VA Governor Making Plans To Cut Power And Communications From Gun Rights Supporters


If you didn’t think that anti-gunners could get any more hostile towards the Constitution and the right to simply be left alone by our government, then this news about Virginia’s governor is going to blow your mind (and not in a good way).

You see, the governor of Virginia is making plans for how to cut off utilities and communication methods for areas that are pro-gun and planning to resist his gun control efforts. The Hal Turner Radio Show site notes,

The Governor of Virginia has allegedly ordered a small cadre of staffers to begin the process for determining how to cut off electricity, telephones/ FAXES, Cellular phones AND DATA, as well as the Internet, in areas where he plans to send Virginia National Guard Troops to forcibly seize guns when the Democrat legislature convenes in January!  

The order was allegedly given to a very small and trusted group of staffers, some of whom it turns out,  do not agree (at all) with this idea.

Think about that for a minute. The governor is basically planning to place pro-gun areas under siege until they give in to his unconstitutional gun control plan. People won’t have electricity for electronics. For many homes that means no cooking or hot water or air conditioning or heat. And no phones or cell phones or internet means that they won’t be able to call for help or inform the rest of the world of how the state is violating their rights. No power means that many businesses won’t be able to do business.


This is simply unacceptable, and, frankly, no matter what your position on gun rights, this is the kind of thing that countries do when they go to war. It’s not too much to say that the Virginia governor is planning to start a war in Virginia.

If the governor is stupid enough to take these steps, then he shouldn’t be surprised if those supporting the #VAGunRightsRebellion suddenly get a lot more vicious and personal.

This is getting really ugly, folks. This is something to keep an eye on.



      • No hanging time, because he is a traitor to Virginia and the United States. He is committing treason against both the Virginia and US Constitutions. Both Constitutions allow citizens to own firearms.

        • No! They guarantee that citizens may own and present weapons including firearms. The Bill of Rights gives no permissions, it merely states those rights that the government is responsible for protecting. Governor Northam is acting lawlessly and is, therefore, proving himself to be the enemy of the people. Impeach him NOW!

    • So this is were the Revolution or cleaning the house of LIBERALS will begin. So be it. Liverals & DemonRats make good targets wherever they are

    • You know the left takes conservatives to federal court to halt to whatever bs scheme they come up with and get the Liberal Justices to issue an injunction to stop it. How about fighting fire with fire, take these idiots to Federal court and get an injunction to stop their nonsense BS.

    • If this is true he can go pound sand for all I care. I don’t own or use a gun but I refuse to let some liberal loon dictate who can & cannot own use a gun..Secondly people can survive without phones or electricity.

      Ever heard of word of mouth or candles or oil lamps let alone fireplaces & wood stoves?

      • some of that will work fine but fireplaces are not common any longer, and when you see on it is usually fake and if you built a fire in it you would burn down your house, and what about all those who live in apartments? the best way to stop this crap is to start a petition to remove the governor and all his lackeys. if that doesn’t work they there are more serious ways of handling a snake.

  1. Some commentators on our side have questioned the accuracy of this allegation because it’s source is an unreliable conspiracy theorist.
    If it does happen, however, the solution is the utter simplicity of cutting the legs of enforcement in the governor’s use of the national guard…
    All that would be necessary is that the President nationalize the guard, going over the head of the governor which he DOES have the authority to do (Perpich vs US), AND ALSO Kennedy’s use of the guard in Alabama to enforce court-ordered integration of schools in Alabama.
    If Virginia’s governor is SO STUPID as to think he can overwhelm the locally elected and appointed members of law enforcement following their respective oaths of office to enforce the Virginia and US constiutions by enforcing his clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws with the national guard—he’ll have the ruddest of awakenings if Donald Trump nationalizes them instead, OVERIDING his illegal laws

    • The governor is relying upon the national guard to do his bidding. The problem with that line of thinking, is that the people who make up the guard are gun owners themselves, have family and friends who are gun owners. They are patriots who swore an oath to protect the Constitutions. If he thinks that these people are going to go against their families and friends, he must live on the moon, because that will never happen. Oh, I’m sure there will be a few liberal guardsmen, who will follow, but they will be eliminated in short order. And the guard will probably bring their equipment with them. Those loyal to the Constitution will take control of their bases, to include the local airports. This governor hasn’t thought this out very well. This will get ugly if they attempt this stupid move. I can see a lot of liberals/communists hanging from trees and light poles.

    • The idea of the VA National Guard taking guns from their lawful owners is ludicrous. The kind of people who volunteer for the Guard are not, for the most part, left-wing PC activists. They swear an oath to uphold the US and VA constitutions. They have more in common with the sheriffs and people of the 2A Amnesty counties than with the governor. Military training after the My Lai massacre emphasizes that they have a duty NOT to obey orders that are unlawful. I feel certain that they will refuse to obey the governor’s unlawful orders.

  2. Hey citizens of the soon to be People’s republic of Virgicommia, why aren’t you doing something on the peaceful side to stop this communistic takeover? You ALL have the right and ability to petition for, and conduct, a recall election on those who politicians that have chosen to ignore the will of the citizens they were elected to represent.

    Use your constitutional, both state and federal, rights to correct the mistake you made by letting these scumsucking lowlifes be elected and get them out of office. Legally throw them out before they do more damage to your rights.

    You can thank Herr Fuhrer, Maggot Bloomingbird, for buying this debacle with his puppet groups, Mom’s Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. These are the snakes in the grass that are slithering all over your constitutional rights. He is the slimeball working on making you his subservient subjects now by trying to buy the presidency.

  3. Wait until the non gun owners in those countries end up with no utilities or communications. Or someone dies due to his stupidity. Then he and his cronies wind up in court charged with the death of a citizen.

  4. I find it incredible this B*LLSHIT is going on in Virginia! Many of the founding fathers were Virginians. My Great Great etc Grandfather, Thomas Ashcraft has a headstone there saying he was a Revolutionary War soldier! He and his brothers-in-arms who fought for and gave their lives for our freedoms, and the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves! We need to nip this B*LLSHIT in the bud now! If VA is these Jewish-Zionist- Communists test ground to see what happens in other states when they get stupid, all I can say is ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! REVOLUTION NOW!

  5. If I lived in one of the pro-gun areas of Virginia I would be purchasing a whole house generator and a 200+ gallon propane tank to run it if I did not already own one. I would encourage everyone else who could to do the same and if they couldn’t purchase the large generator then get a small one if they could.

    • Where would you put one in a small apartment? under the bed? get real don’t waste you money on things like that, start a recall of all the elected that support this gun grab. if that don’t work in the mean time buy youself a gun and learn how to use it because your going to need it sooner then later.

      • Not everyone in the pro-gun areas live in an apartment. There are many living on lots in town or acreage outside towns. That is who I refer to. Oh, read my first sentence over and over until you comprehend what I said especially the opening 10 words. Also many in apartments could get a small generator and put it on their balcony or get a solar generator to keep their phones, laptops, and tablets up and running. For a recall to work you would have to convert a number of the liberals living in the high population areas (where the votes came from to put the lieberals in power) to be successful.

  6. Give me liberty or give me death. I’d rather be dead than live under Nazi rule. It’s time for another revolt

  7. The Constitution was written to give “WE THE PEOPLE” the power-not the government! When Jews Lenin and Trotsky murdered Czar Nicholas and his family, bayonetting his innocent daughters in the process-1917 Russia, as they were financed by Jewish Banker and financier Jacob Schiff to the tune of $20 Million, the first thing they did, after making “anti-Semitism” a crime punishable by imprisonment and death…was to confiscate the weapons of the people…they then began the systematic slaughter of over 60 MILLION INNOCENT RUSSIANS! Alexandre Solzhenitsyn said it was out of RACIAL HATRED because Jews hate all non-Jews! We are next! He also said the fact the world was, and still is, uncaring about this huge crime is proof the MEDIA is in the HANDS OF THE PERPETRATORS. In other words, Jews did the crime, yet because Jews also own newspapers, news networks, Hollywood entertainment, the government, etc, the general population does not know or learn about their vicious crimes! WE MUST WAKE UP! NOW! REVOLUTION NOW! 9/11/01 WAS AN INSIDE JOB done by Israeli MOSSAD, not Arabs…see my website for more information-it’s all there-all you have to do is click and watch these documentaries:

    • I went to your site and the layout is to wide to read. I have a 1920 x 1080 monitor and even with using the left / right scroll I cannot even read the opening page. If your page is st up only for people with 4k monitors than shame on you for ignoring a majority of the people. Please get your IT staff out of the coffee shop and put them to work !

  8. The Democrat Party in recent years, has become the The Party of Anarchy. It has become a very evil, ANTI- American party. It, the present day Democrat Party, has tried to usurp our Constitution at every turn. It is a Godless party bent on obstruction and destruction of all We the People hold near and dear with our morals and values as a nation. The Democrat party has been bringing God’s wrath down upon us with their perverse/perversions and with their unbridled vitriolic hatred of not only our duly elected president, but our of our religious freedoms and ways of living our lives.

    It’s high time We the People give those unpatriotic and hate-filled Democrats a taste of what TRUE PATRIOTISM is all about….VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE come November. Our country cannot and will not survive their SOCIALISTIC and COMMUNISTIC crap!!!!!


    • NO!!! VOTE ANY PARTY EXCEPT DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN!! There are at least 4 alternative parties who never get a chance due to the huge funding going to the 2 power parties,usually from Big Money Corporate America and billionaire donors! They don’t give two hoots in Hell for the American people as long as they keep their obscenely high profit margins rising! Vote one of the independent party candidates for a real change from (Big) Business as Usual in DC!

  9. Put this on Facebook and alert every militia in the country that if this insane Governor tries this then a call to arms to aid and assist those under siege should be sent out to the rest of the country and a massive move of armed citizens should enter Virginia to aid the citizens of Virginia and help them remove the crazy Governor for violating the peoples rights and freedom.

  10. Potential pay back, Build an aluminum kite with aluminum tail and fly over power stations around the Richmond area. Release kite to come in contact with power stations. Instant short out of station, enough done will cause complete black out of Richmond and other pro-Socialist Demoncratic areas. You want to play hardball governor?

  11. That VA gov doesn’t have the finesse of that CA gov. He’s been boiling the frog slowly. This idiot in VA is creating problems and then blaming it on the citizenry for rebelling.
    They really wanted Trump out.
    God was looking down on America when Killery was defeated in 2016.

  12. Should any of this scenario take place, I would bet that the trees of Virginia’s capitol would bear strange fruit.

  13. VA.democrats are egregiously preparing to violate the constitutionally protected rights of it’s citizens by targeting pro 2A citizens with outages across the board.The state of VA. which was once (R)ed in the recent past,will again be (R)ed,if not by the vote,by spilled democrat blood.VA. democrats fail to understand that they are few,and the armed citizens militia are many.2A sanctuaries are popping up all across the United States in preparation of removing a government that violates the constitutionally protected rights of the citizens of the United States of America.

  14. Cut-off public services those people paid for? I suspect the Totalitarian Governor may have a few legal issues with that lame idea… perhaps even criminal.

  15. It hasn’t occurred to him that two can play this game? Rural communities are used to service interruptions. What happens when the lights go out in Richmond and Baltimore and stay out for weeks rather than hours? Hmm?

  16. After signing the surrender on the Battleship Missouri the Japs said that they did not invade the United States because everyone had lots of guns and that they could not over come that.The 2nd Amendment was made to stop Government when it goes crazy and gets too big for it’s breeches. I would also like to point out that the National Guard does not have to obey illegal orders and the Governor’s orders will be illegal because he took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and gun control or seizing or consfication of guns would make him in violation of his oath and therefore those orders would be illegal. Someone should have a recall election or impeach him. If another Civil War has to start I guess Virginia is as good a place as any to start it. Trump should declare Martial Law and remove the crazies. Send Federal Troops in and lock him up.

  17. IF this is true, it could result in deaths of those on oxygen or who need insulin or medication refrigerated, etc.

  18. You are spreading fiction. Get the facts first and work from there. Much improved background checks are necessary and common sense. Let’s go with this, anything more takes away our rights and privacy.

    • I agree this whole premise is BS, but the only improvement to the checks already in place is those in government responsible for making sure the information that’s supposed to be reported IS reported….

  19. They used to pay me for killing communists in viet man….now it looks like I get to kill them for free! Bring on the revolution!

  20. Isn’t it time for a federal judge To issue an injunction against the Governor and all of the Unconstitutional legislation that he is attempting to enact in VA.

    • So far there has not been any orders given to do these things so that stops any judge in his tracks. but the people of VA had better keep a close watch on the politicians in their state houses or this could become a fact and then the riots will start.

  21. Fools and nut cases are born every day. Weapons are part of this great nation. Iam 75 and a retired master gunny sgt scout sniper recon USMC. MY WEAPON NEVER KILLED ANY ONE IN 30 YEARS I DID. MY SKILLS AND TRAINING GOT THE JOB DONE. I PROTECTED FELLOW SERVICE MEMBERS SO THEY COULD COME HOME. I HOPE AND PREAY I NEAVER HAVE TO PULL A TRIGER AGAIN BUT TO PROTECT SELF OR OUTHERS from nuts i willnot. Hesatate. Guns built this country and keep it free.

    • Yes, thank you Gunny. I am a 73 year old former Army SSG. And spent a considerable amount of time Stationed at Ft Meade 1st Army headquarters) as a member of the marksmanship training unit. We shot M14s in the national match course competitions and the Infantry trophy matches. No Scopes -Iron sights only. For The Infantry trophy matches we shot at man size Silhouette targets at 200, 300 and 600 yards. Our coach was always amazed at my shooting. Even from 600 as the targets rose 90% of the time I put my first round in its head. and another 39 rounds in the body. We were allowed 40 rounds total which required 1 magazine change (M14 mags holds 20 rounds per mag) My MOS was 95B40 (Military policeman) I thank God that I never had to shoot a human being during my almost 7 years in service. But I would if the situation called for it. We sometimes shot at civilian ranges and I became friends with an old retired MSG, who shot an M! at the civilian matches using 30 06 ammo. During one match he confided in me that he had a number of additional M1’s, and asked me if I would like one. He personally knew my units’ armorer ( Military-ese for gunsmith ) When he went home he called him and asked him if he would accurateize an M1 for a young SSG at his unit that wanted to purchase one of them from him. So, I bought the M1 and our armorer worked his magic. not only did he do the standard tricks to stabilize it (bedding it in glass etc and competition sights ) but he also purchased a match grade barrel that manufactured to fit the M! but chambered for M14 Ammo (7.62×51) And yes, the M1 8 round ammo clips (not mags) hold the 308 (7.63×51) ammo just fine and the bolt chambers and extracts them with no problems

      So why am I telling you all this ? Simple ! I still own the weapon I shoot it when I get the chance and although I wear glasses now head shots at 600 yards are still within my reach. Even though I am a registered Republican (and usually vote that way ) I don’t consider myself a member of any party. I am a constitutionalist, I am not a lawyer but our forefathers certainly wrote a beautiful document. One of the most wonderful things about it (and their writings) is they wrote it for the common man, using common words that even a common man like me can understand without needing a law degree. It has been said many MANY times but it noteworthy to say it again. The 2nd Amendment protects everything else.The Constitution, specifically The Bill of rights, Even The Declaration of Independence. I urge anyone that reads this to do a google search for these documents. I’m sure you will be amazed at the clarity of the documents, and how easy it is for common folk to understand.

      Our founding Fathers had just managed to defeat the (at that time) most powerful military in the world. King George tried and failed to disarm the colonists. So a bunch of farmers who all owned muskets got together and said enough is enough. It was a long and hard fought war but was won and the colonies became the United states of America. They Founding Fathers in their wisdom (and I sure with the help of God) crated a very functional government with 3 branches for checks and balances so that no one branch could become tyrannical (which was the norm for countries of that time) But, Also in their wisdom they wanted a basic guard against it.So in keeping with our God given right to defend ourselves they put, in very VERY plain and easy to understand words, the 2nd amendment.

      I’ll step down from my soapbox now and wish everyone a good day !

      • Thank you from myself as well Gunny, and to SSG Fed Up Vet also thanks! I would be honored to have both of you gentlemen at my back in the Second American Revolution! I only have 6 years in the USAF under my belt but I still stand behind the oath I swore 46 years ago to defend our Constitution from ALL enemies!

  22. If he goes after these CITIZENS, the rest of us should take up arms and SHOW him what we do to TYRANTS. A long drop with a short rope would be called for.

  23. This Communist Governor needs to be removed immediately. Real Americans need to wake up. The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is when good men sit back and do nothing. Americans need to act against this Communist.

  24. This vile Communist must be stopped now. The ONLY way evil flourishes are when good men sit back and do nothing. Real Americans need to wake up.

  25. The Nazis, Brownshirts, SS and all the favorite murder machine government takeovers hid, grew in the dark places of HATE hidden from the world until it was time for them to rise up and destroy, now it’s just time for Demoncratic Socialists Liberal HATERS of America’s turn at the pit graves and gas chambers yet to be unveiled.

  26. I do not believe this report. It is not necessary to plan action against something that will never happen.

  27. Don’t get your panties in a bunch ladies and gents. I am not a FAN of Governor Northham, but I seriously doubt he has the ability to cut off anyones electricity to enforce his Draconian Gun Laws. So before we go full Civil War mode why don’t you check the reliabiliy of the alledge threat. As much as I am NOT a FAN of the ACLU I am sure they would jump in and stop this. Also if I am correct it was Represenative Donald Mceachan was the one who suggested that the National Guard would be brought into enforce the the Governors Communist laws. I would also be careful of some comments made as this is the very thing the Red Flag proponents like to hear so they can point there fingers and say, “this people are a threat, lets take there weapons”. Governor Northam is a pawn of his party and will do and say anything to please his masters, he knows none of his COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS will do nothing to curb gun violence. He goal is to make us subjects and not citizens of the Commonwealth. With that in mind get off your lazy butt and vote this moran and his cronies out of office.

    • Considering the fact that Kommissar Northamovitch would be seriously hurting many residents who don’t have a dog in this fight, I am inclined to agree with you. It’s hard to imagine anyone that stupid. Except for Stalin or Hitler.

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