Everytown Pushes Biden To Implement Gun Control Through Illegal Method


Let’s start with the obvious: any straightforward reading of the Second Amendment of the Constitution comes to a clear conclusion: all gun control is illegal. In other words, any reading with the intent to see what it says, not with an agenda to subvert it, is going to come out on the side of gun rights.

Having covered that, many states and municipalities have tried to implement a variety of gun control measures often with some success in getting those measure implemented (with no improvement in overall violence statistics).

But Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, like anti-gun organizations in general, isn’t one to let reality stand in their way. Or, for that matter, legality. In fact, they are now pressuring Joe Biden to implement gun control by executive order which goes beyond even the questionable legalities of other gun control “laws” (hat tip to here for the lead). The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action posted the following recently:


According to the December 10 report from the New York Times, Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety is pushing Joe Biden to enact a raft of gun control by executive fiat. As much as Everytown and their would-be autocrat benefactor might wish, the U.S. Presidency is not a dictatorship. The executive actions Everytown contemplates implicate the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners and are not moored in a credible reading of federal statute.

The article noted that the group has targeted three areas for executive action. Everytown is urging Biden to further restrict the private transfer of firearms between non-dealers, force Federal Firearms Licensees (gun dealers or FFLs) to notify the FBI whenever they complete a firearms transfer following the FBI’s failure to complete a background check within three days, and further regulate unfinished firearm frames and receivers – sometimes referred to as 80 percent frames or receivers.

As the NRA-ILA points out, even Obama’s administration said that they couldn’t push for more gun control through executive order. But the truth isn’t something to which anti-gunners tend to pay attention.

As ridiculous as it is, it would seem that we are going to have to continue to push back against the illegal actions of anti-gunners trying to influence the Federal government. Sadly, that is something that hasn’t changed.



  1. The anti-gunners are missing a big point: That is, be careful who you declare war on. Second, the numbers: There are far more honest people who only use their weapons legally than there are criminals who have guns. So in this equation, it’s safer to go after the criminals than it is to violate the 2nd Amendment RIGHTS of honest people who far outnumber the criminals.
    In Texas, trying to get our guns is akin to declaring war on us! “Like my ole Pappy used to say, don’t corner someone unless you’re willing to fight him”! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

  2. When FIATS start overriding the Constitution is the time for practical demonstrations of why and what the 2nd is. Such FIATS would fall under the definition of abuses referred to in the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and defined in the remainder of the document. If you haven’t read it in a while you should and keep in mind that it and the Constitution ARE intertwined.

  3. How many of the Useful Idiots that support Bloomberg’s Everytown live in a gated community with ARMED guards? Are these people Ironic or Moronic? I don’t understand why people continue to support Bloomberg’s businesses when all of that money is being used to turn our country into a socialist / communist country. If that is what all of these Useful Idiots want, then let them use their money to move to Venezuela, Cuba, China, or anywhere else that has been stupid enough to move to a Socialist / Communist country. Socialism has never worked, it does not work now, and due to its impossible to work ideology, it will NEVER work. Smoke and Mirrors.

  4. I’m a Combat veteran who went to war to defend our freedom once and make no mistake, I will do it again regardless of who or where the enemy is!

  5. ATF is already starting on the 80% restrictions.
    Have they read “Unintended Consequences”?

  6. All these liberal socialist want to ruin this country so they can have absolute power and wealth. And once they start to get what they want, they will all fight with each other and start backstabbing each other for a “seat at the table” which if of course the plans of a moron blinded by greed.

    And for them to bring their plans to fruition in the unrealistic expectation that all the elites will share in the spoils only to fight among themselves…. we all have to suffer and I like many patriotic Americans are not going to just let them do this to us and ruin our lives and our country.

    Again I believe even if they manage to gain total dominance and ultimately total control, it will result in a total breakdown and their liberal socialist agendas and planning will implode and society will explode with anger and violence. So in the end they will lose everything after they have destroyed a great country and they will be seen as scumbags without any friends, any allies or a place to call home. These are the sickest, greediest, most self absorbed cadre of idiots the world has ever seen.

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