Here’s The Verdict The Background-Check Ballot Initiatives


Maine and Nevada both voted on basically the same thing: so-called “universal background checks.” Despite Bloomberg outspending opponents by up to a 4 to 1 ratio both votes were extremely close. Bloomberg and his cronies pulled off an anti-gun victory by less than half a percent in Nevada, but got defeated in Maine.

Trump lost Nevada by two points and Maine by three points. Bloomberg figured his “common sense” gun control would easily pass and boy was he in for quite a shock.

From Maine Sun Journal:


In a major upset for Maine’s gun rights grass-roots and over a campaign apparatus that steeply outraised them, voters rejected an expansion of background checks on private gun sales and transfers on Tuesday

 The win is a blow to Everytown for Gun Safety, a national group founded by Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire ex-mayor of New York City, which funded virtually all of the nearly $6 million campaign in Maine. A similar race in Nevada funded by the group hung in the balance early Wednesday morning.

By any measure, it’s a stunning victory for what David Trahan, the executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, called a group of “ragtag volunteers” that shows “you can win on an issue without money” — though they had $1 million with some support from the National Rifle Association — and “you can do things at the grass-roots level.”

Over in Nevada the background-check measure passed, but just barely. The NRA described the hypocrisy of the Bloomberg victory:

“The fact that nearly half of Nevada voters rejected Question 1 puts to rest the gun control lie that 90 percent of voters support expanded background checks,” said Robert Uithoven, campaign director for NRA Nevadans for Freedom.  “Voters in every single Nevada county but one rejected Question 1 in favor of freedom.  We are sure this new law will do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  It will only cost law-abiding gun owners time, money, and freedom.”

If Democrats truly want to make inroads with rural white voters they are going to have to drop their obsession with gun control. This measure only passed in the county that surrounds Las Vegas (where far fewer people own/understand guns). Bloomberg lost the rest of the state.

In the great grand scheme of things, these background-check ballot initiatives were a huge waste of Michael Bloomberg’s money. Sure, he narrowly won one of the initiatives, but that slight victory isn’t very encouraging considering the massive amount of cash he spent to get a 50-50 decision. Smart moderate Democrats are going to want Bloomberg to stay far away from swing states during the 2018 mid-term elections.

Bloomberg’s failed experiment proves that his “common sense” gun control laws are even less popular than Hillary Clinton. Independent voters didn’t fall for Bloomberg’s lies, even with all the money and help he got from the media.





  1. so frigging FIX california doesn’t any group like a challenge,would someone find a damn candidate before that psycho newsome does more damage ,catch him doing something illegal immoral,or just plain more stupid than his politics . don’t care if his familial hardships regarding guns is driving his demons why must the whole state suffer because because gran’pa shot himself,i guess we are lucky he didn’t drive off a cliff ,or gas himself in the garage ,it would be all carports and no cars then huh! with that kind of thinking of his .i didn’t shoot gramps nor did anyone else either,why should we carry his water up hill as legal gun owners

    • If they catch newsome doing something illegal,immoral,or stupid it would just make him a shoe in for higher office with the democrats national organization.

  2. Before a BACKGROUND CHECK vote was cast, a CDC (CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL) report would have provided some insight as to its effectiveness. That report stated that in a recent year, 76,000 applicants LIED on their BATF form, required for purchase of a firearm. Of these only 4,700 were referred to BATF for processing. OF THESE, ONLY 44 were prosecuted. When questioned about the lack of enforcement, BATF answered”WE do NOT have adequate funding and also , JURIES ARE NOT INTERESTED IN TRYING THESE CASES. SO MUCH for new laws or enforcement.
    This report came from the virulent , ANTI-GUN group CDC. They were so blatantly biased and wrong that congress DEFUNDED their Operation some years ago. They now appear to be trying to report accurately.

    • the cdc reports had muti -parts and one part noted that gun owners over all were safer more law abideing and most accidents didn’t involve legal owners this was from a 10.000,000.00 executive order barry funded in 2010 the buried because it didn’t match his anti-gun narrative,then jon lott did another report that found legal gun owners had even less illegal activity then the law enforcement officers in the US,….duh!!!

  3. when is this moron going to waste all of his money so we don’t have to worry about his insane support for the gun control people that hurts the good guys that abide by all the laws and do nothing about the killings going on with the gangs shooting good people and laughing at all the laws you idots pass(I don’t think they abide by the laws you idots want)

  4. And now the idiot anti-American leftists are wanting to impose another impediment on the right to bear arms by making a stupid although effective stab at requiring gun owners to submit to registering ammunition sales at points of purchase. California has passed such an anti-constitutional provision which as I understand takes effect in this coming January. None of the law abiding gun owners are the problem but rather it is largely the leftist and as well as the the 5th columnists intent on destroying our liberty and our very Republic. The fact that Hillary was resoundingly defeated is not enough. We must stamp out all these attempts by morons who do not realize that by destroying the free man’s LIBERTY that they are also destroying their own. Thank the federal government’s control of our public school system so that they might dictate the essence of the curricula. This is the very entity the protection from which was the purpose of the Second Amendment! Do you of the feeble minded maleducated citizenry get it?

  5. I am a firm supporter of the fact that background checks do not get the job done and never will. It has not worked and never will. There are far too many ways around it. I can’t believe that any sane person cannot see that criminals pay no attention to laws.

    • I beg to differ with you,, Jerry. Universal background checks will, IN FACT, work quite well as a national gun registration system to facilitate rapid mass confiscations of certain regime targeted demographics when the ‘totalitarian time’ comes. Groups like Constitutional Libertarians, Patriot anti-Police State Militias, goverment polictical oppostion organizations, ,multiple AR-15/military style hi-cap rifles owners, ‘substance users’ etc. etc.


      Then they can NEVER use laws with subsequent permanant disarmament punishments to disarm the populate. NEVER!

      • No, they won’t work . There are cds for building an AR-15, a glock (pistol) etc. without the gov’t knowing. Personally I bought my AK. However, gun owners are well trained in how to care for and use their weapon. I do agree with your second paragraph although there are some civilians who are afraid (no clue why) of guns. I get the impression that Michael Moore is one although he owns an AR. Another (leave him nameless, he’ll be one of the first to die anyway). When I tried to tell him about different guns, he drifted off, I brought him back by telling him about my stealth flashlight with the strobe, his eyes lit up! That against a gun, nobody sane would take those odds. He’s a snowflake though and none are known for lucidity.

  6. Hello people! These elitist jerks financing the push for “gun control” here know very well none of these laws will have a positive effect on crime! It is only their stupid minions that believe it. They only use this narrative because the real reason would not be accepted by the general population. They know that an unarmed populace is much easier to control so they can realize their dreams of one-world government. Their ultimate goal isn’t gun control, it is people control!

  7. The little idiot has a mental problem. Given the opportunity he would want total control of the people. His stupid laws in New York were a show and he knows it, just a little more encroachment on the people’s freedom to make choices themselves.
    Given the opportunity this guy would love to be a Hitler type dictator. You can’t trust narcissists as they are all about themselves and no one else. He should be helping the poor with all his billions instead of spending it on taking people’s freedoms away for Pete’s sake!

  8. Congratulations Tom the voters in Maine, they didn’t allow the Bloomberg Carpet Baggers to,pull the wool over there eyes, seemingly more than can be said for the voters in Nevada, though the Bloomberg Anti Gun, Anti Civil Rights victory was seemingly quite narrow, enough of the sheep went along with the Pied Piper, sad to note. What was that old saying, Act In Haste, Repent At Leisure.

  9. If Bloomberg can pay out billions of dollars for gun control in Nevada.He should have to pay Nevada law enforcement Billions every year to enforce it.

    • Yes, but the Nevada Patriots should go one better. They should all start an exodus en masse to other more Constitutional Freedom friendly neighboring States like the Gun shops are starting to do in Washington state.

      Who wants to live in a state where the government already owns 84% of it anyway, and Corrupt two-bit politicians like Harry Reid do what the want with the rest of it?

  10. Not surprising that it only passed in clark county,every other county in nevada REJECTED IT! Unenforceable,UNCONSTITUTIONAL,and Nevada can force a recall on question1 next statewide election cycle,and let’s overwhelm those clark county
    Retards and defeat it with %100HELL NO!!!!!

  11. It only passed in clark county,washoe county said hell no! as did every othercounty in Nevada if we can bring it to the ballot next state,and midterm election,we can and will beat it with %100 HELL NO!!!! Come on Nevadawhat the hell is wrong with you???? Stand up for your CONSTITUTION Now!!

  12. Desirable result in Maine, the opposite in Nevada, no matter how close the margin. We won one, lost one. Problem is that the Bloomberg’s have plenty of money, and no real work to do, other than to foist their idiotic ideas off on The Body Politic, which they will keep working at. Beware.

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