Gun Control Reality: State Bans Guns for 34,000 People, 27,000+ Still Have Them


There is an interesting thing that seems to happen in the minds of gun control advocates. They often start off talking about science and research (often selectively pulled based on their already existing personal biases) and end up advocating for policies that require a type of faith to believe.

Why do I say that? Because the science keeps showing over and over that gun control doesn’t work, that it doesn’t keep guns out of the hands of people who want to use them for evil purposes, and that it doesn’t do any of the things that gun control advocates say that it will do.

A perfect example of this comes out of the anti-gunner paradise of Illinois. These statistics will blow your mind. Annie Sweeney, Stacy S. Clair, Cecilia Rhodes, and Sarah Freishtat write,


As many as 30,000 guns may still be in the possession of Illinois residents deemed too dangerous to have them, according to a Tribune investigation.

In an analysis of data released for the first time, the Tribune found the state has repeatedly failed to ensure that people surrender their weapons and gun permits after their Firearm Owner’s Identification cards are revoked, resulting in the breakdown of a system put in place to deter gun violence.

In all, nearly 27,000 Illinois residents over the past four years have not informed authorities what they did with their guns after state police stripped their licenses, according to the analysis. That means law enforcement has no idea whether 78% of revoked cardholders since 2015 still possess guns.

Think about those numbers. The people who have had their cards revoked are required by Illinois law get rid of their firearms, but law enforcement has no idea if 27,000-30,000 of these people have done so?

Even if this law is intended to serve a good purpose (a discussion which we’ll save for another time), the fact of the matter is that this law is pointless because it isn’t being enforced. In fact, it probably cannot be enforced because law enforcement has limited resources, too.

The statistics about this just prove out what gun rights advocates keep saying over and over: Gun control only stops law abiding people from getting guns and ammunition. It does nothing to stop law breakers who are the cause of gun voilence.



  1. Statistic: Over half of all U.S. Murders happen in only 2 percent of the Counties. The Demoncrats want to punish every gun owner for the actions of the criminals and crazies! Mass punishment is what happens in Communist countries. Result? The Demoncrats are Communists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing new here. So let’s all wring our hands and all let out a collective “whoa is me”! JEEEEZ

  3. What will eventually happen in Illinois is the State will eventually turn the list of non-compliant individuals over to the State Attorney who will then issue global felony warrants against those on the list. Then when they get pulled over for a traffic stop or jaywalking, they will get arrested and jailed without bail till their court date. Then they will have a record that can’t be expunged till they turn in the guns, if the State doesn’t order searches of all their properties in order to find the guns.

    • They can’t afford to pay lottery winners. Do you really think they can do this?
      They don’t have enough cops to do the normal stuff.
      Good luck. Actually, I wish them bad luck.

  4. It is not gun control. It is people control in an authoritarian manner. They mean to herd people like cattle. Then only those in authority will have rights.

    • As we’ve historically witnessed in every fascist dictator ruling tyrannically
      once the citizens are convinced to turn in their firearms “for safekeeping”.
      Our friends in Venezuela are starving in the streets, literally. Searching
      garbage dumps with rats for viable food scraps. No electricity or water.
      Drinking from pee’d in streams or street gutters after a rain.
      Venezuelans are BEGGING Americans to never surrender our firearms.
      For fear, knowing the exact same thing would happen here. Fascists
      would go power mad immediately. We see that happening now when
      the demoncrats only get the congressional House. They’ve changed to
      a super-radical, violent brand. It was not too long ago that electeds were
      Encouraging Blacks to stage race riots. And creating public spectacles
      whenever Trump White House staff were seen in public.
      Out Second Amendment was created exactly for times such as we are
      In and heading deeper into.

  5. Gentlemen,lets you take a deep breath and examine what is truly in our future,OUR KIDS,OUR GRANDKIDS,what we are concerned about today,and what we are fighting to preserve is our rights and the rights of the little ones we love so much.The issues we struggle with today will be brushed away and our little ones won’t even give a second thought to what was lost,please look at what we put up with today that was not even in the discussion when our Dads and Grand dads were our age,need examples,look at what groups are getting the sympathy in the media(NOT NEWS)today,issues that were too ignorant to even start a conversation then are now issues that will label you as a “HATE GROUP”today.Look,I don’t have any answers because my mind doesn’t work on the politically correct scale,and that is unfortunate,this is the way things work today,MAY GOD HELP US ALL

  6. FredK…Gun control,yea, The city of Chicago has it. So why are there so many shootings?

  7. The dems are not interested in confiscating these firearms from these people as they are the ones most likely to commit a violent gun related act, which the dems will embrace as it gives them another soapbox to stand on railing again gun violence. The end result is not about gun control….just control. One must be stupidly naive to think otherwise.

  8. The bill of rights give us the right to bear arms the 2nd amendment enforces it. If we live in a perfect world we would not need gun control for protection from the violent crimes against us but we don’t the criminal wants gun control that in his favor, terrorist like it went people cant defend themselves yes mister government we need the right to protect ourselves police are there only to clean up after.

  9. Well, Illinoisians? Get up off your dumbass complacent asses start grabbing these power-monger politicians and elected officials and throw their asses out of office!

    What the hell are you all waiting for? Another bullshit election?

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