Moms Founder Says Constitution Isn’t Important


You’re already familiar with Moms Demand Action and their unrelenting and misguided efforts to decrease gun ownership in the U.S. But you may not be aware of how out of touch with reality that they are.

Recently, Moms founder Shannon Watts as much as said that the Constitution was not important. In fact, in criticizing Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice, Watts tweeted “Judge Kavanaugh has applied an extreme and dangerous interpretation of the Second Amendment when determining whether a law is constitutional, one that does not take into account a law’s impact on public safety.”

Now, I don’t think you have to read into what she is saying to know that she believes that the Constitution isn’t as important as “public safety.” Never mind the fact that, if the Constitution were not in place to protect her First Amendment right to say stupid things, she wouldn’t be able to say… well… stupid things.


Tom Knighton had additional thoughts on Watts’s tweets. He writes,

Wait, is she saying that constitutionality isn’t the most important thing when determining if a law is constitutional? The purpose of the Supreme Court isn’t to determine if a law has any impact on public safety, public annoyance, or safety dancing for that matter. Its entire purpose is to determine if a law is constitutional.

But if gun control is constitutional–which anti-gunners have repeatedly maintained–then why should the Court take into account a law’s supposed impact on public safety? (It’s not a benefit to public safety either, but that’s another topic entirely.)

Is Watts tacitly admitting that gun control laws aren’t constitutional? It sure looks like it.

It’s simply astounding that gun control advocates cannot wrap their heads around the idea that one of the fundamental purposes of the Second Amendment is so that they can have the right to say what they want and believe what they want and do what they want (as long as it doesn’t hurt others) without a tyrannical government giving them grief about it.

Clearly, like so many other gun grabbers, Watts has no concept of unintended consequences because, historically, the effect of gun control is government tyranny, not public safety.



  1. Another illogical, irrational, freedom fearing, liberty hating, Libtard, PLEASE keep this shit up until the election.

    • They have been since GWB was in office and before. After the nomination in 2016 the wackos have gone ballistic…nut cases pouring out of the woodwork everywhere, some bouncing around in Giant Vagina costumes others with cutesy little pink pu$$y hats. Many on TB trying to impress more morons with stupid schit like images of Trumps head after cutting in off and still others were getting in on in the kenyan boyo administration murdering cops because of the hate and lies from the african pretender.. just look how many idiots voted for the arrogant incompetent criminal hore clintoney or the bozo, the bernhole… the roooshans indoctrination infection has worked very well.. stalin is extremely pleased.

  2. Sounds like Ms. Watt care about anything but running her mouth about things she knows nothing about. She obviously hasn’t had any history lessons, if she had she would know that without the 2nd amendment there would be no 1st amendment. History shows governments that have taken firearms out of the hands of its citizens, have eventually taken all rights from their citizens. All she has to do is look at what people like, Hitler, Stalin, Moa TzaTung, Pol Pot and other tryanist that disarmed their populations. These for men were instrumental in the deaths of millions of innocent people, one because they disarmed them and two took away their rights to speak out against their governments.

  3. Ah, the poor dear! Another “graduate” of our liberal dominated government schools!

  4. Ms. Watts need to pull her head out of her a– so she knows the meaning of gun ownership. And in addition she needs to get god in her life. enuff said.

  5. The last paragraph of this article says it all. Moms Demand Action organization is based on ‘feelings’ not Reality. The 2nd Amendment has been a God-sent to this Nation because it not only warns other Nations We the People won’t tolerate dictatorship but will Defend our Rights, our Consent, our Declaration of Independence, our Republic U.S. constitution. What is interesting is that without Our Ability to Protect not only this Nation but Ourselves also is also protecting Moms Demand Action to state their own concerns. The World is a very dangerous place to live in and until Christ comes it will remain so; taking away man’s ability to protect one’s self but to also protect one’s Nation is why we fight for the Right to bare Arms.

  6. shannon would more then likely screamed the loudest if someone step on her civil rights. Get a clue lady, SHUT UP. Oh right, that is one of your civil rights per the CONSTITUTION.

  7. Well my dear Mrs. Watts, what makes you think that you’re running the show? Your opinion counts as much as mine, and I’m willing to take care of myself! Do you think all the gun controls are magically working in places like Chicago? Then why all the murders? Are you going to be one of the people that are going to enforce the new gun laws that you think are necessary? Remember, democrats want to get rid of ICE! Do you want to be the person that knocks on doors and demands that American citizens turn over their purchased possessions, for absolutely nothing? What would you want to take next? Someone’s car that goes faster than the speed limits, because your dear child might get run over? Wake up and smell the roses, and be glad that you still have the freedom to dream!

  8. The lady forgets that The Constitution that protects my right to be armed if I so choose, also protects her right to mouth the foolishness she indulges in.

  9. One of the safest countries in the world is Finland, and they’re not giving up their guns anytime soon, because there are still many Finns alive who had to use their guns to defend their country from an invading foreign power, the USSR. The only reason we’re considering taking away guns here is because we haven’t had a recent major event to remind us why we need them

    • Actually, Sean, we are being invaded, which is a damn good reason to have guns. The only problem is that most everyone has been brainwashed with that Commie “PolitucallyCorrect” donkey dust. If this was happening a hundred years ago, you would be seeing a lot of blood and brain matter strewn all along the borders. We are now a country of panty waist pussies, with politicians who ignore many laws, because they are being paid off by the globalist.

  10. Shannon Watts, Where is your head? You should have received a sunburn while talking to the little piggy David Hogg. It does not say you talked to him but he is the only one other you that is that stupid. Without the Constitution you would have to worry about more than Public Safety. You would already be in trouble just for opening your mouth. Without the Second Amendment and our right to own the firearm of our choice crime would be much higher. The criminal and maybe our Government would be doing whatever they want. Educate yourself as to what would happen without the Constitution. KEEP IN MIND that you are free to leave this country any time you wish. Make it a one way trip.

  11. Shannon Watts is a Constitution trashing freedom hater. She wants to take guns away from decent honest citizens. The criminals would still have guns and the citizens won’t be able to defend themselves. The body count would sky rocket!

  12. If the constitution is not important ? Then Shanon should move to Russia, South Korea, China . They take all guns away the people . They kill you do not obey them . This person wants her name in lights .

  13. I am a mom, and I resent, that they are using moms as the name of there group, as if to imply that they represent all mom’s.

    Real mom’s do not enslave there own children…

  14. There once was a man who declared and repeated so three times that he renounced America, he spent the rest of his life aboard a US Naval vessel never to see America again.

    Might I suggest something for Sharron Watts founder of MoMs, I guess that stands for ‘Against all Rational Thinking.’
    Here is what I suggest, that from this day forward, Ms. Watts is allowed to remain within the confines of what is known as America, but will no longer be afforded all rights and privileges of an American Citizen. This would include the right of free speech since she has shown she is not of right mind, as for the Second Amendment, she would not be allowed anywhere near a firearm since she has displayed that she is a danger to herself and others. And lastly, she must be chemically made to be without the ability to bear children, on the grounds of mental deficiency, which she has displayed on many occasions.

    Now Ms. Watts, I ask you… how valuable is the US Constitution to you now?

    • Yeah, like Not-So-Fine-Stein, and Sen. Whiningberg (NJ), and BloomingIdiot from NY, and a host of other minions of the devil. They should all be charged with TREASON.

  15. Have no idea what politics she has but she is friggen stupid, I know that much. You have freedom of speech but before exercise that right you may want to engage that puddle of mush between your ears. It is called a brain, obviously you lack one. Or is that just the crack pipe talking?

  16. To those who believe the 2nd amendment should be abolished.
    You should all move to a country that has no 2nd amendment.
    This is America.
    Land of the free.

  17. The ‘second Amendment ” is part of the constitution, this woman is the biggest nut case yet.

    • It is not part of the Constitution. It is part of the Bill of Rights, without which the Founding Fathers would not have ratified the Constitution, Rights which supersede the Government.

  18. Simple statement. Mom’s founder can leave the country then. We don’t need anti-American clowns.

  19. Ms Watts isnt a very deep thinker. Emotional yes, rational, not so much. Without the means to secure it, our right to life is forfeit.

  20. Shannon Watts what fucking planet are you from if the “Constitution” is irrelevant you need a History Lesson as to why it was written in the first place then you and little piglet hogg need to do some traveling to Normandy France t start then to the South Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia and North Africa & Italy then the Punch Bowl in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor Dead) then Arlington and all the National Cemeteries in this Country and stop in front of each and every Grave Marker and apologies to each and every Veteran that DIED for your Freedom to be STUPID

  21. Clearly, like so many other gun grabbers, Watts has no concept of unintended consequences because, historically, the effect of gun control is government tyranny, not public safety. Obviously neither do you. The right to keep and bear arms is not a Constitutional Right! It is a God given Right, and supersedes not only the Constitution, but the Government. That means that Government did not give that Right, and thus can not take away something that they did not give. If you, or anyone else doesn’t understand that, take a class on the Constitution.

  22. I believe it was Churchill that said ” those that would give up freedom for security, will have neither”

    • Yes and the British then voted him out and did precisely what he warned them against. Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  23. May God Protect us from Battle-Axes like Ms.Watts, because the Battle Axe that she wields is her Tongue & that tongue has been Weaponized Against the Constitution.
    If Ms.Watts & people like her are able to Gnaw Away at the Constitution, then we as a Country are THRU!
    I am not surprised that she has taken Young Master Hogg under her Wing, two Left-Wing Zealots, who have both proven that LIES can Change Laws & if allowed, will destroy our Constitution.
    Just Look how easily Hogg & his Gang were able to influence the State Government of Florida.

  24. Most of you are wasting your breath. These people can not process logical thinking. My kids are more logical than these people… and they’re teenagers. Get my point.
    These organizations like “Moms”, only focus on what feels good and what is told them by their media and nimrod politicians. The media and politicians want to keep you in their grip. And of course unarmed. And they grow their base every day, with the illegals, allowing felons to vote, and teaching garbage socialism to our kids in school. They are banking on the next generation to get rid of the second amendment and the constitution.
    If it’s anything like California where I live unfortunately, that’s exactly what will happen. I don’t see California ever coming back to its senses. It’s too far gone and people like Moonbeam and Newsome count on voters ignorance and just falling in line with the pied pipers.

  25. A family member, from Spain, ask me: “Give me just one reason, for you to carry a gun to the street, shopping, dinning or just walking?” I say: “Since I can give you only one, let met give you one that cover all others: To do exactly the same as a criminal will do, but to the criminal, not to Innocent peoples” Then the response was as usual, about the Police, the control of gun for every body, to have gun with less power, as you know, the reasoning are repetitions and the answering are repetitions as well. Never ending

  26. It’s a hell of a lot more important than her “opinion” is. She and the rest of the tinkerbells need to take an inward look at their failures in child rearing instead of blaming all others for the failures of their brats.

  27. With liberals and democrats it is always the same, spend money on me, there is no I in team but there is a ME, I am the only one important, you can say what you want as long as I agree with it, you can do what you want as long as I agree with, only I make sense, anything you say that I do not agree with is a lie, Anything I say is the truth, you must agree with what I say or you are anti American, blah blah blah….

  28. Owen Grant, it was not Churchill, but Benjamin Franklin who once said, and I quote, “those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither a Liberty nor safety.”
    Signed, a Fellow Patriot

  29. if you believe that the constitution does not matter ! well then MOM you are a communist .” thats the way they think “

  30. Shannon Watts is a Constitution trashing freedom hater! She wants to punish decent, honest citizens for the acts of the criminals and crazies. Back in the day, America locked up the criminals and crazies. Problem solved!

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