Why Gun Control Couldn’t Stop Parkland Shooter


Here’s the scary truth that gun control advocates don’t want to face: Gun control couldn’t have stopped the Parkland shooter in Florida.

Big, bold claim? Yes. True? Yes.

Let me explain. See, Florida, like every other state in the United States has certain guidelines that gun retailers have to follow, and it doesn’t appear that those guidelines were violated. Florida Department of Children¬†and Families visited with the school shooter and his family before the shooting took place. In fact, the Associated Press writes that:


[Pinellas County Sheriff Bob] Gualtieri told members [of a commission investigating the school shooting] that school and mental health counselors had at least 140 contacts with Nikolas Cruz over the years trying to get him help, but his mother frequently interfered.

See, what the commission found out is the problem with all gun control efforts: someone is willing to provide a gun for a shooter who wants it.

In the case of Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz, the enabler was his mother, Lynda Cruz, who Gualtieri said told her son’s counselors, “If he wants to have a gun, he could have a gun.”

But the enabling doesn’t stop with a parent. In Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, guns are provided to gang members by people who sell them on the black market. History has shown that, when something is made illegal, a black market will spring up to provide that to people who will pay. Just look at prohibition back in the 1920s and early 1930s. Did alchohol go away? No, it didn’t. The streets just got more violent as organized crime got involved. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing in places like Chicago.

See, gun control couldn’t stop the Parkland shooter, and gun control can’t stop Chicago having one of the highest murder rates in the country. Gun control can’t stop crime.

You know what stops crime? Someone on the scene willing to do the ugly work of stopping the criminal. That’s it. History shows time-and-time again that nothing else does the job.



    • Agreed with all said here, but we have to be careful of the trap the Totalitarians are setting with this mental illness issue and specious notion of ‘controlling’ a person’s right to possess things based on a subjective or arbitrary assumption that they are in the process of a criminal act just by being ‘mentally disturbed’ or ill. Being mentally ill is NOT a crime. It’s a disease. A CRIME is a crime. Thoughts or ‘extraordinary’ manifestations of human interaction in society is also not a crime. At some point in the future these may evolve into some unlawful behavior, but not at the onset.

      The criteria for commission of a Crime is dequentially strictly delineated in common law in combination of a system of reasonably objective Due Process. Otherwise we’d all be able to be immediately grabbed by a Gestapo jackboot, tazed and cuffed, locked up, and everything we own searched and seized every time some silly-ass holier-than-thou self ordained morally superior ‘do gooder’ with an axe to grind sees something they don’t like about you when you’re just walking down the street, having fun, and minding your own fucking business, calls the police state authorities and points their stinky fingers at you

      The Deep State Government, of course, has already demonstrated quite obviously that they would also just love the ‘authority’ to deem anyone as ‘mentally deficient’ as having a cognitive dissonance that automatically makes them somehow ‘dangerous’ to society just because a person ‘disagrees’ with their priority mission of disarming and enslaving the populate before it becomes the prophesized ‘population explosion’ expected very soon now… I mean, you must be criminally insane (which is determined, by the way, AFTER a person commits a crime) to even have the terrible ‘thought’–let alone speak about it–that our wonderful benevolent all-protecting (certainly all-seeing) government is bad in any way?

      Yes, this Nicolas Cruz situation was a good exemplary of a textbook example of ‘the process’ also being capable of so much municipal/educational systemic corruption that it fed upon and poisoned itself and actually became its own criminal behavior, and gave us a harsh reality demo of just how easy it is to break a system that is already fragile to begin with.

      If you were at a party and O.D.’d from the plethora of alcohol and other ‘intoxicants’ being passed around like candy, depending on how well optimized the medical profit incentive system was for the particular municipality, right after the stomach pump from the hospital the ambulance took you from, your body (if still alive) would be ‘seized and confiscated’ and taken to a secure state mental by a couple of county deputies to a health ‘holding facility’ for at least a 72 hours where you were carefully ‘analyzed’ to see if you could be released back into society without being a danger to yourself or anyone else. This is also SOP for perceived ODs from your private medicine cabinet in your home if an ambulance was called.

      Because of Cruz’s potential danger factor being stepped up wll beyond reasonable criminal behavior assessment because of repeated, documented deleterious social behavior including threats, physical assaults, school suspension, etc., It would be a no brainer order by any low level magistrate to have him remanded for observations pending mental assessments. And whether or not treatment should be advised. And this would be the proper humane way of handling this sort of issue. And the best way to ameliorate a potentiality of future harm.

      No doubt his defense will include extensive psychiatric evaluations which will determine extensive cause for sentencing mitigations.

      And the Deep State government, again, has no problem with banning the person (instead of inanimate object) when it has to for prophylactic measures for extraordinary mental issues/behavior When there is a ‘Need’ to do it to for their own ‘interests’. They recently ‘seized and confiscated’ a dissident investigative reporter (research the Activist website) as he was walking down the street Not because he was committing any crime or exhibiting probable cause in view of a sworn police official, but because on his radio/blog he was getting way too ‘out of control’ or more precisely, ‘content’ in the exercise of his journalistic right of free speech. They swept him right up and neither his family nor his attorney could contact him?

      And WikiLeakes founder Julian Assange, the scourge of all corrupt government Deep State Criminal Tyrannists, is now set for a similar ‘human confiscation’. Even though Mr.
      Assange never committed a crime, never was charged with anything because there’s not even reasonable suspicion of anything, and all his due process was denied! Just ignored…because the government didn’t like what he was ‘reporting’ about them concerning their criminal acts, even though he had proof! And the people deserved to know! Think about that?

      So, as the very perspicacious article above implies, apparently the Totalitarians are confident enough now in their progress of destroying the 2nd/A, which protects ALL our other guaranteed rights, that they ‘jumped the gun’ on their next target of the 1st/A and our protected right to Free Speech.

      While we are still ‘We, The People” (instead of peon slaves) We should really seriously move out and exercise out power by having these government criminals arrested and prosecuted. Before we just…can’t anymore.

      How about that, You NRA executives? How come we don’t hear any outrage from you? Or at least issue a formal complaint complaint on behalf of your membership to demand criminal prosecution for these crimes committed by government officials?

    • Thank you Joe but you are supporting common sense and logic which liberals reject. The liberal agenda is to get more voters into the country through open borders so they can implement socialism which has proved to not work. Liberals try to appear interested in safety by way of gun control while turning their backs on real criminal facts. In the Parkiand shooter case the parents of the shooter are equally guilty of mass murder because they provided the means to carry out the mass murder. They should be charged with accessory to the facts, convicted and imprisoned for a lengthly period of time. My concern is protection of the public from menaces such as those parents who were involved in allowing this mass murder to take place. Lock them all up.

  1. Even with all the gun control Fl. has Cruz broke no laws. With all his mental problems they were never reported to instant background checks system and that could have stopped him. But they still blame the gun and not the shooter. That shows they have a agenda and they don’t really care about the victims at all.


  2. The people who think “controling” the legal gun will stop the school shootings are delusional.
    It’ s the shooter who needs to be controlled, NOT the gun (the gun is only a tool)

  3. The way things are going in this country, It would be shear lunacy to ban guns. The DA of Philadelphia wants to close the new prison that was just built approx. 9 years ago. Where are these people who are incarcerated for crimes against law abiding citizens, going to go? THEY ARE JUST GOING TO CONTINUE TO ROB, RAPE, STEAL, KILL, ETC…………………….

    • Phil unfortunately we have people in government positions now whose minds are wired with reverse polarity. They think backwards against common sense and logic. What have they been smoking, swallowing, snorting and injecting for “recreational” purposes? It defies logic that we have that kind in sensitive positions of responsibility.

  4. The “gun grabbers” WANT more murders in order to “persuade” more and more people to give up their rights and then the criminal Left will be the only ones armed and will have their very own dictatorship.

  5. Sorry but the gun control folks have no sensible argument at all. We cannot just create laws without solid proof of mental illness. Otherwise we are just encroaching on human rights of way too any individuals. Even those who do have mental issues are not necessary violent. But science does not have any real honest symptoms to rely on yet. We also do not have the technology to physically do surgery to repair any damage to the brain. If every person with a mental disability were denied the right to firearm we would be denying perhaps a person who would never hurt anyone else. Yet there are plenty who have the desire to kill. When are we going to be able to sort out the truly dangerous people from the rest? That is way down the road. Meanwhile, self defense is the only reliable source we have against potential killers. That can be a police officer, military person or a concealed carry person.

  6. Mexico has the strictest gun control laws in North America no civilian can own buy or poses any type of firearms, only military personnel or police.
    And it has the highest number of murders in North America. They also have the largest black market for gun and drugs. So if you’re have a criminal whom determined to commit a crime against humanity no one can stop it!
    Politicians who are looking to make the name for himself always have been
    First to get on band wagon, and then make you believe that gun control would make you feel safe.

  7. I don’t understand why people can’t figure out that if you take guns away from the general population we will have no way to protect ourselves against government take over. Just do some history checking. You will see that is first thing that tyrants do.

  8. I don’t understand why people can’t figure out that if you take guns away from the general population we will have no way to protect ourselves against government take over. Just do some history checking. You will see that is first thing that tyrants do.

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