Good Guy With A Gun Stops Drunk Would-Be Shooter In Florida


Well, here’s a story that you’re not likely to hear anywhere else with the mainstream media’s anti-gun bias in full force as it is today. But you need to hear these kinds of stories because they show the truth about what the overwhelming majority of gun owners are like: good, decent people just wanting to do the right thing and protect themselves and others.

Unfortunately, for a gun owner in North Naples, Florida, he had to show a willingness to use his gun if he had to. Emily Ford writes,

Customers at the Jack’s Bait Shop in North Naples got the scare of their life when one man tried to wreak havoc outside.

If it wasn’t for Good Samaritan, named Tom, standing by, an evening out could have turned into someone’s worse nightmare.

“You wonder, is this ever going to happen to me, and it did,” Tom said.

According to witnesses, what Tom did may have prevented a tragedy.

“I pulled into Jack’s, just walked in to grab a beer. Walked outside to sit down, and there was a table of ladies to the right of me,” Tom said. “Almost immediately, this black Lincoln pulled up with all dark windows and he did a hell of a burnout.”

Tom says what happened next was a blur.

Tom says a man, who deputies later identified and arrested as Keith Zavattaro, 55, of Naples, drove back to the front of the building, stopped and then slowly rolled down his window to then point what looked like a gun.

“So I got behind the cement pillar and showed my pistol, and he took off out of there really quick,” Tom said.

According to the arrest report, other people outside also saw the gun.

Fortunately for Tom and everyone else, he didn’t have to actually fire his weapon for it be effectively used for self-defense (another truth that anti-gunner don’t ever talk about as this is often the case). But, the scary fact is, if Tom hadn’t been there on the scene with his firearm, then there might have been a number of people dead or wounded.


We’re certainly glad that he was there to do the right thing.



  1. Tom should reconsider grabbing a beer if he is carrying. If he had to actually pull the trigger, and the following investigation found he was drinking, his situation could change for the worse.

  2. They wouldn’t have found he was intoxicated if his story is accurate , but, you’re right. The good guy would have been attacked , NOT , the guy in the car .

  3. I am glad that Tom was carrying that day but also for being a responsible citizen who has a ccw if planning to have a beer you should not be caring a firearm period let’s be smart citizen s who carry guns and alcohol is a bad mixture

  4. In NY if you are lucky enough to obtain a pistol license you would indeed be arrested for using it in defense of your life???
    It cost’s more than $500.00 dollars for a person to even apply for a pistol license,and that’s provided that the City Government and police department approve of your reason for the application.If you are declined they keep the $500.00 application fee,and you wind up with nothing>>>Every Judge and lawyer has a pistol carry license but you cannot get one>>>This is another example of the elite’s exercising there second amendment right’s and VIOLATING YOUR’S.Just my opinion,

  5. Gun grabbers never think it could be them that tom saved from possible attack bad people dont play by gun laws good people do

  6. I think the wisest thing for any state to do is allow people to use their rights the way they see best, instead of treating us like juveniles that don’t know better and need to be watched. Mostly, we all know better than to just go around shooting at people, and the ones that don’t know better, know enough to realize that they would get shot themselves. I’ve lived in parts of this country that are still like they were back in the early 1800’s, everyone was/is armed all the time and yet there are no shoot-outs. We carried everywhere, women, children, old folks, everybody is armed. In fact, there’s only one place we didn’t carry and you’d never guess which place, court rooms, city hall, police station, even bars, but the one place they’d prefer we didn’t carry was into the banks. The reason you don’t hear about those places is because nothing happens there, at least the really violent stuff. Even things like, oh say a 12 year old boy gets in trouble and Dad has to punish him, he’d never, ever pull his gun on his Dad. Why we ever allowed any govt. to reign control over us for this reason is confusing. Especially since none of them ever held a gun, how do we trust them to dictate to us about gun control?

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