Typical Anti-Gun Propaganda Says Virginia Gun Rights Supporters Are Calling For Violent Civil War


You have to wonder how some people manage to clothe and feed themselves everyday. No, I’m not being mean to those with mental disabilities. I’m talking about the anti-gunners who pretend to be journalists but are just spouting nonsensical words like the Jim Jones Kool Aid drinkers that they are.

Take, for example, an “extremism researcher,” Emily Gorcenski, who, according to another leftist writer, Bob Brigham, has “used her internet research skills to identify far-right extremism.” Brigham quoted Gorcenski:

“Many of the same militant organizations are planning an armed gathering in Richmond, VA to protest, with threat of civil war, proposed gun control bills in the Virginia Legislature,” she explained. “Many of these groups are chapters of the same nationwide patriot militia movement: the Three Percenters, the Oathkeepers, and others. Several of these groups who plan to attend were also part of the armed contingent that attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville in 2017.”

Brigham’s article continued:


“These organizations are linked to multiple acts of terrorism and are once again threatening to use lethal force to intimidate an American city and a state government to serve political motivations,” Gorcenski warned. “Many of these militant groups are sharing, manipulating, and amplifying deliberately false rhetoric about what is happening. This is a coordinated reaction to Virginia falling to Democratic control.”

“We cannot talk about fake news and politics without also talking about political violence and hate. They are two sides of the same coin,” she explained. “We can, however, eradicate white supremacist and far-right domestic terror. And we must.”

“Right-wing militias are an existential threat to free society,” Gorcenski warned.

But, see here’s the thing: gun control rammed down the thraost of a populace by anti-gunner fanatics and paid for biollionaire masters (I’m talking about you, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros), isn’t evidence of a “Free society.” Also, has anyone other than someone on the extreme left ever called the Oath Keepers (who take their oath to defend the Constitution beyond their time as active military) as domestic terrorists?

It’s incredibly ironic that those who threaten a free society are the ones complaining about the loss of a free society. It’s typical leftist propaganda: accuse the other side of exactly what you’re doing. Say that those who want to protect gun rights are those threatening violence when it’s actually socialists like Antifa who are the ones causing violence and threatening freedoms.

It’s the threat of anti-gunners and other leftists to a free society that have caused the current #VAGunRightsRebellion to occur, and for the gun sanctuary movement to spread to other states, too. And this is why you need to keep spreading the truth about the gun rights movement.



  1. As sad as it is, any state that willingly allows the corrupted political influencer that now calls itself the Democratic Party to have leadership of their state, is a state that will suffer the consequences of that choice. The Democratic party has turned into a not so quiet communist / socialist promotional program. Virginians need only look at how life is in a communist country, such as Cuba to get a clear understanding of what they have voted for themselves. This kind of communist / socialist agenda is deliberately aimed at Forever changing America from the strong, proud, independent nation that it is into a floundering, failing socialist republic mirroring the failings of South American countries and European nations.

  2. I didn’t hear any threats from the citizens, only promises that your illegal and unconstitutional actions will be met with whatever actions are necessary. You shitbirds think you can push and control the citizens of this country, that is EXACTLY why the founding father’s wrote the 2nd amendment, so force can be met with force. That isn’t a threat to any politician whe REPRESENTS the will of the citizenry. It is a threat whether stated or unstated to would be dictators who think they can loose armed personnel on the citizens of this country without repercussions.

    • Not trying to create a riot, but do ya think several thousand angry citizens might effectively, say, overrun the governor’s security (assuming they’d life a finger to save his @$$) and “reason with him” in his personal office?

  3. Quite simply put, it sounds to me like the left is trying to incite the idea of a civil war, so, if it ever got to that point they could put the blame on the right.

  4. We have a constitution that justly serves all American citizens equally!!! Just uphold the Constitution and all will be well!!!

  5. Are we REALLY sure there is such a person as “Emily Gorcenski”? That could very well be a name made up by Bob Brigham, to add a veneer of authenticity to an entirely fictional column. If she’s real, let her make herself known, and provide the data she allegedly came up with.

    • You bring up some interesting literary history. Chicago columnist Mike Royko _ a good onr btw – would use two “mouthpieces”: Slats Grobnik and Grump. Much like an earlier Chicago reporter Finley Peter Dunne used “Mr. Dooley.”Dunne and Royko had honorable purposes (although I didn’t always agree with Royko but he was usually excellent) but is “Gorcenski” real or fabricated?

  6. The anti gun , or should say the anti SECOND AMENDMENT OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS OF THE CONSTITUTION , are CRAZY PEOPLE . What do you expect from CRAZY PEOPLE ? They act CRAZY, talk CRAZY, think CRAZY , that s what maes them CRAZY PEOPLE .

    • didn’t you see the report of how many people on the voter rolls of VA that are supposed to be removed, of course the democ-rats are squealing that it can’t be done as it might stop some illegal from voting. and it is the big cites that put these rats in office.

  7. Why not start to disarm where all the Criminals are living first and afterwards lets get the Senate & Congress including asshole Mike Bloomberg to give up his Conceal Permit and all the extra Bodyguards that surround them first so they can’t have anybody protect them with any type off Pistols, so lets start their first. And afterwards lets go to the Supreme Court and let them interpreted what does the 2nd Amendment said and mean. I believe is to stop Corruption within the Government and States that are trying to take everyone right away or the right to protect yourself from others that want to harm you or your Family or Friends or don’t want you to be able to have rights in your Religion.

  8. Nobody is talking about an armed insurrection. Governor Northam would be the one to begin that, until then people are wanting to peacefully protest and stand up for their Constitutional Rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights. The Right to peaceful Assembly is another right.

  9. Funny how they accuse everyone for doing what they in fact are doing. But their idol Alinsky preached it to these children of his to make sure they did his bidding. RAT’S need to be exterminated.

  10. You mean there’s such a thing as a “non-violent civil war” ? The only threat I see is the threat to freedom from Northram/et al.

    • Not exactly. There would not likely be warfare as we know it but more like what terrorists use. As in “Hit and Run” and we need to look out for that. “Hit and Run” is designed to frighten the people into “Doing something” and frighten us into giving up our Constitutional Rights ( the Government Indoctrination Centers contribute to that). So how do we handle this?

  11. The ONLY State of Emergency in Virginia is, that, the Governor is STILL, in office !
    Why the people of Virginia, have NOT Recalled the Idiot, is what America, wants to know ?

    By the away Michael, and George, just, how many guns does it take, to insure your safety? I am really glad, that I don’t have to live in fear, like, you two, do ! Well, at your age, it wont be that much longer, anyway.

    • Virginia law allows for citizen’s arrest, which is the holding of a. person for a crime by someone other than a law enforcement official. A. citizen’s arrest can also refer to a police officer holding someone. for a crime outside his or her jurisdiction and without a warrant, typically in the place where the officer lives.

      • You are right about that someone need to arrest him for his high crimes. The oath he swore to uphold the Constitution now he is breaking that oath just as the rest of the demoncrats. Arrest them all!!!

  12. Beckham’s commentary got ONE Thing Right. She stated that “THIS IS A COORDINATED REACTION TO VIRGINIA FALLING TO DEMONCRATIC CONTROL”.
    Emphasis on FALLING TO…
    That she got right, We are a Republic.
    Spare the rod and spoil the child. Demoncrats scream like spoiled brats in the store’s to get what they want, we have given in just to SHUT YOU UP.
    But now, you have pushed to much, sick of Political Correctness, sick of dividing the People, We Are ALL AMERICANS, UNITED states of America.
    By supreme court ruling, it is Not the job listings of a police officer to PROTECT the civilization. The Police only ENFORCE the Law. Now you want to trample our Constitutional Rights? The same Constitution that YOU Swore to protect when you became our governor. Then you sir, LIED to get that title and that LIE is grounds to have you removed from office.
    Not by talking , but ideally by our own State Police who also swore on the Constitution, having you escorted off and out of the Capital. So yeah Demoncrats, we are tired of your whining and the belt is coming off.

  13. As I see it, the only ones talking about violence are the ones on the left who seem so hard to create this violence. Make no mistake, if one of you people(?) create a shot to start it, we the populous WILL end it. That is NOT a threat but a PROMISE. We did it once and we can do it again if need be.

  14. That’s just what the Democrats are waiting for because then they can call in the military either from the United States or from from the United nations and they will come and take everyones guns food and make anyone who disagrees with them disappear just like China, Iran, Iraq,and California

  15. Violence is physical, immediate, injurious and maybe lethal. Is anybody calling for it in Virginia? Yes. Who? The ‘governor’, the legislators in both branches of the legislature and the majority of the electorate which voted them into office. That’s who.

    Violence against whom and what? Against individual rights and anybody who wants to exercise them, starting with the right of self defense and to keep and bear arms. Why? For arbitrary rule by absolute dictatorship. That’s all. That’s what the majority of the electorate of Virginia wants, for itself as well as for everybody else.

    Individual rights, including gun rights, can be destroyed only by physical violence. Legislation serves only to make it look legitimate, legal, respectable and moral. But such legislation is NONE of these things. It is the opposite of these things, and it destroys individual rights. So, IT IS NOT LAW. It is initiatory physical force, therefore, CRIME and, morally and legally, not to be obeyed.

    The majority of the electorate and their kingpins and goons occupying positions in law and government are calling for violence and are setting the stage for it and will initiate it thru legislation and enforcement of that legislation.

    If those who choose to exercise their individual rights as humans, including their gun rights, fight back when the enforcement comes, they must, of moral and legal right, do so in kind, acquiescing to the necessity. They have the authority. They must draw the line against arbitrary physical power, vanquish it, and exercise the authority of individual rights with their own physical power, forever, in perpetuity.

  16. Since I am entirely sane and don’t have any legal issues except a few traffic tickets, please don’t try to take away my legally-owned firearms. This “progressive” effort to illegally disarm lawful gun owners is entirely a basket of “beaver biscuits”.

  17. To The Citizens of the State of Virginia. NOTICE : Virginia law allows for citizen’s arrest, which is the holding of a. person for a crime by someone other than a law enforcement official. A. citizen’s arrest can also refer to a police officer holding someone. for a crime outside his or her jurisdiction and without a warrant, typically in the place where the officer lives.

    The Governor has broken the law, and violated the US Constitution. He has , failed, to uphold the US Constitution, that he swore to Protect.

    To Law Enforcement, in the State of Virginia. NOTICE: Please do your job, and arrest the Governor


    Virginia law allows for citizen’s arrest, which is the holding of a. person for a crime by someone other than a law enforcement official. A. citizen’s arrest can also refer to a police officer holding someone. for a crime outside his or her jurisdiction and without a warrant, typically in the place where the officer lives.

  19. Soros, Bloomberg, ISIS and other terrorist organizations are either funding or encouraging individuals to create havoc, so that gun bans are implemented and the RIGHT TO KEEP AN BEAR ARMS is taken away, so that they can force people to their will.

  20. In my mind I see the left slobbering at the mouth for a further division of this country by inciting a civil war . The Patriots had already said this woulda Peaceful Rally ,however they would be armed to protect themselves in case it got out of hand with radical groups attending the rally too , such as Antifa ,and other group’s that want our 2nd Amendment destroyed . What they don’t understand that they are in the wrong by Infringing on the2nd and any body that does so are enemy of the State , and that the 2nd will be defended . The governor of Virginia needs to refresh him self with the Constitution of our United States so he will understand that he is the one in Violation of the Constitution , and Not We The People , they are just doing their duty that other higher up should be doing . Bloomberg You should be Ashamed !!!!!!!

  21. How did a Democrat get voted for as the Governor of Virginia in the first place? Was it the will of the majority of Virginians to have as their Governor a person who had already stated that he would take away guns from the Citizens of Virginia?

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