Hey, Gun Grabbers! This Hero Is Who You Have Been Targeting


Anti-gunners have a single-minded delusional view of gun owners. They see us as evil, crass, uncivilized brutes seeking violence at every turn and just looking for excuses to hurt people. And this just couldn’t be further from the truth.

No, in fact, the people who cause the violence that gun grabbers say that they want to stop are people who aren’t getting their guns legally anyway. Sadly, though, the people that gun grabbers end up hurting are people like the hero of a recent shooting incident at a Walmart in the State of Washington. The KOMONews.com staff writes,

The man hailed as a hero for halting a gunman’s wild rampage outside the Tumwater Walmart store came forward Wednesday and said he fired his weapon only after it became clear that the gunman might injure or kill more innocent victims if he weren’t stopped.

That’s right. This gentleman, a pastor and emergency medical technician with the Oakville Fire Department, did something unthinkable to anti-gunners: he showed restraint. In fact, he waited to fire his weapon until he felt that he he had the best chance of making sure that no innocent bystanders would be injured by him.


Of course, this kind of restraint is mind boggling to anti-gunners whose mode of operation is to shoot off their mouth in criticism and shriek for more gun control before actually knowing what happened or fully understanding the impact of what they are calling for the government to do.

In a move that will further confuse anti-gunners, George said,

I am grieved that the shooter’s reckless actions endangered and hurt numerous individuals and demanded that he be stopped before doing more harm. My family, my congregation and I are praying for the gunshot victim’s full recovery and for all those that are suffering as a result of Sunday night’s tragic events, including the shooter’s family.

I don’t think any anti-gunners can begin to understand the thinking of this gentleman, a man who understood that he had to stop a violent person from injuring more people and who also understands compassion for those who were injured and for the family of the criminal, too.

Sadly, that’s a measure of compassion and understanding which, it seems, anti-gunners may never understand.



    • You are so right Robert. This is why, like this article, we too should report all good stories of responsibly armed citizens to protect themselves and the lives of others.

  1. Their are many stories like this, the NRA, prints every month, ” The armed citizen “, showing a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun.
    Sadly the left media, will never acknowledge same. It doesn’t fit into their wheel house.
    Facts don’t matter, to them.
    Thanks for printing the story.

  2. Having faced a gun in the hands of a person bent on killing me, I can sympathize with the pastor who had to make the decision to shoot another human being. Even though I was right in my decision as was this gentleman, you will wake up nights wondering if there was another way to have stopped him. You hear people, mostly liberals make public statements about killing someone they disagree with. These are the people that need to be off the street, and locked up for life. But it seems the lame stream media champion them while going after the law abiding citizen that has no desire to kill or injure anyone. Does anyone but me see a problem here?

  3. yeah.
    it’s unfortunate but the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with one.
    been that way throughout history.
    but the Libatrds NEVER get it because they think passing some law will do the job, and history proves that wrong.

    • James: These libtard loons have NEVER been proponents of Law Enforcement, as they exist on hate and divisiveness and Laws are meant to control such criminal behaviors and protect decent, law abiding American citizens, not Foreign Felons and their DACA brats used ONLY as a means to have a reason to keep the adults with the kids who are often not even their OWN.I am a 73 year old Disabled Vietnam veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive who served this country FAR more honorably than MOST elected to Congress and I had a degree in Government then! I am also a legally compliant gun owner and concealed carry proponent because in THIS version of America, it is a necessity to be able to protect yourself, so lawless a nation thanks to the lunatic left and their love of ILLEGAL foreign felons and the incredible FLOOD of such they have allowed into this country without enforcing ANY immigration laws since 1975 with the end of the Vietnam War and reinforced in 1980 by the Mariel Boat lift when Castro emptied his prisons and asylums and sent them all HERE! I lived through all of it and I am appalled at the degenerate, Hedonistic, morally unconscionable, valueless Society we have become through the efforts of the Democratic party which is anything BUT, American. What History proves is that those who would be free had best be prepared to fight and die to be so, for there is ALWAYS some one or thing waiting to end them and take them FROM YOU! Hence, the REAL reason behind the Gun Grabbers.
      You cannot Defend what is yours when you have no means TO DO SO!

      • Nikita, That ’68 Tet was definitely an eye opener wasn’t it? The day I got there was the day they kicked off the ’68 Tet, went thru a couple more of those before it was all over. About 3+ years there, a few holes in me myself but like you I served with honor and sense of duty to my country. Especially after after all those maggots at the airports and city squares attacking us I still did my duty.
        I hope your injuries aren’t too hard on you, some days are better than others aren’t they? Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for serving, sorry about your wounds, and I hope your home coming was better than mine was, welcome home at any rate, and God bless you and America.

  4. God Bless the pastor being a gun owner and a gun caring person we all hope that the day never comes that we face the same situation but I have no doubts that I will react God Bless America on this Fourth of July

  5. Gun control does not work. Why? Because decent, honest citizens won’t be able to defend themselves. The criminals will still have their guns. Look at Chicago. They have very strict gun laws. Chicago is a crime ridden sewer! Lock up the criminals and crazies! Problem solved!

  6. Gun grabbing leftist loons with no discernible values American or otherwise are creatures of no moral conscience and so, don’t care about the victims of these heinous crimes other than as to how it allows them to pursue their Anti-American Constitution and Rule of LAW Agendas. Criminals use illegally obtained weapons for intended acts of Violence for political or financial gain, wrongs which may be real or imagined but all in contravention of existing LAWS; making them criminals; NOT THE LEGALLY BACKGROUND CHECKED. SAFETY INSTRUCTED, COMPETENT, LAWFUL GUN OWNERS who use their weapons for recreational competitive events, hunting, or in the case of many today in THIS unsafe World and country, made that way by the leftist loons, SELF-DEFENSE. And, it is the U.N. and its scurrilous Agendas 21 and 2030 that are behind the gun grabbers, along with all inimical to our Existence as a SOVEREIGN nation and bastion against World domination by Dictate; again so coveted by the anti-U.S. United Nations which would not even EXIST had it not been for our Victory in World War II. Nothing like gratitude , huh? We need to totally defund the bastards and throw them off United States Soil and I doubt that they could long exist, since we from 2010-2016 under Obama paid 20% of their entire operating expenses. If you are a true American, the Lunatic left is YOUR enemy and you should be well AWARE of it. God Bless Trump and the Constitutional Republic we were founded as and he is desperately trying to RESTORE in the face of opposition from those, in the Oligarchical “Establishment,” in Washington, D.C., and across this land who are in FACT: The Enemy Within!

    • Wow! Well said, Nikita63! Deep in my heart and soul I feel everything you so eloquently stated here; I just don’t have the same eloquence. But I agree with your points of view – all of them. And to add one more bit of truth, I believe George Soros is also a driving force behind both the UN’s ultimate goal of globalization and the anti-gunners. Anyway, thanks for your Op-Ed – excellent!

  7. In today’s crazy world I have to say that I am not surprised this situation got turned around.

  8. I heartily commended the action & caution that this man of GOD displayed taking out an insane person! I believe If he had saved the lives of anti gun morons, they might sing a different tune! I’ve never had to use my EDC weapon to stop a criminal ( yet) but I wouldn’t hesitate to do what has to be done! God Bless this patriot who took action in this event. Insane perps should be put away forever or get the death penalty!! Stand up for the 2nd Amendment & keep our Republic STRONG!! If MY FLAG offends you, I’ll help you pack.

  9. I am passing this info along to those of us who can think. Gun control is just simply human control. But it has no impact on anyone who is bent on harming others. Wake up, people. It is humans we need to worry about, not weapons. How about killing a three year old child and seriously wounding eight others? The choice of weapons – a knife.

  10. The anti gun people want ONLY law enforcement to have weapons and some anti gun people don’t even want the police to have weapons. Why not? Because anti gun want NO ZERO guns in America. Yet criminals have guns and that is ok with them. Hypocrisy to the max.

  11. We have been saying over and over till we are almost out of breath and blue in the face it takes a “GOOD GUY with a GUN to STOP a BAD GUY with a GUN” if the Reverend had not been there who knows what would have happened if ya have to tap the perp twice ok if he is on dope and if it takes the whole Magazine be it 10 or 15 rounds you have to STOP the punk Bless ya Reverend you had Goodness in your Heart while the perp had Evil in His and Goodness won out

  12. The gun grabbers want your weapons as the first major step in the conversion of America into a socialist state. Without weapons you will be unable to defend yourself against the takeover

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