Could The Scary Thing That Happened To This Legal Gun Owner Happen To You?


Part of being a responsible gun owner is seeking to protect the rights of all responsible gun owners. So, when I see some kind of injustice being done to a gun owner, I take notice.

Unfortunately, injustice is exactly what seems to be happening to a Michigan woman. Rachel Blevins writes,

a mother is sitting in prison in Michigan, where she will soon give birth to her second child, as she spends the next two years serving the mandatory sentence for felonious assault and a felony firearms conviction.

But Siwatu-Salama Ra, 26, was a legal gun owner with a concealed carry permit in a state that allows open carry, and when she pulled out her gun, she was defending herself, her mother and her 2-year-old daughter.

Now, imagine yourself in her situation: You are involved in an argument with someone (only verbal) who then proceeds to ram their vehicle into your car where your two-year-old daughter is playing. Would you pull a gun out of your gun box and point it at the person who is ramming a vehicle into the car that your child is playing in to try to protect your child? Yes, I think that you would.


But what happened next will make you sick. The lady who tried to damage your car (with your child in it) stops long enough to take a picture of you holding your unloaded gun with their phone and goes straight to the police who wait three weeks before breaking into your house with a SWAT team and arresting you.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you are basically found guilty before even going to trial in spite of the stand your ground laws in place where you live. Again from Blevins:

she quickly learned that law enforcement had already chosen a side in the case. Her lawyers told the Metro Times that a detective from the Detroit Police Department testified in court that “the department considers the person who arrives at the police station first to be the victim,” which automatically made Ra the aggressor, even though she arrived hours later to file her own report.

So, if this had been you, even though you weren’t the aggressor, in the eyes of the policy, you are the bad guy.

How would you feel? This is injustice, plain and simple, and this is one of the things that pro-gun people need to be fighting against because, if it can happen to this lady, it can happen to you.



  1. I would get myself a dam good lawyer and not only to go after the women the officers as well.

  2. She should have shot her you never pull you weapon and not use it. Dead men tell no tales..

  3. If someone hit my car with a one to two ton vehicle, I would have shot the assailant in protection of my and my childs life and let the police deal with the body bag…..

  4. This is just one more example of why the laws across the country favor the person causing the problem, and not the true victim in this situation. This woman must have had a pi__ poor lawyer, who lacked a background in criminal law. Or thought the truth would protect her from an obviously flawed system of justice.

  5. Dead person cant testify. Damn cops always look for easy way out. Thats why they respond after the fact and dont pay attention. Cops today are too damn lazy. If you cant attack in groups of 30 with vests they wont do nothing.

  6. “Siwatu-Salama Ra, 26, was a legal gun owner with a concealed carry permit in a state that allows open carry…”
    Unfortunately, she forgot the basic tenants of gun ownership and the laws concerning concealed carry.
    1. NEVER muzzle something you do not intend to destroy.
    2. The best gun fight is the one you avoid. If you must be in a gunfight, “WIN THE FIGHT.”
    3. Presenting a weapon without intent is called “FELONY BRANDISHING OR FELONY MENACING.”
    It’s too bad; however, if she didn’t intend to shoot, she should not have presented, and pointed in.

  7. The gun owner should never pull an unloaded gun, when pulled she should have fired itso the other one could not leave the scene.

    • Where in the story presented, does it say her gun was unloaded? I agree that once displayed, she should have emptied the magazine into the other car, but, apparently, the police in Detroit don’t want people to defend themselves or their family! Sure wish they had given us ALL the facts, like what the argument was about, who started it, etc., not that it would make that much difference, but, it might help us to understand what really happened…

  8. Where wah the NRA and the other pro-gun organizations when this travesty was being done? They should have jumped on a chance to put this DA and the local police on notice that we will fight back!

    • SO, are YOU a member, jabalony? If not, STFU! You have nothing to say! If you ARE a member, surely you know that the NRA is spread very thin, and maybe didn’t have the resources available to fight this battle! Encourage your gun friends, if you have any, to join the NRA! If you own a gun, and are NOT an NRA member, you deserve whatever happens to you…

  9. PISS POOR LAWYER ! You need a lawyer that understands gun laws. I carry USCCA insurance. They have lawyer that understand the law. But an unloaded gun ? ? ? DUMB !

  10. SIWATU-SALAMA RA Should have called the Police as soon as the incident occurred with the ‘lady’ ramming her vehicle ! ***ANYTIME*** you use a FIREARM (or any type weapon) to protect yourself from another person assaulting you you need to call the Police and report the assault….if not this is what will probably happen especially with ‘cell phones’ taking pictures and people looking for reasons to sue each other civilly !
    It is also a really good idea to carry an insurance policy to go with your concealed carry permit….. if you have to use a firearm you can bet you will be sued….even if you’re 100% correct in your actions !

  11. Where is the NRA? Where are all the pro-gun people? Where is the public? Her lawyer was not on her side. This lady has been thrown to the wolves! This lady, like many other people, could not bring herself to shot her assailant. She wore her legal weapon as a deterrent to thinking its presence would protect her. Gun rights are for criminals. This prosecutor wanted another notch “on his anti-gun” platform for re-election. This poor lady was nothing more than a political pawn. Where is this ladies friends and neighbors who should be looking for political blood? Her assailant has a criminal background. An assault was made with a deadly weapon, a motorized vehicle. I am angry this pregnant woman was even prosecuted. This woman needs help and where is it. Her record needs to be expunged, compensated for her incarceration, and an apology from this jerk of a prosecutor. Justice has not been served!

  12. Old “Forrest” would say “dumb is as dumb does.” Phone call to the police at the time of the incident #1…
    Unloaded firearm being carried????? In jail?????? Really!

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