VA Dems Punish Law Enforcement For Keeping Oath Of Office


You probably know that law enforcement officers tend to take an oath of office which includes an oath to keep the U.S. Constitution. In other words, they have sworn to protect your right to bear arms.

But Democrats in Virginia apparently don’t care about the Constitution. Or law enforcement officers, it seems.

See, the Virginia legislature recently voted on a new budget which a Republican wanted to amend to include a 3% raise for law enforcement officers in the state. Considering the increase in the cost of living over the past several years, 3% is a pretty minimal raise. But it was too much of a raise for anti-gunners who are feeling spiteful about being spanked for their stupid anti-gun beliefs (hat tip to here for the lead and the images of the Facebook posts below). Virginia Senator Bill Stanley posted the following on Facebook on Friday, February 22, 2020:


In a follow up comment, Stanley said:

This is disgusting. Beyond petty, and it came out purely partisan, too.

Sadly, though, anti-gunners in government are like this. They are blindly convinced that they are right (or they want to use gun control as a control mechanism), and if you don’t agree with their authoritarian tactics, then they want to punish you in any way that they can.

Never mind that law enforcement officers enforce plenty of Democrat-passed laws in Virginia as well as Republican-passed laws. In fact, law enforcement shouldn’t be partisan. Just like guns shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The Second Amendment is clear: gun control violates the Constitution. If Democrats don’t like that, then they need to try to amend the Constitution (and that would fail).

With all that said, it’s sad for law enforcement in Virginia that they have to make do on scraps for doing the right thing while anti-gunner politicians live high on the hog off of Michael Bloomberg’s money.

Law enforcement deserves better, and members of the #VAGunRightsRebellion need to step up to the plate for them.



  1. God + Guns + Guts = FREEDOM!!!!
    Not socialism.
    Not progressives.
    Not liberals.
    Not the fake Democrats.

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