If You Live In This County, You Can Breathe A Little Easier About Your Kids’ Safety In School


School shootings concern all parents of school aged children whether your kids are in a public school or not. No one in their right mind, wants to see children killed.

So, anti-gunners have that one point right. Of course, it’s the starting point of the discussion, and they completely lose the plot when they start talking about how to decrease school shooting deaths in the United States.

Fortunately, though, not all Americans have lost their minds about this issue, and, in fact, one school board made one of the best decisions that I’ve heard about when it comes to protecting kids in those schools. Slater Teague writes,


The Lee County, Virginia School Board has approved a measure allowing teachers to carry guns at county schools.

Board members voted unanimously in support of the measure.

“The only way to fight a gun if somebody comes through these doors with a gun to shoot our students, is with another gun,” says Michael Kidwell, Lee County School Board Chairman.

Lee County is the first in Virginia to allow teachers to have guns in schools. The board confirmed tonight that teachers will be armed starting this fall, as soon as October.

The board says the process has been a year in the making and has been met with majority support from teachers and parents, who want to be prepared in the event of a mass shooting.

“At least it gives us a chance. If we sat there and did nothing, I couldn’t sleep at night. At least we’re trying to do something,” says school board member Rob Hines.

Of course, not everyone was happy with the boards decision. One “lifelong educator” is quoted as saying that “[t]he more guns that are out there, the more problems we are going to have.” It makes me wonder what this person is teaching our kids because it’s obvious that they have no grasp of either history or human nature.

But, thankfully, the board didn’t let her opinion get in the way of protecting children.

So, if you have kids in schools in Lee County, Virginia, I suspect that you’ll be sleeping better this fall. And, if your local school board isn’t doing something intelligent like this, I suggest that you push them to do so.



  1. Unfortunately, the Dumbocrat Governor is trying to get the will of the local people overturned.

  2. Good for the school board. It amazes me that some of these ultra rich antigunners are against arming teachers or having armed security, yet they send their children to private school that are not even marked as a school, with walls all around it, a entry gate that only opens when the parents (or their nanny’s) are dropping off or picking up the children, it looks like a secret service detail for a president around the school. How do I know this; because I have seen it. Yet these same people don’t want to protect public schools where the “normal” people go. The hypocrisy.

  3. The choice is simple…..defend your children and yourself with a gun or let the police draw a chalkline around the dead bodies of your children and you!

  4. some of you adults are brain dead. you apparently have no clue about gun control the second amendment. I am really concerned ,about is you do not make your children mind they do respect their elders. simply put if the children are big enough to carry a gun. and they start a blood bath they will be tried as an adult.and convicted they shall be put to death. make your children mind and teach them right from wrong.

  5. I am not sure that arming teachers is a good idea. They are teachers, not combatants. We do need trained professionals that are armed. But if we cracked down on irresponsible patents who do not secure their weapons at home we are asking for an emotionally charged teen to take a gun to school. We need to crack down with legislation that makes adult parents responsible for any shootings their kids commit.

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