How Bad Is The Sig Sauer P320 Drop Test Failure Issue?


You may have heard of the drop test issue with the Sig Sauer P320. If you haven’t here is the low down: it seems the this pistol is a little too ready to fire to the point that relatively minor accidental hits (or drops) could cause it to discharge.

Obviously, this is a safety hazard.

But, really, how bad is the issue? Well, apparently, one writer named Patrick R decided to test the issue. To see if this pistol is really so vulnerable to discharging with just a minor hit, he decided to try using a one-inch gun mallet to simulate something dropping onto the weapon (or to simulate the jarring to the pistol if it were to be dropped). The results were not favorable to Sig Sauer. As he put it,


[I don’t] feel comfortable carrying a pistol that is capable of failing in such a manner. Heck, even a moderately weighty object falls off a shelf and impacts the back of your gun while it is in the holster and you might have a new hole in you.

He also wrote,

I find it rather hard to believe that Sig didn’t know that there was an issue and had parts and a trigger ready to go that remedies the issue.

When you put it that way, it does seem rather suspicious.

The good news for those who have already purchased one of these pistols is that Sig Sauer has offered to upgrade these pistols. Patrick R notes that “Sig Sauer is not issuing a recall of any kind, just that they are offering a program to upgrade the existing pistols with parts that Sig may have already developed.” You can find out how to take advantage of this upgrade at Sig Sauer’s website here.

If you have a P320, you may want to go ahead and get this upgrade for safety reasons. If you don’t have a P320, you may want to make sure that this has been done before you buy the pistol or that you have the upgrade done as soon as you do buy the pistol.



  1. ” Patrick R notes that “Sig Sauer is not issuing a recall of any kind, just that they are offering a program to upgrade the existing pistols” If, as the article suggests, there is a safety issue, then a failure to do a recall is beyond negligence, it is down right stupid. This lowers my belief of what Sig is by a long shot and will certainly make me think twice before I own another one.

    • You could not be more correct!! Even Taurus issued a recall, such as it was, for its selection of firearms that showed evidence of firing when dropped.

      Your words, “beyond negligence, it is down right stupid” (sic), could not have stated it better.

  2. I have a Rem 700 that I will sell cheap. it only fires when cold and the safety being dis-engaged. Sig 320 will just have to wait! Time tells all.

  3. sirs:

    a colt combat commander-type pistol in 9mm would have been the better choice, if they wanted 9mm. something along the line of the new wilson edc 9 sounds perfect to me.

    i would not be too surprised to see the u.s. marine corps go to something along this line, simply to maintain logistical continuity with the rest of the armed forces. the u.s. air force has also been known to follow its own lights for its security & elite unites. and, the u.s. soccom also has its views of things, not wedded to keeping nato partners happy.

    i think time will prove the 1911 format, such as in the wilson and the springfield armory, superior to the sig. i am not casting stones as the sig, as it is, basically, derived from the 1911, but i think the 1911 a superior weapon in the wilson and springfield armory iterations.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon 97862

    p.s. the wilson is ridiculously priced. but, a “gubment” contract would fix that in pretty quick order.

  4. well if everyone is afaid of their pistols ,i’ll pay the shipping to get them out of the house

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