Fact: Gun Grabbers Get It Wrong. New Statistics Prove It


Anti-gunners, to a person, seem to have this idea that implementing strict gun control will cause a decrease in violent crime and crime in general. They buy into this idea completely in the same way a cult member buys into the words of their leader so much that they drink the poisoned Kool-Aid (as happened in this twisted situation).

Unfortunately, for anti-gunners, the truth actually sides with gun rights advocates as new data from the United Kingdom shows. As you probably know, the U.K. has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. Ed Riley tells us the results of those laws:

The number of killings and knife offences in England and Wales have surged in the last year, official crime figures reveal today.

The Office for National Statistics have recorded the number of homicides has increased by 12 per cent, and crimes with a knife have risen by 16 per cent.

The number of homicides now stand at their highest level since 2008, amid a violent crime wave that is blighting London and other cities.

The number of killings is up from 627 last year to 701. Police have also registered 40,147 crimes involving a knife or sharp instrument in the year to March.

In the 12 months to March, forces in England and Wales logged a total of 5.5 million offences, a rise of a tenth (11%) compared with the previous year.

Gun crime has also increased, but less so than knife-related crime – rising by two per cent to 6,492 in the reported period.

It came as other Home Home Office data also released today revealed only nine per cent of crimes end with suspects being charged or summonsed.

Yes, really, murder rates have increased, violent crime rates have increased, and even the rates of gun crimes have increased. And, remember, this is with some of the strictest gun control laws in the world.


In fact, the situation is so bad that London’s murder rate is now higher than New York City’s murder rate (and New York has a larger population). If that weren’t enough, Riley also writes,

The number of robberies recorded by the police also increased by 30 per cent and there was a 17 per cent rise in thefts from vehicles.

If you simply take a look at the data, you can’t come to any other conclusion: gun control doesn’t work. It doesn’t reduce gun crime. It doesn’t reduce violent crime. It doesn’t reduce crime at all. In fact, things get worse when law abiding people are deprived of one of the most effective ways of defending themselves.

So, next time your gun grabber neighbor wants to start harping on about gun control, set him straight with the facts from London until he gets it through his thick head that gun control doesn’t work.



  1. How often do the gun-grabbers have to hear these statistics?
    Criminals will ALWAYS have accsess to guns! Repeat: ALWAYS!!!
    While citizens trying to protect themselves will have to swim against the current of political bull*hit!
    Criminals don’t give a damn about laws.
    Ever since Cain and Abel we have known the need to defend ourselves.
    Human nature has never and will never change!
    Gun control only hampers and disadvantages the innocent. Thank you, politicians!!

    • Socialism Defies all Logic and most Gun Grabbers Have the IQ of the Two Characters that Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels Played in Dumb and Dumber but I don’t think Carey was playing.

  2. People keep talking about safety and the crime rate, like that has something to do with the motives of the “gun grabbers”. It doesn’t! The sole goal of all this is to set up a dictator form of Goverment, organized by George Soros, and his organization. The names in the news, Obama, Clinton, the kid in Florida that thinks he’s Hitler, they all think they are going to get an important position in this “new world order”

  3. So true! But remember, the left as in freaky Commie Obumma will never accept truth. There mission is to destroy this country no matter what they have to do. Isis at work under the cover, Democrats like Shumer and Pelosivitch.

  4. This is just recent information. When they first had a gun ban, back in the 60s, the crime rate shot up, and it only went back down to where it was before the ban after they increased the number of police by 50%

  5. Well over 200 Million unarmed subjects are reliably estimated to have been slaughtered by their own governments in the 20th century. This is history and it’s been replaced in our schools by “social studies.” Social studies is largely political poop teaching kids that socialism/communism are good types of governments while our own government is racist, unfair and mean. The Bible teaches that man is a fallen creature to whom sin comes quite naturally. The penalty for sin is death, and all have sinned. But because God loves His human creatures Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross to redeem, buy back, every single one of us from death. This truth cannot be mentioned in schools without raising unbelievers hackles and causing an uproar. God is being banned from modern society and crime, hate, disrespect and chaos have taken over. The armed citizen stands between lawlessness and governments seeking to overpower the masses. We are well on our way to increasing the 200+ Million who allowed themselves to be annihilated.

  6. The gun-grabbers and their weak minded followers are incapable of learning from the facts that are shown to them in this article. The only way to hold on to our freedoms, especially the freedom to enable ourselves to protect ourselves and family, will hinge on the midterms. Before we start we are at a disadvantage due to the number of dead democrats who manage to vote. We must understand that any vote for a democratic candidate is a vote for Nutso Nancy Pelosi and Mad Maxine Waters and the growing Socialist movement in the democrats party. So get out and proudly VOTE to hold the Republican majority in both houses. That’s what every patriot must remember. Support President Trump and like minded Republicans or wake up to Majority leader Pelosi and be afraid of that. It’s an easy choice when you consider the possibility of the Socialists running our country.

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