Check Out Rossi’s R92 Lever Action Rifle In Triple Black

Image courtesy Braztech International, L.C., Inc. USA

Every area of interest has changing trends in what people are looking for. A current big interest trend among gun owners is black lever rifles, and several companies have created new models to fill that desire in the marketplace.

One company jumping on board to fill that interest is Rossi who have recently introduced a black lever version of their R92 rifle that they are calling “Triple Black.” A writer going by the name of Hrachya H provides the details:

This lever action rifles are packed with features seen on other species of this new lever gun breed – black furniture, top Picatinny rail, wrapped large-loop lever, threaded barrel, full-length magazine, etc.

Rossi R92 Triple Black rifles are available in .357 Magnum / .38 Special +P or .44 Magnum caliber options. The rifles have 16.5″ barrels and 8-round magazines. The overall length of both versions is 34″ and they weigh in at 5.9 or 6.1 lbs depending on the caliber. The finish on the metal parts is Cerakote and the furniture is wooden. As the usual R92 rifles, the Triple Blacks also have a manual safety installed on top of the bolt.

The Triple Balck rifles come with front blade and rear aperture sights. You’ve probably noticed that the Picatinny rail is installed in front of the receiver. That’s because these are Winchester Model 1892 pattern top eject rifles. Such rail location will limit you to using long eye relief Scout scopes or non-magnified reflex sights which have unlimited eye relief.

As with any change to a classic design, this rifle isn’t going to appeal to everyone. But, as you can see in the picture above, the R92 appears to be a combination of the classic lever action rifle (just like the Lone Ranger had on TV when I was a kid) with modern tactical gear coloring and visual design elements. For those who like a bit of the new with their old, this rifle by Rossi may be one to take a look at.



  1. the lone ranger never carried a winchester rifle. john wayne did with oversize lever ,also chuck conners did in the rifle man series on tv. also a actor josh randall on tv series wanted dead or alive had a big loop winchester that was short barreled he carried in side holster.

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