Minority Woman Sues College For Suspending Her Just For Being Pictured With A Legally Owned Gun


When people talk about discrimination, they are typically referring to the kind that is cruel to people for differences in DNA (such as race or biological sex). Typically, though, people don’t talk about discrimination as evil when it’s about a person’s behavior (we all discriminate against thieves and murderers by not wanting to associate with people who take those kinds of actions).

And that’s where this story gets strange. If Dia’mon Dallas, an African-American woman, had been suspended from her college because she is African-American or because she is female, everyone would be outraged about it.

But that’s not why they suspended her. Greg Piper gives us the infuriating details:


[First Coast Technical College in Florida], which is part of the St. Johns County School District, suspended Dallas after another student reported a Facebook photo of her and her fiance “holding legally purchased and lawfully possessed firearms at a gun range in Palatka,” according to the lawsuit:

Two days after the photograph was posted, Dallas was confronted on the college’s St. Augustine campus by the assistant principal and informed that she was being suspended indefinitely for appearing in a picture holding a firearm.

During the suspension meeting, the assistant principal [Donna Gary-Donovan] said that in the posted picture, Dallas had a “mean look” on her face, was possessing “illegal guns” and stated that “things you do in the dark come in to the light,” according to the complaint. [Gary-Donovan is white.]

The photo constitutes “purely off-campus Facebook communication with friends,” has no connection to a “school-related activity” and could not “interrupt the school environment,” according to the suit, meaning the college’s sanction on Dallas is retaliation.

She’s demanding a judgment against the school and damages to be determined at trial, as well as a “corrective statement be placed in her student file indicating that she was unconstitutionally disciplined and that her rights were violated,” the Record reports.

Now, here we have a young woman who is trying to do the best that she can for her family, but anti-gunner bias is seeking to prevent her from doing so (Dallas, who is an “A” student, said that she is going to school in order to be able to provide for her family).

Where are the people complaining about racial bias? Where are women’s right advocates? Shouldn’t they be as upset about this situation as gun owners and gun rights advocates?

Yes, they should, but, to the best of my knowledge, they haven’t said anything.

Here’s hoping that Dallas wins her suit against the school and that it sets a legal precedent in the state of Florida so that others don’t have to face this kind of anti-gun discrimination there.



  1. Libtards at work again. Trying to slam her for something that has NOTHING to do with the school. They think you only have 1st Amendment rights if they give them to you. Hope she takes them for everything she can.

    • Her lawsuit should include the fact that the asst. Principal voiced the opinion that her guns were illegal, and the the “mean” look on her face was her natural expression after having to deal with the school staff. She needs to also take the person that reported her off of her “friends” list.

  2. You have to love stupid, and out schools are full of them. If you’re not a card carrying Demorat you the enemy; however, they are the terrorist, when will the law start locking them up ?

  3. Until laments and school kfficials get their heads out of their asses and the courts start defending ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, nothing will change. It’s interesting that this sudden slide toward dictatorship isntbeing pushed by republicans but by democrats. Oh don’t get me wrong this push towards red flag warrants startedwith Trump and for teatime really pissed at him. He singlehandedly opened the door with his call to confiscate them first-generation have a court ruling on the matter. Ltd very close to a timeline patriots aregoingto take up arms and take back the country from tyrants. Our founding fathers warned us of the creeping of depotism and gave us not only the mechanism but the power and right,to remove such government and replace it with something closer to what they envisioned orsomething of our own choosing. I never thought I would see the decline of this country in my lifetime but then I remember that it was my generation that started to forget where we came from. School was too hard so when we got older we positioned ourselves to influence subject matter. We listened to stupid professors who had never done anything except go to school and thought the we enlightened. Now they were stupid, now our kids are pare stand their kids are walking all over them because our kids didn’t get the basics of discipline or they felt we were too hard on them. The truth of the matter is that while we were trying to figure out life the radicals slowly tookaway ourabilityto discipline children. Madegivernment to final abitor or what is right and proper in raising children. Spanking went out the window. Don’t spank a child their self esteem suffers. Don’t ground a child it gives them an Inferriority complex. Don’t shame a child because it makes them feel bad. Well guess what dummies? ITS SUPPOSED TOO! That’s the object of punishment. It’s call aversion therapy. Ever heard of it? You make a certain behavior uncomfortable and they shy away from it. With children it’s what works the best. Ever try talking to an 18 month old or 24 month old. Like nailing Jell-O to a wall. Doesn’t work. Children are hedonistic meaning they do what pleases them, what makes them happy. They don’t care if it’s dangerous or against the law or can seriously injure them. The only thing that matters is that it makes them happy and annoys the crap out of adults and parents. Kids have no fear. Case in point. Ever watch a child fall on the ground? They look up to see how the parent /adult reacts. If they get a scared look and make a big fuss then the child starts to cry and carry on. If an adult isn’t around or doesn’t react or says you’re fine too up and try again, the child happily gets up and carry’s on. No tears, no crying, no fear. Congratulations generation x and later boomers. You got what you sowed. A whole generation of triggered, entitled, hedonistic, self absorbed, ass wipes who do t know squatabout their country try except what some socialest teacher and professor told them because you were too weak kneed to hold them to a standard of truthfulness. To hold them accountable for telling lies. For using school as a babysitter instead if a way to help you educate your kids. You allowed the government to do so and now we’re stuck without result and just may have to fix your screw up violently.

  4. What’s the name of the guy representing the kid from the catholic school who was accused of harassing that Indian (alleged, for a time) Vietnam vet? When he’s though stripping the meat from the bones of that kid’s slanderers, he can go remove the meat from that school’s bones, too.

  5. Everyone that voted for a Democrat or voted to place a leftist instructor in college classes room, this is what you get. Now shut up and deal with it or, VOTE them ASAP, just saying

  6. Sadly, there are people in this nation that have lost their minds and it is not only liberals but, republican’s as well. If this young woman does not win this lawsuit, this will be a total miscarriage for justice. How does this school official determine that looking at a weapon on a photo is illegal and an expression on someone’s face ” mean look ” equate to doing something in the dark and illegal. The only thing that I will agree with poster Joseph is that we have allowed this type of behavior persist. Across the board we have allowed police officer’s and government legislators free rein to abuse citizens and pass legislation to take away our rights. When you sit at home in your easychair and look at an officer beat down and then shoot an individual; you make it easier for another officer to do the same thing. When you say nothing about the going ons in a school that your child is not attending you make easy for this school administrator to do and say what was done to this student. That is on us.

  7. Here, as in much of our comments, we blame the institution. But in reality the ones who should receive the punishment is the people in charge of this bias. Here is where lawful procedure should remove these people from their thrones while compensating this woman for the wrong they have done her.

  8. Sadly, this is not the first child to be called out for posting a photo of themselves with an other at a range. It’s time for all gun owners to unite. Democrats and Republicans must show a unified voice.

    Again, sadly, I suspect that we will do the same as the recreational fishermen. Although we had the numbers. We didn’t come together for our common goals. This caused lose opportunity for us all.

    I want my children and grandchildren to enjoy America I grew up in.
    Let’s make this happen!

  9. A suit is definitely in order because what she does in her personal life is none of the school’s business when it’s legal. Time to shut this crap down.

  10. I agree with all of you. It is time for us to take back America. Do not allow schools and government to raise your children.

  11. The Assistant Principal Donna Gary-Donovan clearly does not belong in a position of responsibility. She has an agenda and appears willing to do anything to pursue that agenda including depriving a young woman of her rights. It’s obvious to me and any thinking person that this foolish woman believes in the expression “The end justifies the means.”. Another words, she’s willing to do anything whether it’s illegal or not to pursue her obsession against gun ownership. Or perhaps this ignoramus doesn’t like Dia’mon Dallas’s African American heritage. Either way, hopefully the example of the legal ruling against Oberlin College serves as an example here and Dia’mon wins her lawsuit against First Coast Technical College in Florida. A ruling against the college, especially if it’s financially painful, should help oust this foolish assistant principal and remove the stain from the good name of the once proud school.

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