You Won’t Believe How Many Things Are Wrong With Just This One Initiative


Sometimes gun control advocates surprise you. Not because they actually make sense or show intelligent, rational thinking about guns (that would be a nice change of pace) or because of their audacity (I’m not sure they can get any more over-the-top). No, sometimes they surprise you because they, apparently, don’t pay attention to what they are doing, and it simply bites them in the backside.

Here is a case-in-point: The State of Washington has, as Todd Herman puts it, “a single topic rule for initiatives,” meaning that an initiative can only have one item on it.

If you think about it, this makes sense. How are you going to have an intelligent discussion about a specific proposed action if the proposed “action” is actually multiple actions? You have to be able to discuss each one at a time so that you can actually get into the meat of the proposal.


But, that doesn’t prevent anti-gunners from trying to throw in everything including the kitchen sink into one proposed initiative. Herman writes,

Our state has a single topic rule for initiatives. Initiative 1639 has at least 17 different topics that it addresses. That would make the initiative illegal, right?

1639 is a Washington state anti-gun initiative that is partially funded by a couple of billionaires, Paul Allen and Nick Hanauer. They’ve each donated a $1 million to fund the signature gathering process.

I think Allen and Hanauer know that the entire bill is illegally written, which would make it moot even if they get enough signatures.

Even though they are billionaires, you would think that Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) and Hanauer (entrepreneur and venture capitalist) would make sure that they weren’t throwing away a million dollars each on something that can’t work simply because it doesn’t fit the legal framework. But apparently not.

In case you’re wondering, this attempt at an all-encompassing gun control initiative includes a waiting period, required (state approved) training to be able to purchase a gun, the building of a gun owner database, extra fees, mandated (secure) gun storage, new definitions for both firearms and crimes, a waiver of liability for state governments (so they can ruin your life with no repercussions to them), and signing away your health care privacy when you buy a gun. Oh, and a few other things, too.

Why in the world are Allen and Hanauer proposing something that can’t even be legally implemented? Who knows, though I suspect that it’s simply another example of anti-gunners’ lack of understanding of reality.



  1. The most disturbing issue is all of these gun grabbing laws are aimed at law biding citizens. NONE OF THEM EVER GO AFTER ENFORCING CURRENT LAWS. Seems like the more money you have on this issue makes you oblivious to the facts. Gary

  2. I would agree that, at least on the surface, the initiative appears to be multi-topic inclusive. However, I also believe that between these two morons, there is enough money to hire a slick enough attorney to be able to find legal precedent that allows the packaging of all of the included “topics” under the single heading of “Improved Gun Control.” I am sure there is enough money between these two that the proper people in the Washington state government are already prepared to let the whole thing slide through. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but we know it can, and frequently does, influence congressional and judicial voting. People of Washington, be prepared to fight.

  3. Are there any billionaires that don’t have armed security ? Answer is more than likely no ! Therefore these humans are hypocritical elitist that want to disarm all of the peons that don’t have their wealth ! Just because someone makes huge sums of money does not make said wealthy human have more common sense , morality , scruples , intellect the only thing these billionaires have over humans with less wealth is the power that their great wealth provides . Wealth in the wrong hands is very dangerous for their wealth can be used to buy , influence , control others all with the enormous wealth the billionaires control . Those that have either amassed large sums of money or inherited large sums of money should never use said wealth to squelch the Constitutional Rights of citizens with lesser wealth .

    • Tot these elitists,we are the unwashed masses. We need to remind them that this is America not Europe and we will defend our freedom.

  4. Hate for everything Clouds rational thinking. Especially hate for our great country as taught by so many institutions has led to self hate , I.e. Suicide by so many. A cardinal sin. God help us. We fell into an 8 year hate for all during the Obama years and is now a political weapon by those who wish to continue. 😡

  5. A reasonable presumption would be that Paul Allen and Nick Hanauer are aware or have been advised regarding the law and how it would effect these multi issue initiatives. Being adults, of legal age, they can spend their money pretty much as they like. More important however, I believe, is the following. They have come to believe that while the law might apply to mere ordinary people, it doesn’t apply to them.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed that same ‘above the law’ attitude problem with some of the other billionaires as well. Which I can understand considering that if you have enough money to ‘buy’ the politicians in the first place, you can then have them make the laws that only benefit you, why should you worry about peon laws for the ‘po folks’?

      Can you imagine how bad it would be if there was…a ‘Billionaire Party’? Having been an observer of political culture all my adult life I’m getting a sneaking portentous feeling that ‘They’re’ already grooming Mark Zuckerberg for a future ‘POTUs’ run?

      Truly a frightening thought. Especially if a ‘Billionaire Party’ is behind it. How could he NOT win? And with billionaires already taking over and privatizing NASA and the future space programs, as well as already owning the largest corporations in the world, this could be something of unimaginable ‘Apocalyptic’ consequences for our original concepts of Egalitarian Liberties and Justice our late great nation was founded on?

  6. This initiative was written for those who live in the three ruling counties. KING, PIERCE, SNOWHOMISH. These three counties rule the STATE and there are enough ignorant voters who will not even read the Initiative before signing it and voting it in. If King County wants it they will push it through and to HELL with the rest of the state and the people.!!

  7. Why isn’t the NRA leading all NRA members in this totalitarian state to sign a criminal complaint and demand that the State Attorney in jurisdiction issue an arrest warrant against these two well funded tyrannists and any government official co-conspirators supporting this blatant felony violation of 18 USCC 241-242 which strictly prohibits any and all attempts/actions and intent to violate our 2nd Amendment rights???

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