Criminal Breaks Into House, Immediately Regrets It


One of the favorite lines that anti-gun people like to say is that nobody needs an assault rifle (whatever that is), and, by that, they typically (and ignorantly) mean that no one needs an AR-15. Then they go on to generalize that nobody needs a gun (but that’s a whole other article).

Of course, all of those anti-gunners have never been in the situation that an Ocala, Florida homeowner found himself in recently. You see, this man found an AR-15 very useful as a self-defense firearm. The would-be burglars, it would seem, didn’t appreciate that the homeowner had one. Austin L. Miller gives us the details:

Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and was injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.

Two other robbery suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the scene, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Nigel Doyle, 22, of Summerfield, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, Ocala, were killed. The homeowner, whose name was not released by the Sheriff’s Office, was in stable condition at a hospital Thursday afternoon.

Rodriguez was arrested on charges of murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. Hamilton faces home invasion robbery with a firearm. Both men were being held in the Marion County Jail without bond.

Now, in case you’re wondering: Yes, the would-be robbers were armed with firearms when they broke into the home. This appears to be a very clear-cut case of self-defense on the part of the homeowner. In fact, detectives said that no charges are being pressed against the homeowner.


So, show this story to your anti-gunner friends because it’s very clear that this homeowner didn’t use his AR-15 to commit some kind of mass shooting. No, this was purely a case of self-defense which proves that the type of firearm doesn’t determine how a firearm is going to be used.



  1. Like I have any anti-gun friends!! If you don’t support the Constitution you have no right being in this country. If people are anti-gun, then they are anti-American so get out!! Move to Canada losers!

    • Got news for ya….we don’t want em in Canada either! We’d like to export the anti’s we already have!

      • go ahead… leave yourselves and your country open to invasion… we will sit back and watch… or even better we will watch the true socialists/religious fanatic muslimes take over your country….

    • Yeah, move to Mexico, it’s against the law for citizens to own firearms. You should FEEL very very safe!

  2. Got news for ya….we don’t want em in Canada either! We’d like to export the anti’s we already have!

  3. Anti-gunners are very self righteous. During the Rodney King Riots several Antis wanted to “borrow” a pistol, or shotgun from me. I just laughed and told them to enjoy like never before, living in a “gun-free Zone”, their home.

    • Although the ORIGINAL reason for the 2A was against GOVERNMENT oppression, even OUR OWN! Hunting or self-defense had little to d with it! This was due to the British attempt to confiscate our arms and munitions, leading to the American Revolution!.The Founding Fathers felt CITIZENS armed meant the government would be respectful, rather than a rampant government OVER ‘subjects’!

      • The 2nd is about ALL legitimate uses of firearms formal target shooting, informal target shooting, hunting, self defense, among others with the most important being to allow us to stand against GOVERNMENT oppression or tyranny if you prefer.

      • I agree with Neil. it is no secret that the anti people are the ones that want to give out sovereign rights away to the united nations. I also believe that the only two reasons that we still exist as a nation is 1. Gun owners usually are the folks that know Jesus Christ is Lord and talk to Him regularly and 2. Since we are the most heavily armed civilian population in the world, nobody has the guts to attack us directly. Of course our politicians are no help to the common folks. They have exempted themselves from Social Security and have their own pension plan. Even with that going on we are STILL the Greatest Nation on Earth. Praise God!

    • ALSO = look up the “Efficiency of Militia Bill” (1902), and the “Dick Act” (1909) to find the TRUE meaning of the word “militia”, and the amount of firearms a citizen CAN have. The wording is specific

  4. Just thinking Cory Booker and OAC have something in common. They both are for open borders and no guns. Perfect place for both of them. Their life-size cut outs would go good in front of a Good Will store. Saying prices so low it`s just like stealing.

  5. I would not be surprised if this incident is included in the mass shooting statistics

  6. Well these people that have already spoken before are pretty much right. Our fore-father’s had the forethought to know that with the way some people are, that “We The People” had the God given right to protect ourselves against ANY DAMN BODY THAT MEANT US HARM! They showed us to STAND OUR GROUND AND FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! They did NOT HAVE the arms that we have today, so NO, they did not say that they did not want us to have an AR 15!!! What they said was that we have a god given right to have and bare arms …… ! And i for one think that when they talked about a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, that they just MIGHT have been thinking of things that had happened in the past. BUT,,,,,, WHAT IF,,,,, they might have been talking of something in the FUTURE?????????

    • Dave. They DID think about the future because they had already lived it in their present.

      And that brings me to my soap box. If you have children in school you really need to be monitoring what they are being taught in school. Kids are being taught a badly altered history of our country and how it came to be. There are plenty of ways to get the thoughts of our founders — for free. Project Gutenberg is one of my favorites. It’s a digital library of writings that are in the public domain. Also Rick Green and David Barton in Texas have wonderful information but it’s not free.

      And a heads up — it’s federal law that the September 17 each school is set aside to teach American government to kids in school although it rarely happens. I don’t have a kid or grandchild so I don’t feel the right to go reminding the schools what they should be doing. Li

  7. They have forgotten the importance of history. Gun control is to control the people who are freedom-loving. Just consider some of the present Communist countries: China, Cuba, and Russia. Their people are not free or happy. They are under the complete control or subjugation of dictators, who will either imprison. persecute or kill them at the slightest sign of opposition. And how did they come to this? First by confiscating their guns so they could not fight their tyranny by revolution or whatever. No matter what the reasons are, the primary goal of America’s anti-gunners is precisely to control the people with the help of politicians who want to stay in power forever and take advantage of the conniving money-oiled media which are disguised as “democratic and liberty-loving”. If they succeed in this venture, God bless America which could be communist too. – Skull.

  8. A main cause of the ignorant opinions (gun control is just one) concerning constitutional rights is based upon our public education system being gradually taken over by a liberal agenda that has spent the last 40 years (or more) slowly changing curriculum and education standards in a long term plan / goal to indoctrinate the youth of America, and unfortunately they have been very successful in their propaganda campaign, leaving our youth ignorant and often biased, and is exactly why honest factual US History, including the Constitution, and the limits and responsibilities of all three branches of government, should be reinstated as a MANDATORY requirement throughout the entire public education system. Vote your wallet, but also vote to restore our education system into an honest effort to prepare our youth to independently support themselves without depending on the government for anything other than national defense and oversight of corruption both in business and politics.

    • A large part of the “education problem” is 0’bumma’s “Common Core” school indoctrination system. “American History” was rewritten and sex-ed and Muslim teaching added. Some of our ‘elected elite’ are “sponsored” by George Soros ( One World Order” socialist )

  9. We should only care about the USA and people’s beliefs in the constitution, bill of rights, and the Declaration of Independence for our God Given rights of free speech, religion, and to own guns. Screw Canada and Mexico’s laws because only our laws is what matters in American. Anybody that encourages anti-American agenda’s should be considered traitors and handled as such. Our congress is responsible for the safety, well being of it’s citizens, and to make sure laws are in conformance to our Constitution etc. and they are not doing a very good job of it. It is our private gun ownership that prevents congress from total control of the people by implementing a Police state. We are close to a police state now and most of the young Americans don’t understand that. Each little town, suburb, community that is not allowed to have guns is now under a police state and they don’t even realize it. In my opinion, it should be against the law to burn a flag in public, encourage socialist agenda’s, and religious agenda’s that don’t believe in our American’ ways. We need our country to be the best in the world and take whatever steps are necessary to achieve that goal without Total Government control.

  10. Nice to hear some of the stories one will never hear from the “media”! But, like someone else said; it’ll probably be buried in gun violence statistics.

  11. This happened in Summerfield, FL, not Ocala, FL. I know because it happened in my neighborhood.

    I am thankful that the homeowner lived to tell the tale and some of the bad guys aren’t around and the others are incarcerated. Burglars beware.

  12. I, who do not like guns, took an NRA survey twice this week & I stood up for the 2nd amendment. I do not want to go through what our fore fathers did that made them leave England to come to America, namely a government that COULD take your guns away from you but them still have theirs, giving them the upper hand.
    And that is JUST what socialism will do to us; give the government ALL the power. So PLEASE do NOT vote the demonrats in power for ANY office, especially for President & others in D.C. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and any others of their party. They will hurt you by most possibly banning having a gun of any sort. My husband had one until he passed away and I never said a peep about it, but the first thing out of this house was that gun he had. My brother-in-law took it somewhere for me. Good riddance, IMHO.

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