This New Pistol May Be The Dream Gun For Women

Image courtesy of Sirca Tec.

Contrary to what many in a certain part of the political spectrum want to believe, it’s pretty clear that men and women are different. Just on a purely biological level, the average man has more height and muscle mass than the average woman.

Now, this doesn’t have any relevancy on whether women should own guns or not (they should), but, because of the difference in their physical build, there is a need in the market to manufacture firearms to cater to women’s different physical characteristics.

A new gun design by a company called Sirca Tec is aiming to create a perfect pistol for women. The firearm, called the SLF-X, is a passion project for the designer, Sylvio Lorenzut, whose wife and four daughters love shooting but dislike shooting anything more powerful than a .22 due to the kickback (a complaint that we’ve heard from other women). So, Lorenzut set out to do just that. He explained the design to a writer going by Hrachya H:


The Sirca design is somewhere between a blowback and a delayed blowback in that there is no delaying device other than the dynamics inherent in the mechanism that causes the delay. Upon firing a conventional pistol the barrel is forced back and transfers energy to the slide and initiates recoil. In the Sirca, while the slide (rear) end wants to go rearward, so too does the barrel (front) end. Because the rearward drive of the slide moves the barrel end forward mechanically and there is nowhere for the barrelend to go rearward there is a slight delay in separation until the slide end wins out and separation can begin. This “dwell time” allows gas pressures to drop to a safe level and is the reason for mechanical breechlocking in higher powered calibers.

Right now, after the Parkland shooting caused a primary investor to withdraw funding, they are seeking crowdfunding to continue their development process.

I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing this pistol go to production and hope that Sirca Tec has great success.



  1. I just read about a Slovakian gun that has a rotating barrel which supposedly reduces recoil, the Grand Power Q100. What about that for women shooters?

  2. Nature didn’t require and equip women to protect themselves, that’s where us men come in. But now live is a distorted society where women do kill their own just like some animals.
    Your friendly lover of helpless women, why else do we need them, we are already the boss. Robert

  3. Well sadly when spouses die and women are left alone what is expected of us!
    We get a gun maybe more than 1. We practice and get very well with them👏🏻👏🏻👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

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