourage an aggressive move in government towards totalitarian rule.
    It is our education system which feeds the minds the wrong images, and there it is – an agenda to actually lead us to a collective state.

  14. It’s rather sad that as the extremist liberal, socialist crusaders abuse power and lower themselves to the use of coercive tactics, public humiliation and destroying people’s careers and companies, the right side is forced to change and adapt. And then it’s business as usual, but so much inconvenience and loss of profit and a general decline in productivity and efficiency still hurts average citizens. This is done all for purpose of creating an illusion of caring and so the liberal can demonstrate thru a false impression that they are reducing violence in our society.

    If our government breaks down and society is ruined by governmental corruption, desperation, mayhem, chaos, and segregation it will be interesting to see how the left will assign blame. More ironic will be to see the day when some anti-gun person is complaining that his pro-gun neighbor won’t loan him any firearms or supplies after his home is ransacked by criminals. They’ll be crying foul if they don’t receive help from the right and at the same time, their leaders will disappear into their gated communities and doomsday bunkers protected by hired security with enough guns and ammunition to protect several towns or over throw a country. Whose rights will they infringe upon then? And who will they disarm? Whose guns will they then confiscate to use for themselves? And after tearing apart the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and even The Ten Commandments…. what written document will they refer to when they demand their rights be honored?

    Stupid fools won’t see the truth until they loose everything. And those who do see it will suffer for the actions of self righteous idiots whose smug smiles and social media quips will be their undoing and if they ever realize the error of their ways, it’ll be too late.

  15. Whatever the reason for the move, Taurus made a good move. Florida is trying to restrict the U.S. Constitution for Florida residents. What is next? Can they restrict free speech? That is also a U.S. Constitution right, but no one sees a problem with restricting 2nd Amendment Rights. The Federal Government has certain powers, as do the States. States do not have the right to restrict Constitutional rights. The Federal Government is supposed to protect our borders, but individual States think they have the right to amend Federal Law. I propose that some State try to restrict the 1st Amendment and see how that goes. They could claim that they are authorized to do so, just as other States restrict the 2nd Amendment. This in not rocket science. Either we have a U.S. Constitution and enforce it or nothing is sacred. I don’t think the liberals want to enter into that debacle.

  16. Please note: The Taurus employees that move to Georgia will, once operating in Georgia, will have to pay Georgia state income taxes. When Florida workers worked in Florida, there is no state income tax. Think about that Mr. Taurus when you think about how much fun the move will be for those workers……… BTW the Florida state citizens will be seeking redress of grievance concerning the change in the law and also voting out as many Florida legislators as possible over the next four years.

  17. I may be wrong, and it wouldn’t be the first time, but it seems to me that the places with the strictest gun control law, like Chicago, D.C., the State of California, New York, etc., have the highest incidence of gun violence.
    Places that restrict how citizens can protect themselves have higher Gang Violence and Home Invasions.
    It is almost like the State Governments are promoting the gang violence and home invasions.

  18. They are moving to GA to expand and meet growing demand and florida and Georgia are the most gun friendly state you can live in and the reason they want to be in Georgia and close to florida because florida has the biggest gun industry worth a whopping 2.98 billion dollars and employs over 14,540 jobs so believe me florida and Georgia will always be pro-gun florida set the standard in pro-gun grassroot movements just because we made it to be 21 to buy a gun and a 3 day waiting period believe me if Taurus moved because florida is getting like commufornia there would be more companies moving florida economy depends on black rifle sales witch is floridas biggest industries you i.o. inc, EAA, just to name a small percentage and florida would be the last state to ignore the U.S. Constitution and like i said why florida would not ever have a ban on what the Demcraps call assualt weapons because it employs over 14,000 jobs and brings in 2.98 billion dollars alone just in black rifle sales like AR-15’s and AK’s and magazine feed shotguns so for a bill or citzen initiated constitutional amendment has to go in front of Florida’s supreme court and a fiscal impact review and with our economy running of gun sales and companies it wouldn’t make it pass a fiscal review because they will not let anything like that advance because florida would lose 2.98 billion per year and would put over 14,000 workers out of a job nope not in the gunshine state and will always be that way because we are a Republican ran state we hate demcraps down here

  19. i agree with Frank’s may 3rd comment 100% is not remington moving out of Ilion N.Y.? didn’t mag pul move to texas? this is maybe a good way to handle these states that want to take our freedoms. economics may work where other things don’t.

  20. There has been massive deception in our nation … most notably in the last 105 years.
    Becoming the Hope of the world was Never an accident or coincidence – Divine Intervention and the Founding Fathers Principles had Everything to do with it.
    Most Americans don’t even know that AFTER we FINALLY won the Revolutionary War the Constitutional Convention created roughly 300 drafts and took 7-9 years of consistent negotiations to arrive at the finest governance artifact ever created in the history of the world!! Liberalism and Socialism are both cancers associated with leftists … however, Rinos AND a big percentage of Washington DC politicians in general are complicit and only finger point. They want no resolutions & actually only want an unending game.
    There are no less than 6 books written by Oliver DeMille that clarify what the problems are, when they occurred, and how to fix them … 1913 is one of his books and also marked the first instances of veering away from the Constitution & the Founders intent.
    Cleon Skousen also authored a book called “A Miracle that changed the world, The 5,000 YEAR LEAP” THESE 7 Books OFFER SO MUCH INDISPUTABLE TRUTH that Athiasts & Libtards universally have every gasp of air sucked from their lungs … These 7 books should be in Every School, Every home study, and every library in America !!!

    At the very least read “1913, We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, The 5000 Year Leap” … Know that WHEN YOU DO – Libtards BEWARE … WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!!!!!!!

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