Proof That Citizens Can’t Depend On Government To Be Their Armed Self-Defense


I’m not a person who thinks that most law enforcement officers are evil people looking for a way to be a bully and get away with it. I know too many decent people who are police officers and sheriff’s deputies to come to that conclusion.

But that doesn’t change the fact that there are people in law enforcement who use their positions as a way to be bullies and to get away with violence. And, sadly, are able to avoid jail time. Take a recent situation with a police officer in Florida. Matt Agorist writes,

Since the tragic shooting in El Paso, Texas in which a deranged gunman murdered 22 people inside a Walmart, law enforcement have been making dozens of arrests. These arrests consist of people who have been threatening to carry out a mass killings. One person, however, recently threatened to carry out a mass shooting — twice — and he has yet to be arrested. His occupation is a police officer.

Detective Steve Begren was talking to a fellow police officer last month when he made the threat, claiming that there would be an “active shooter situation” at Tarpon Springs Police Department headquarters if he didn’t get the promotion he wanted, according to the agency.

This was not perceived as a joke by the fellow cop and, in fact, he was immediately worried about Begren’s comments.

“The detective said it was something that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up,” said Tarpon Springs Police Maj. Jeffrey Young.

Begren would later email Tarpon Springs police Chief Robert Kochen and tell him that he was “joking.” However, his fellow cops did not buy it. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, Young said law enforcement cannot ask the public to watch out for “red flags” ― signs of potentially dangerous behavior ― and ignore such a sign under its own roof.

“In his letter he says it was in jest, but in hindsight it was ill-advised,” Young said. “In today’s society you just can’t say something like that and not be held accountable for it.”

Bergen would reportedly resign last Thursday before he was fired.

Why didn’t his fellow police officers think that he was joking? Because Bergen said it with a serious, even a “stoic” face, and no one was laughing.


Why weren’t they laughing? Well, maybe because he made a similar “joke” in a “stoic” manner earlier this year.

Is this who you want “protecting” everyday citizens like you and me? No, me neither, but it could happen because even though Bergen resigned, he “has not lost his law enforcement license and has not been arrested.”

Why hasn’t he been arrested when other people have? I can’t say, but I can say that it is troubling, so be on the lookout for this guy and for your own safety. Because if very many people are like Bergen in law enforcement, then we are much better off trusting ourselves to provide our own protection in this world.



  1. I don’t really know what to say or how to respond to this article. But with these new age liberals trying to circumvent normal channels and protocols and showing a nearly total disregard for written rules, laws and regulations, they have confused people and created a lot of problems.

    One thing they’ve managed to do with their former chowder headed leader Obama, was to vilify law enforcement and relegate them to a lower status as they utilized the FBI to conduct their witch hunt investigations. Neither the disrespect towards police officers or the abusive use of federal agents is morally right and these people are not here for them to use as they desire nor to be condemned one moment and then expected to provide them with special protection.
    Meanwhile we have to defend ourselves, endure crime and we lack the gates, guards and private security forces to stop violence from touching us.

    These same elitist pompous snowflakes enjoy special privileges which they feel entitled to. Apparently they feel entitled to break the rules as they want and to commit acts of prejudice, libel and slander. Us common citizens need our police more than they do. And we want to manage and build our communities based on our needs and lifestyles.

    We now live in a society that is filled with uncertainty as to who are friends are and who might have turned on us due to political pressures. And with the liberal socialist scumbags wanting to disarm us, decide what propaganda to teach our children and to force their idea of politically correct behavior, I think they’ve fueled our fears and the desire for firearms to defend ourselves is growing in response to all this. At least we hope to have the right and the ability to protect ourselves from physical harm rather than die waiting for the police or for some pie in the sky liberal idea.

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