Gun Control Battle Going Down In Washington State


As you know, Washington State, part of what is often called “The Left Coast,” has been hostile to the Constitution and to gun rights for some time now. Unfortunately, for law abiding residents of that state, this foolish line of thinking is still going strong there and, in fact, may be showing signs of getting worse.

A perfect example is that the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, has decided that she wants guns under the control of the city, even though doing so is illegal in that state. Dave Workman writes,

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has signed a city ordinance requiring so-called “safe storage” of firearms, with civil penalties for violations, despite a 35-year-old Washington statute that placed sole authority for gun regulation in the hands of the State Legislature.

Now, in case you’re wondering, the state law is very explicit in that it says that “[c]ities, towns, and counties or other municipalities may enact only those laws and ordinances relating to firearms that are specifically authorized by state law[…].” In other words, the law specifically states that Seattle cannot due what Mayor Durkan has taken upon herself to do.


But, never fear, there is already a fight coming down the pike over this issue. Again, from Workman:

Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, based coincidentally in the neighboring city of Bellevue, confirmed that there will be a lawsuit challenging the validity of the ordinance under the state statute. SAF was joined a few years ago by the National Rifle Association, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and other gun rights groups in a lawsuit that stopped Seattle from banning firearms in city park facilities.

Now, as in every lawsuit, there is the possibility that gun rights advocates could lose this case, which, of course, is what nutcase gun grabbers want.

That being said, though, there is hope that the court system will give the smackdown to Mayor Durkan’s ridiculous attempts at taking away Second Amendment rights in Seattle. For example, there was the recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in favor of open carry (that’s a surprise right there).

With that in mind, here’s hoping that gun grabbers on The Left Coast finally get put in their place so that they actually go find something productive to do.



  1. I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Ms. Durkan has armed staff in her entourage!!!!!! What a F-ing hypocrite.

    • YOU BET she does ! As do all “government officials” …. “hypocrite” does not even BEGIN to tell the whole story

    • Where in our constitution does it say I have to have a permit to own a firearm. Its states that I can HAVE a firearm.
      I am going to ask the Mayor, when she has the courage to go up to a gang member and tell him/her she is going to take their firearm away. Please mayor let me know, I will want to videotape this action. Just you and the gang member. And myself, with the camera. Police know who they are, just ask them. I want very much to see if you have the guts to perform. Those are the people that have to be disarmed to protect us.

  2. No tyrant has ever take over a Country, (State, Town) when the Citzens were armed. This is not about safety, people are safer when they can protect themselves, this is about keeping the people under their control.

  3. Washington state has/is inundated with Californians scrambling north after screwing up their home state beyond habitability for any “AMERICAN” … Here in Oregon we are getting approximately 1/2 the numbers headed to Washington and we are ALREADY seeing and feeling the flood of misfits – WAIT !! Don’t move to another, more open minded freedom loving state !! Gear up for the fight …. DO NOT ALLOW these morons to ruin the entire Pacific Coast for intelligent AMERICANS !!

  4. As someone who was born and raised in Seattle, I can say that we have been very libertarian until very recently. Recently, we’ve started going far to the left, but this is not the Washington state I was born in. I think it has to do with the wave of Californians we’ve recently gotten. For example, Washington used to be known for courteous drivers, but now I narrowly avoid a crash every day I go driving, which, because I love cars, is every single day. The guaranteed worst drivers are the ones with the old yellow and black California plates. In that regard, we’ve also had a recent increase in the number of ricers on the road

  5. S , What part of shall not be infringed do these a holes in govt. not understand i was with the understanding that they took an oath to uphold the constitution . ???? .

  6. in the history of man good people are the only ones that have ever been disarmed. thugs will always be armed they ignore the law . disarming is only about communism that can not exist when the people are armed

  7. This creature needs to be put in her place! She should be recalled for being unable to properly carry out her office without breaking the state laws. What a jerk.

  8. If the leftist socialist regime of imbecilic stooges continue to try to undermine the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, the free Patriot Americans will have no choice but to fight back, and thus the beginning of the 2nd Revolutionary war, Or, the “Left vs. Right” fight for individual freedom in America. American Patriots have been training, prepping, stockpiling and planning for this for years! Does the leftist lunatics have any clue what they will unleash if they “keep poking the bear”? “We the People…”, think not! Bring it on! Make the same mistake, again, just like the British did by underestimating we Patriots. We kicked their asses right of of America, and we are totally prepared to do the same to you traitorous heathens! Molon Labe

  9. Even federal laws are subject to the constitution. I suppose the city thinks it is immune to the constitution. But it is not. Anywhere east of the mountain range in Washington does not agree with such illegal behavior. Time for some lawsuits.

  10. This ridiculous mayor is BANANAS. I’ll bet you she does not go anywhere without and armed police escort. She wanted a head tax paid by big business, which big business fortunately beat. She wants to raise property taxes to the point noone can afford them. SHE WANTS TO BE A DICK-TATOR!!!!!

    • This PoliticalScumBag does its Bad, Wicked, & Evil deeds ONLY because We the SHEEPle allow same! IF we cared, its’ Nonsense & Hogwash would end before this weekend!

      Are there any among you who actually believe it did NOT enact these things without knowledge that they were in violation of established law? That knowledge alone is basis for a (literal), Hanging!

      What a shame that We the SHEEPle remain Useless against such evil!

  11. That’s the problem on the left and right coast. They pass these stupid laws somehow then the smart average people afew forced to file a law suit that takes years to settle. Yet just like these 3d guns plans for sale. Defcad won the lawsuit after 5 yrs and yet in half a day a judge in Seattle can suddenly decide this company CAN’T put the ideas online as per there settlement they won? How’s it possible for those on the left to get laws passed or stopped immediately yet law abiding gun owners wait yrs to overturn unconstitutional laws that anti gunners know are wrong?

  12. WELL I wonder if Mayor Durkin has her Security Officers lock their guns up when at home or at her home so they are safe from being used illegally or stolen? This is something the Residents of Seattle need to know ! The mayor Durkin needs to take a Television crew with her to see how her Security ensures their firearms are safely stored when not being carried and if Mayor Durkin owns fire arms the people Have the right to know if the fire arms are safely stored !!

  13. I was born and raise in Seattle back in the 1940’s, My grandmother born their in 1883 aboard a ship in the harbor. If she knew today what’s going on in our beloved city she would turn in her grave. I think Seattle needs to think of the ways the city should be ran that under our Nations Constitution and it’s Amendments within it.Not ran as a third world country with Socialist ideas, that fails every time. Look at Venezuela from a well ran county to people looking for food out of garbage cans. WAKE UP SEATTLE.

    • I’ll bet the Constitution for the State of Washington, also serves to protect against such unlawful documents being written under ‘Color of Law.’

      Does anyone herein know?

      BTW, there exists no such document and a “Constitution OF The United States of America!” There is however a “Constitution FOR The United States of America.” Big difference! Said Constitution was written as a ‘Millstone, a Limitation of Powers, around the neck as to what the new government, (our forefathers were creating), could and could-not do to us! It was also predicted that We the SHEEPle would “fall asleep and get the kind of government we then, deserve!” That We the SHEEPle have done!

  14. I have relatives that luve in Seattle and I have not seen them in approx 10 years because I am from California and I am terrified of going to Seattle at get my self in trouble by questioning all the idiots who have no idea if how there stupid ideas are justso far useless and how people with gave a brain will not servive to leave any where else. With things like they are I will never make it back to Seattle to thank my grandparents and realatives for raising me to to be a thoughtful person who respects everyone’s rights ut I must say it is getting harder to be civil with the dumb idutd still living there

  15. Sorry folks I honestly think Seattle is so lost that i.will be dead before the come to their scenses and see the message they have allowed to grow.

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