Mainstream Media Proposes To Make Gun Owners More Vulnerable to Personal Attacks


What would you say to a proposal that required you to take extra time to be able to get to your firearm to protect yourself or your family if someone is breaking into your house or threatening you in some way? You wouldn’t like it, you say? Then you had better pray that Congress doesn’t read the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

The LA Times recently released an op-ed piece which proposed that gun owners be forced to lock up their firearms. Now, this isn’t a bad idea if you have small children in the house, but mandating that everyone who owns a firearm do this makes owning a firearm that much more expensive and that much less useful when a person lives in a situation in which they feel like they are in regular danger. AWR Hawkins gives us the details:

The Los Angeles Times editorial board suggests Congress mandate gun owners lock up their firearms. For gun owners who do not have a safe, the Times suggests an alternative trigger lock requirement.

Will this put gun owners at a disadvantage when a criminal enters their home and a gun is needed for self-defense? The Times contends it will not because “vendors have designed trigger locks and gun safes that users can quickly access.” In an attempt to prove their point,  the Times actually undercut their claim by linking to an article that shows handgun safes adding up to three seconds to the time it takes to access a firearm.

Moreover, the Times did not examine how much that time increased if a person was under duress when trying to remember and/or enter the combination to open the safe. They also overlooked whether the biometric readers–used on some of the safes–read fingerprints if the finger is wet, muddy, or caked with blood.

This is the kind of nonsensical proposal that only anti-gunners who have no experience with firearms or being on the receiving end of gun violence would propose. This kind of thing, if put into law, would mean more deaths of law-abiding citizens. Utterly ridiculous.


This is just another mainstream media fail.



  1. I would say nobody has the right to violate my civil rights that are given me by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I do not care who you think you are. My civil rights are my civil rights and nobody can take them away without due process by the supreme court. The court that must hear my redress of griveancess.

  2. The MSM is nothing but childish propagandists, and I sincerely hope THEY are the ones who face the punks they’ve created who carry illegal, unregistered firearms.

  3. More proof that the Demoncrats are pro-criminal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kids are grown and long gone from my home! I live to damn close to Memphis,Tn. so everyone can bite my ass! I will store what I want the way I want and I don’t give a F what law is passed at this point!!! tThe government pays for 24/7 security for democratic senator Steve Cohen of Memphis and Memphis is 83% black and votes 90% Democrat and he needs security? Hell, I’m half white, half Creek, who protects me? Not the cops! The force is 500 short and spending$275,000 a year and 6 officers on Cohen!!!!!!! BS!!!!!!!

  5. Well, these morons can try to pass whatever laws they want in this area. Besides fighting the laws, I simply would not comply. The 2nd Amendment is clear, “We have the right to Keep & BARE arms”. Not keep your arms locked up to restrict access. Most people keep a weapon close at hand, especially when they are sleeping.

  6. FUCK THEM SORRY MF’ers they ALL(demonrats/supporters) need IMPALING as VLAD THE IMPALER done!!!

  7. I had to shoot an intruder two years ago. I don’t give a tinker’s dam what they “pass” I’m protecting my home the way I know how.

  8. I read all these GOOD COMMENTS, ABOUT 8 MONTHS AGO I HAD AN EXPERIENCE WITH AN OFF DUTY COP. HE HAD CUT ME OFF AFTER A STOP LIGHT. WELL TO MAKE THIS SHORT I DID HAVE MY GUN OUT BUT NEVER USE IT. Then I was arrested in Milwaukee without any rights given to me of any sort. NOW the off duty cop said, ” I gad pointed my gun for 1 second at him.” NOW I do have a right to carry and I do have Military Experience and Combat Experience I know how to use my weapon in all types of protection. WHAT RIGHTS DO I HAVE WHEN A OFF DUTY COP LIES ABOUT MY RIGHTS???

  9. Who agrees that if we are already law abiding gun owners while it was legal to own guns that we are already grandfathered in, and that, once a law is passed, that those that have respect for that law(including government officials)that were born under that law shall still be subjects of that law. No changes! Unless convicted of a fire arm crime.

  10. Everyone needs to research who they are putting in office to represent them. Join your local gun rights organization and when they make a stand at the Capitol of your State, go with them. Support them any way you can. Talk to your local Representatives. If people do not stand up in groups they will run over you/ignore you.

  11. We, the legal and responsible gun owners of America, need to create a national registry of the lawmakers who vote to pass these unconstitutional infringements of our Second Amendment rights, and present them to the voters of each state as the supporters of the tyranny the federal “government” is trying so hard to become. Instead of representing the people who elected them, these politicians are representing whoever can put the most grease in their palms and trying their best to perpetuate the “Big Brother” model of government, much like the Stalinist Russians and WWII Germans did during their tenures!

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