Frozen Cast Members Are Trying To Brainwash Your Kids About Guns


People in the U.S. have the right to have their own opinions no matter how foolish and nonsensical they are. They have that right as long as they aren’t forcing other people to buy into those opinions.

And that is one of the reasons that we must be careful about what we allow our children to watch, whether it is specific television commercials or TV shows.

Or Broadway shows based on Disney movies, it now seems.


Because, sadly, two actors in the Broadway version of the Disney film Frozen have decided to come out to campaign for Moms Demand Action. gives us the details:

Broadway’s Alyssa Fox (Frozen, Wicked) and Aisha Jackson (Frozen, Waitress) combine forces to raise money for Moms Demand Action: For Gun Sense America, as a part of the Mosaic Concert Series. The concert will be held November 4, 2019 at 7:00PM. The evening will feature a mix of Broadway, pop, and gospel/spiritual music as well as poetry and dance. There will also be voter registration and education on how to advocate for gun control legislation.

The Mosaic Concert Series was created by Matthew Johnson Harris (Director/Choreographer) in 2016 after the presidential election. The concert series raises funds and awareness for different non-profits advocating for causes or organizations that have been marginalized by the current administration. Since it’s creation the concert series has raised thousands of dollars for LGBTQIA+ youth, Muslim organizations, Women’s Rights, Puerto Rico Relief, and many other organizations.

So, once again, we have ignorant people who know nothing about what they are talking about other than what they’ve seen on CNN or MSNBC using their popularity to promote foolish things.

Normally, I would shake my head at their ignorance, but this case is particularly offensive because it seems calculated to influence children who are the primary fans of Frozen. That’s simply unacceptable, but it’s just business as usual from anti-gunners who will stoop to any low, it seems, to promote their wrong headed message.



  1. First it’s the children being brainwashed against guns. Once the guns are removed from law abiding citizens the brainwashing will continue as it did In Nazi Germany. The government will be in charge of your lives, your children’s lives and the USA will cease to be a great nation. People wake up !!! The signs are already here.

    • Pete, you are totally correct! I pray that people will listen to those of us who understand what those who do not like guns are trying to do.
      We must stand tall and never allow ourselves to be disarmed.

  2. Not only Nazi Germany but also Soviet Russia. It was Lenin who said, “Give me the children of one generation and the nation will always be Communist.

    If the dress code does not require suit and tie then smoeone should go to the show wearing a tee shirt with the words, “When all the guns are banned…………Only then will you realize why the Right to bear arms was so high on the list.”

  3. Same way religion works- brainwash kids when they are prone to believe anything (Santa, tooth fairy) and you can use belief in a god to control them.

  4. The best cure for guns at schools is to pass laws that find parents/guardians lawfully liable of a student for using firearms in schools. In other words, if a student uses a firearm at school parents/guardians are equally liable in court as well. That should wake up parents/guardians.
    As for other public places,concealed carry is about the only option we have at present.Unfortunately,bad people have the element of suerprise. Concealed carrycan reduce the number of victims and that is about ll.
    Close proximioty of police is about the only other option we have as citizens.

  5. Ignorance doesn’t even come close. They need to go live in a socialist police state country, without access to their money and see how well they do. What they do when they’re assaulted, robbed and being thrown in jail for expressing their opinions.

  6. FredK…. We should send “Bernie, Warren O’Beto to Cuba or Venezoela so they can find out first hand how the idioligy they push so hard for, works. But, then again, you can’t fix stupid.

    • Actually, the names you post above, may not be as stupid as we think! They are definitely power seekers and are hoping they can scare enough people to donate and vote for them, to further their quest for power. I could add a longer list, than you have offered here, but suffice it to say, that we can’t just dismiss these Demonrats, as “stupid”! We have to promote and assist their opposition, because their cause is damaging to our well being and our way of life. I carry a gun, because a cop is too heavy!

  7. We’ve gone from a country supported by people with courage and fortitude to a bunch of button pushing computer and cell phone addicted, watered down coffee sucking, techno geeks who seek easy fame and fortune and are desperate for recognition and acceptance. They require conveniences, accolades just for breathing and have brainwashed themselves into thinking they are the most advanced and intelligent people in human history when they in fact can’t think for themselves or fathom the idea of free thinking people with their OWN ideas of how to live. Outside of their new age entrepreneurialism, with their ridiculous made up occupations like “bar promoter” or “blogger” they don’t value individual thinking and the concept of free speech or patriotism. They almost beg to be lead by others. They have no idea what it is to kill or die for this country and they seem not to understand that others have or their sacrifices.
    These liberal socialist traitors use these puppets, but all they care about is the next iPhone or new flavor of latte at the nearest coffee shop, so they are ripe for the picking.
    I agree with sending politicians to Venezuela and let them feel scared and helpless. Let them see how people live not knowing if they can eat or acquire medications on any given day. But of course they’d be protected and make a big show about how nice the government there is. It would be a fake, edited show and probably do more harm than good. They’d spin the truth and reality and further brainwash our youth.
    Gun grabbers worry that criminals can get guns, but they don’t worry about our country’s security as a whole or the possibility of an oppressive government.
    Makes me sick when I think of all the people who’ve gone to war and this is what we have to face now.

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