Why Was This Guy Able To Get A Gun?


You may have heard about a recent shooting which occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio, in which, tragically, a gunman shot and killed three people and injured two other people before police shot and killed him. It’s a sad, sad situation, but it also raises a number of questions that need to be answered.

The big question on our mind is: Exactly how was Omar Santa Perez able to get his hands on a firearm to be able to use it to do these terrible things? You see, he wasn’t just some ordinary everyday person. Jessie Balmert writes that Perez “had a history of petty crime – and possible mental health issues.”

Yet, Perez was able to get a gun. In fact, Balmert writes,


Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said Thursday that the 9mm semi-automatic pistol “appears to have been legally purchased.”

But I thought that gun control was supposed to prevent both criminlas and the mentally ill from being able to purchase a firearm. Where did this breakdown occur to allow him to get a firearm?

Well, first of all, under current Ohio and Federal law, to prevent a person suffering from mental illness from getting a firearm, a judge has to rule that the person has a mental illness and report that to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). It doesn’t appear that this happened to Perez.

The second issue is that Perez has only had run ins with the law over minor offenses which would not have prevented him from purchasing a firearm.

In other words, gun control wouldn’t have (and didn’t) worked here because nothing could predict that Perez was going to do something evil like kill another person.

Unfortunately, though, getting this through the heads of gun control advocates may be a lost cause as they seem fixated on the idea that guns are to blame, as if guns can shoot themselves.

And, sadly, gun control advocates seem bound and determined to continue to try to pass more stringent gun control laws instead of putting that energy into something that will make a difference.



  1. The failure of Gun Control, notwithstanding the chosen blindness of it’s adherents, is music that must be played and replayed.

  2. What kind of medication was he on? People who are prescribed meds by their physiotherapist need to be banned form purchasing any guns!

  3. This is just another example of the fact that GUN CONTROL does not work. Maybe the Country would be allot better off if they would spend more time on PEOPLE CONTROL and enforce the gun laws we presently have.

    • Hear, hear! Finally someone with some sense! “Gun Control” is just a buzzword used by control freaks who want to run everyone else’s lives according to their agenda and free will be damned. Our founding fathers saw this in their day which is why the right to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment, immediately following the right to free speech!

  4. Unfortunately,the info I have establishes that the Medical profession does not have iron clad understanding of the human mind or how to fix it. If this guy had a prescription there is no indication that he actually took it or even purchased any. I also know that not all people with mental issues are ever violent or think that way. Therefore, the “legal” attempt at controlling misbehavior is rather muddy.

    • Big Pharma rears it’s ugly head again! The big pharmaceutical companies have convinced the FDA and most doctors that ANY condition can be managed with the right combo of drugs. Three problems exist side by side here; 1) most drugs today have side effects more detrimental than the condition they supposedly “treat”,2) most psych patients don’t take their meds on the prescribed schedule, 3) the drugs might trigger violent tendencies in patients who weren’t violent to begin with, (side effects again)!

  5. I agree. If he was on some medication for some mental instability, he should have been bookmarked as such but that doesn’t stop those whoa re on illegal drugs.

  6. It wouldn’t matter if it was an Axe from Walgreens, if it’s a weapon in a stressful time it “Will” get utilized by someone. And on a side note it’s mentioned in the article that, “…guns don’t fire themselves”…
    Well in popular Mech they just ran an article when the Army is testing out “Just That” an EI self propelled “Terminator” that will roll along and pick its targets and … Yes fire itself…., Now this “Won’t” (let’s hope not soon anyway) be rolling down Lincolns Main Street anytime soon, But who knows who will reverse engineer the product and garage one???

  7. And WTSHTF …

    “The appointed thing comes at the appointed time in the appointed way.”
    – Myrtle Reed (American author, poet, journalist, and philanthropist)

  8. Heres something that might work> Dole testing like the police department.This is a test to determine presence of drugs in the system type and amount.this test can identify psychotropic drugs>>>

  9. Want more crime? Pass more gun control laws. The decent, honest citizens will comply. The criminals won’t. The result? More crime! That’s why Chicago is a crime ridden sewer!

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