[Video] Customer Shoots Robber Through Drive-Thru Window



Sometimes, to be the hero, you have to do some unusual things. Maybe you have to crawl through mud. Maybe you have to climb a fence or a wall to save someone.

Or, if you’re in California, maybe you need to shoot a robber through a drive-through window.


A writer going by the name of Miguel gives us the details:

A civilian shot a suspected armed robber after witnessing the robbery while in the drive-thru lane at a restaurant.

On Saturday, police said 60-year-old Steve Rodriguez, who was masked, entered the restaurant with a black revolver and demanded money from the employees, CBS Los Angeles reports. Police said a drive-thru customer in a Honda Accord was stopped in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane by the window and witnessed the robbery happening.

Police said someone in the Accord shot the robber twice in the upper torso before he managed to flee from the scene.

You can watch a news story about the situation below.

It’s a crazy world that we live in. Unfortunately, there are people who believe that they have a right to take from other people simply because other people have what they want, and the people who have this twisted type of thinking often do not care who they hurt in the process.

Call them psychopaths or sociopaths, the truth is that the label doesn’t matter. What matters is that these people aren’t afraid to use threat of force or force itself to get their way, and they don’t care if they hurt you.

So, this is one of the reasons that pro-gun people wish to be armed: we don’t want to be the victim. We aren’t looking to start a fight, but, if we are forced into one, we want to be the one who can walk away from it. And that’s exactly what the drive-through vigilante did for these restaurant employees.



  1. Love it. Absolutely love it. Maybe this worthless “punk” will think twice before pulling another heist. I doubt he will see any jail time. They usually don’t and if you check i’ll bet he already has a record as long as your arm. I’m a retired Law Enforcement Officer and I hope the shooter is never caught. Good job whoever you are.

  2. I’ve carried a concealed gun on me for 31 years not because I was scared not because I’m paranoid but because I can
    I’m not looking to start anything but if pushed into it I want to be the one who ends it before I get hurt by some idiot

  3. It’s amazing how you never hear about this on the news. I’m a retired police officer and a life member of the N.R.A and I am a concealed carry. Thank you whoever you are for saving lives

  4. There is “citizen’s arrest”. Then, there is “citizen’s defense”. This Good Samaritan did not expect this. But the situation unfolded and he had to act. He did not want recognition or whatever. Most important, he did not want to be arrested for helping others.

  5. Michael Jones is absolutely right. The shooter takes a criminal off the streets, the victim recovers his property, and guess what? The liberal idiot government (but, of course, I’m being redundant: “liberal idiot”) will, if they catch the good guy, throw him in jail, blindly ignoring the outcome’s overriding benefits. Why? Because the scumbag was “leaving peacefully,” and the threat of harm was gone. Or…, WAS IT? Well, the liberal judge will determine, in his self-deluded almighty mind, that the scumbag would NOT have shot anyone impeding his exit. And so it will continue, until the intelligent voters throw out of office representatives who, having the power to do so, refuse to impeach and remove such slimy judges from office.

  6. What is the man who shot him supposed to do, sit there and let this Killer get away with the money…I’m sure the Liberals and their Judges will say he never intended to shoot anyone, well, they can take their lying selves onto a bridge and jump off…The shooter was perfectly in his right to shoot that Criminal, shame he, the degenerate Criminal, lives to tell the tale….We want the Law to be on OUR side for a change, and if not, change the Dam Laws…..

    • OMEGA 2: The police found the hoodlum across from the scene of the crime, with two bullet wounds. They hauled him to the hospital. He was fixed up, and will live.
      So much for getting tough on crime …

  7. And, as the reporter said, “he(the robber) might be connected to other robberies in the area.” Imagine that.

  8. I just returned from southern California and am glad to be home. I totally agree with gun carrying folks stepping into a fray for the good of all. I applaud your effort, sir. Thanks much.

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