Father Of Parkland Victim Has Harsh Response To Anti-Gunner Politicians


Anti-gunners take it for granted that, if your loved one died at the hands of a mass shooter, you will be anti-gun and an ally in their efforts to take away our Second Amendment rights. And, to be fair, after such a horrible tragedy, it’s not hard to understand why people, still acting out of their overwhelming grief, may take that position out of the sheer emotionalism of the situation.

But the father of one victim of the Parkland, Florida shooting isn’t likely to get airtime on mainstream media news shows with it’s anti-gun narrative. Why not? I’ll let Ashe Schow tell you:

Andrew Pollack lost his daughter in the tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in February. While many who survived the shooting have become anti-gun advocates, Pollack has taken a different approach.

In a tweet sent Thursday, Pollack pointed out just who was responsible for failing to protect his daughter (hint: NOT the NRA) and did not accept House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) pledge for more gun control proposals.

Pollack’s tweet on October, 18, 2018 said,


What/who failed my daughter:

•Dem policies
•Dem Sheriff
•Dem Super intendant
•Dem school board
•Dem teachers union

Now Nancy Pelosi is saying that if the Dems take back the House they will take away guns to honor Parkland victims

From a victims dad, go to hell Dems #FixIt

Clearly, Pollack is angry at anti-gunners who have not done what it takes to make our schools safer. Unlike anti-gunners, however, Pollack understands who is really to blame (instead of what. Hint: it’s not the gun’s fault.) for these tragic deaths. Schow continues,

Pollack claims that it was Democrat policies, and a Democrat sheriff, superintendant, school board, and teacher’s union that failed his daughter. These are all the people who knew the shooter was a danger yet did nothing to protect students due to a policy of ignoring threats to reduce student arrests.

While I’m not interested in getting into partisan politics here, Pollack is correct that it was the people who did not address red flags about the school shooter before he committed this horrible act and that want to keep us from being able to defend ourselves that our to blame for how vulnerable our children are in public schools.

Schools are a gun free zone? No, it’s more like schools are a safety free zone.




  2. Thank you for taking a stand from Day one. The corruption is discussing from the Dems. I understand because I live in Pembroke Pines and have seen to much. May God Bless us all.

  3. He is exactly correct here. More gun control doesn’t stop shootings. Look at ALL the gun laws already on the books now. Tell me how MORE are going to stop this? What is Truly needed is ENFORCEMENT of the laws we already have. That is the step that needs to be taken.
    You can make all the new laws you want to but without enforcement of laws it does NOTHING but Hurt legal gun ownership. I use mine for hunting and for home protection. I don’t have pistols, everything I own is either shotguns or rifles. Someday I might buy a pistol but I don’t plan on getting a concealed carry permit at this point.

  4. Look, it is very obvious Pelosi is not of sound mind and she has cheated Americans many times out of tax monies. She voted for policies then suspended the rules for her husband’s company. She is a two-faced liar and should be exiled!

  5. Up here in South Western Vt. we have a central high school and Jr. high school. They each have a full time, armed guard on the premises, besides the regular patrol car that swings in, at random. While this still isn’t as good as having all the custodians and a few of the teachers armed, it’s a lot more than they have in Flordia.
    The “only” thing that’s is going to help when some nut shows up with a gun is the good guys with guns.

    • Why not install metal detectors in the schools, with an armed guard. The lefty’s put so much money into anti-gun laws that is totally useless, Take that money and buy metal detectors and pay an armed guard. All this is in place in federal buildings for years now including airports.

  6. I’m a democrat but as a Vet and Wounded Warrior I’m also pro 2nd Amendment. Waiting to see the national ccw reciprocity to take affect that will supercede any state or city limitations because it’s federal

    • Glad to have a pro-gun democrat here, thank you for posting! I agree that CCW reciprocity would be great – however I am totally against a “federal ccw permit” as that would put more power back in the hands of feds

    • Unfortunately, Brian I don’t think we will ever see a reciprocity agreement because each state wants to control guns in their own way, and a Federal permit will take the licensing fees away from the state’s coffers!

  7. Mass media is unlikely to give this parent much attention, as he does not hew to the party line.

  8. I’m so sorry that this father has lost his child to this horrible tragedy, and I thank him for his bravery. He clearly is a sensible and well balanced person with his beliefs after this happened. He’s absolutely right, the Dens are using this and every mass shooting to try and steal our rights to defend ourselves. The Second Amendment isn’t there to allow for Hunting privileges; it’s there to protect average citizens from Government Tyranny. The Dems hope to continue to convince Americans of the lies they spread with the help of Main Stream Media to gain complete control of our lives. Then once back in power they will outlaw guns so they can maintain complete control until nobody will be able to argue with them under penalty of death. With gun rights in place Government doesn’t dare push us too much or too far.

  9. He is right, but Pelosiites are so filled with pride in their supreme wisdom that they can’t admit when, and about what, they are wrong. Though “pride goeth before a fall,” the fall happens because pride is really a set of heart and mind blinders—the proud can’t see what is around them, only the consistently, historically bankrupt ideas of their elitist thinking. However, because their belief that they are right drives them, persistent Pelosi Parasites are a constant danger to the future of our republic.

  10. Its obvious this man is right. The problem is that schools, churches, post offices, and other establishments that post no concealed weapons are easy targets for people that want to do others harm with the least amount of resistance. Chumming for sharks. Law abiding gun owners would never violate those policies, but somebody with the intent to kill or rob couldn’t care if the sign was a mile long or any laws prohibiting such. Gun control laws will just make it worse. Criminals will never give up their guns. There is no way to remove guns from the bad guys. The only way to stop them is good guys with guns

  11. The democrats know that gun control will not stop the shootings. That is not what they want to accomplish. They want to change all of us from citizens to subjects. They do not want to have to fear for their lives or to have to fight a civil war with the citizenry. They want total and complete control of all of us so they can rule and rake in all of the money. They want ALL OF THE POWER with no backlash.


  13. How many times do we need to dissect the Democrat party line; It’s not about the GUNS, it’s about the CONTROL. Obama’s patron saint and mentor, Saul Alinsky said it best.
    A study of history will reveal that in each and every instance of despotic totalitarianism and tyranny, FIRST comes the disarming of the citizenry; confiscate all the guns so the resistors can’t resist.
    As you go to the voting booth on Nov. 6th, remember that we as a country only exist, our Constitution still only exists BECAUSE of the Second Amendment, not in spite of it. It is the the amendment upon which every other amendment rests, as well as the body of the Constitution itself.
    As long as we as citizens have the ability to resist tyranny and to constitute a threat to those who would enslave us, to impose their will against us, we will always remain a free country. That’s what our armed forces defend everyday. So, as long as a (D) appears after a candidates name on the ballot, vote them out by casting a vote for those with the (R) following their name. But most importantly, LISTEN, READ, WATCH, become INFORMED about what your candidates stand for, WHO they will stand with and who they will VOTE with once elected.
    It’s not okay to say that you won’t vote for or with Pelosi or Schumer, Waters or any of the other anti-Second Amendment sheep when you get to Washington; they hold the reins of power and if you as a legislator want to have anything to show for your term there, you WILL tow the Democrat line, vote for their “progressive” anti-american, pro-immigration agenda, or you will have accomplished nothing but wiping the noses of those listed above.

    • You will notice that it is the Second Amendment, the First being Freedom of Speech! The Founding Fathers felt the right to keep and bear arms was important enough to list it immediately after the freedom to speak freely!


  15. David Hogg wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens! A bunch of Demoncrats want to to do the same. What would happen? The decent, honest citizens would be defenseless! The criminals would still have their guns. Look at Chicago. They won’t let the good citizens have guns. But the criminals will still have their guns! It will be blood in the streets. But that’s what David Hogg and the Democrats want! The Democrats are pro-criminal and anti-citizen!

  16. Only ignorant minions listen to the anti-gun drivel. All you do is open yourself up to illegal guns. Just look at the stats from the moronic lib run meccas like Chicago.

  17. This man who lost his daughter at the school shooting is absolutely correct. Children is these “Gun Free Zones”, are sitting ducks. They know there are no guns that people won’t be shooting back at them. It’s inviting a shooter. How many “Gun Free Zones” have been attacked by shooters, like churches, schools, and anywhere else the people are stupid enough to tell criminalmonsters that they are free here to shoot anyone without fear of retaliation. This is so stupid. I don’t understand why they announce this. According to our second amendment we have a right to defend our selves. Why not go into the criminal areas and take the felons there who aren’t allowed to have guns. I don’t see the Police rushing to take illegal guns away. Why not? Are they afraid? Start getting the criminal off the streets. It’s the way this will work out

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